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linearray 03:11 FireBreathBot: tell alejo yes.
FireBreathBot 03:11 linearray: I'll pass that on when alejo is around.
raffa 07:11 hi
is it possible to inject some html from a firebreath plugin?
raffa 07:11 solved
raffa 09:11 hi
linearray 09:11 ohai
taxilian 09:11 iaho
raffa 09:11 i have a probelm with the DOM::Elemet::getInnerHTML function
taxilian 09:11 oaky
raffa 09:11 i would like to inject some html code inside the html
i get the ElementPtr this way FB::DOM::ElementPtr plugin_dom = m_host->getDOMElement();
and then i call
std::string html = plugin_dom->getInnerHTML();
the method crashes the plugin
taxilian 09:11 I'm not surprised that it does weird things at least
why would you ever want to change the innerHTML of the object tag?
raffa 09:11 actually i would like to change the html of the parent
taxilian 09:11 well, what you're doing changes the html of hte object tag, not the parent
you might be able to use ->getElement("parentNode")
raffa 09:11 but first i tried to see if the function does what i suppose
taxilian 09:11 but you realize that if you do that you'll be removing the plugin from the dOM?
I'm not sure what will happen if the plugin removes itself
I wouldn't recommend it
raffa 09:11 nono
that is not what i want to do..
that's just a test
taxilian 09:11 then test it by doing what you want to do
not by doing silly things that are likely to mess up your plugin
what do you actually want to do?
raffa 09:11 i want to create in the parent object a div
and if i try to get the inner html of the parent object
it crashes
FB::DOM::ElementPtr parent = plugin_dom->getParentNode();
std::string parent_html = parent->getInnerHTML();
taxilian 10:11 my bet is that parent is not being found
doing things like that with the dom element is a little iffy
I'd start with the document instead, if it were me
raffa 10:11 @taxilian:you are right. The problem was that it didn't find the parent node..
taxilian 10:11 it may be that parentNode isn't on the list of reserved names
!findfile JSAPIAuto.cpp
FireBreathBot 10:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 10:11 try adding setReserved("parentNode"); to your JSAPI constructor
raffa 10:11 it works!!thanks a lot
(but i didn't understand why :$)
taxilian 10:11 the problem is that JSAPI responds to all properties
even ones that it doesn't know about
this makes it so you can assign arbitrary properties, which simplifies a lot
but it also makes it so that it overrides normal DOM properties
by setting it as a reserved attribute it prevents that from happening
raffa 10:11 grazie mille!thanks a lot!
taxilian 10:11 yw
nirvdrum 11:11 I'm going to spam the channel. If you guys could upvote the "Web Consistency Testing" story on, that'd be fantastic.
taxilian 11:11 oh, I think I could do that
I am the author of this framework, and I support this idea ;-)
of course, I have to figure out my login first...
raffa 11:11 have a nice day
taxilian 11:11 bye
nirvdrum 11:11 Heh.
taxilian 11:11 I figured it out =]
I've logged in once before… back when I wrote the "a year in the life of an open source project" blog post
that's been about a year
maybe I should write a followup =]
nirvdrum 11:11 Heh. I remember that post.
It was quite good.
taxilian 11:11 why thanks =]
alejo 14:11 hi
FireBreathBot 14:11 alejo: 10:17Z <linearray> tell alejo yes.
alejo 14:11 question ¡
i need direct print since web page
can i with this framework?
taxilian 14:11 There is nothing in FireBreath to help it
but you should be able to do it with windows APIs
tpaul 14:11 I need to install a couple of files along with my plugin when a user clicks the .msi that is generated, I'm assuming this is all configured in the "CMake and WiX Land" that I've been avoiding :)
taxilian 14:11 I'm afraid so
assuming you're using WiX for your install
tpaul 14:11 well, I got pretty far without digging into them lol
yeah using WiX, the default setup is simple and works well, but I need to do a little more, if I'm successful (and I plan to be) I'll try and add my example to the Wiki