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john_this_aint_r 02:12 can you make SSL web calls from a plugin?
Guest56088 03:12 Hi,
How to convert a desktop application to web based using firebreath?
I mean main(int argc, char *argv[]) contains Char *[] as argument
but from HTML all value comes as String.
How to convert that
linearray 05:12 taxilian: do you think it's a good idea to put getLoggingMethods(.) and getLogLevel into the auto-generated Factory.cpp?
dougma 05:12 john_this_aint_r: yes
john_this_aint_r: HTTP GET of https urls is supported by the browsers' plugin interfaces
john_this_aint_r: more than that and you'll want to use libcurl or something
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taxilian 10:12 linearray: Yeah, I think it would probably make sense to do that
linearray 10:12 good
taxilian 10:12 maybe it would even make sense to use my "log to file if the directory exists" implementation by default
linearray 10:12 my first idea was HomeDir + firebreath.log
taxilian 10:12 in windows you often don't have rights to write to there
linearray 10:12 crazy
taxilian 10:12 in IE w/ protected mode you can only write to AppData/LocalLow
linearray 10:12 ah yes
taxilian 10:12 and they try to discourage programs from writing to the root of the user profile dir
linearray 10:12 does it show a UAC dialog or just fail?
taxilian 10:12 probably also a good idea use an #ifdef NDEBUG to set the loglevel to TRACE in debug mode, INFO otherwise
as a sensible default
actually it redirects it, I think
to some bizarre really deep nested path within locallow
dunno about you, but I'd rather just have a reasonably placed consistent path
linearray 10:12 ok, and what do you mean by that?
taxilian 10:12 by which?
linearray 10:12 reasonably placed and consistent
taxilian 10:12 ahh. I mean that it should then be in LocalLow\CompanyName by default, because that's fairly reasonable and it's the only place that will be consistent regardless of system config
on windows, of course
linearray 10:12 ok
taxilian 10:12 Mac would be ~/Library/Application Support/CompanyName
Linux… well, linux is harder
I don't know what to do about linux
that's actually the main problem right there… we can't use the SystemHelpers libs on linux currently because there is no implementation
linearray 10:12 afaik it's still ~/.companyname
taxilian 10:12 might make sense there…
linearray 10:12 let's see... adding SystemHelpersX11 should be easy
taxilian 10:12 be my guest =] I just haven't had time
kalev, would you like to chime in on how the linux/x11 implementation should work?
!findfile SystemHelpers.h
FireBreathBot 10:12 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
linearray 10:12 is there any need to have LocalAppData != AppData?
FireBreathBot 10:12 src/PluginCore/SystemHelpers.h
taxilian 10:12 on linux? maybe not. on windows? definitely
linearray 10:12 yeah sure
linux i mean
I guess we do not intend to force boost::filesystem upon people :)
taxilian 10:12 probably not for a core library
unless it was a really critical one
at least I've been avoiding it so far
linearray 11:12 alright, only problem is I can't test it
taxilian 11:12 hehe
guess that is a bit of an issue...
anyone in here using linux?
linearray 11:12 should I gist+jira it?
taxilian 11:12 yeah, let's do that for now
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taxilian 15:12 cool to occasionally see a blog post about firebreath: