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umesh 05:11 I want to draw text in plugin windows on mac using Core Animation
I resued the sample code of BasicMedia player ...
But I wrote a differernt function drawtext which creates a CATextLayer and add it as sublayer ...
but it is not showing same text in plugin window
it works well if i do it in attached window event
but does not when i call api drawtext
I have also called the setNeedsDisplay to display it
can some one help me ?
raffa 07:11 hi everybody..
like yesterday hi have a question about events in firebreath
i gotfirebreath from git
i created a plugin using fbgen
and if i run it without make any changes to the code
all the event callbacks (mouse move, window attached, detached etc) are never called
but if i run the FBTestPlugin
they are
which could be the problem?
taxilian 08:11 raffa: check your PluginConfig.cmake and make sure FB_GUI_DISABLED isn't set
raffa 08:11 yes
hi taxilian
i solved the problem an hour ago
taxilian 08:11 glad you figured it out
is that what it was?
raffa 08:11 yes
thanks for your response
taxilian 08:11 that was one of the questions when you ran fbgen; you answered wrong, I guess =]
raffa 08:11 exactly
the first time i generate the plugin i didn't understand exactly what that flag stand for
and i set it to true
manoj 09:11 hey guys... i was trying to get the delay loading external DLLs working for my FB plugin... but I still keep seeing the ICE8 error
this is what I'm trying
target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} XInput delayimp.lib)
i don't understand cmake, so there's a big chance that i'm screwing up something above big time
taxilian 10:11 manoj: the ICE38 error is a wix error
not a build error
your delayload seems to not be working, however
you don't delayload the lib
you delayload the dll
notice that it should be the dllname, not the lib name
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taxilian 20:11 I should totally update firebreath_boost one of these days
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