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JusticeDefender 10:11 Hello, and Happy Holidays ! Anyone available for a little chat ?
taxilian 10:11 .ask
FireBreathBot 10:11 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
JusticeDefender 10:11 OK...I have a strange little problem (already posted the question in the FireBreath forum). Here is the outline:
I've been trying to feed the NPAPI plugin from the browser, and the conduit seems to work, as I clearly see good data coming into the instance of NpapiPlugin class.
However, I need the data to arrive to my custom class (which supposedly derives from PluginCore, and is part of custom project (the one that carries custom name))
For some reason, my attempts to subscribe to StreamEvents do not cause event forwarding. What is the correct way to do it ?
taxilian 10:11 please clarify; "I've been trying to feed the NPAPI plugin from the browser". what exactly does that mean?
JusticeDefender 10:11 This means exactly: typing the URL of the resource matching the plugin-specific MIME type in to the browser address bar (as opposed from passing the URL from JavaScript in HTML test page).
taxilian 10:11 FireBreath does not currently support that type of plugin; it is probably possible to add support
JusticeDefender 10:11 The browser-plugin interaction happens as I would expect - browser reads MIME type from HTTP header, finds my plugin, instantiates it and forwards a clean payload (stripped of HTTP headers) to the plugin.
taxilian 10:11 though in order to be considered a "supported feature" it would need to work on IE as well, which means figuring out how to do that with an ActiveX control
JusticeDefender 10:11 Possibly - I am trying first on FF/Chrome
So, the problem I am having is mostly in my poor/limited knowledge of FireBreath classes/programming practices.
taxilian 10:11 understandable. it's a large framework. I'd like to think most of it is relatively intuitive, though
JusticeDefender 10:11 Basically, I am not subscribing to StreamEvents right (something is missing in the way of how I do it)
taxilian 10:11 actually, more likely you are
and the stream events aren't getting sent
because StreamEvents normally have a specific target; a BrowserStream object that you subscribe to
somehow you need to detect that it's not a stream that was created by the plugin, but by the browser
and route those events to the main plugin object insetad
JusticeDefender 10:11 Is there simple, bread-and-butter example that works ?
taxilian 10:11 of what you're trying to do?
not that I'm aware of
JusticeDefender 10:11 Yep.
taxilian 10:11 I've never needed to do it, thus there is no support for it in FireBreath
JusticeDefender 10:11 Hmmm....isn't that the most basic scenario of how browser plugin should work ?
Like - browser instantiating the plugin and passing the stream to it ?
taxilian 10:11 it's probably the single least common use that is supported
you're, like, the third person in 2 years that I've been working on this project to even ask about it
and I can only think of a very small handful of plugins that use that as their main function
most plugins are instantiated with an object tag in a page
and lately a lot of them don't even bother to draw
they just interact with javascript
JusticeDefender 10:11 I am fairly new to the browser/plugins arena, but what I've read from MDN documentation intro (+ real life experience with PDF's) made me believe it is the very frequent scenario.
taxilian 10:11 PDFs are one of the few really neccesary uses for that type of plugin
think about it… how many other formats of file are there that are an entire document by themselves?
that you would ever want to load *instead of* a webpage?
JusticeDefender 10:11 Streaming video, for example (that's my case)
taxilian 10:11 common use of a plugin
JusticeDefender 10:11 When the HTTP header arrives with that particular MIME type, browser loads the plugin, and playback starts
taxilian 10:11 but you're the first I've met who wanted to do it as a full page
most put an object tag in a web page and stream onto that page
that way you can still control the presentation
Random_ 10:11 A question about licensing... When does the LGPL license apply, and when does the Modified BSD license ?
linearray 10:11 you pick.
Random_ 10:11 I have no idea how dual-licensing works really.
JusticeDefender 10:11 Trying to word it to not disclose too much
Random_ 10:11 Oh, so it's up to the "licensee" to choose ?
taxilian 10:11 yes
you may use it under either license
Random_ 10:11 Ok, thanks guys.
JusticeDefender 10:11 But, in a nutshell - overall scenario is transcoding of live video traffic, which means not being at freedom to create HTML page. Instead, the effort is to replace the original video stream with transcoded one.
taxilian 10:11 I'm not sure I undersrtand; replace the original stream? meaning that you're trying to replace something on an existing page with your own content?
as in create a plugin that handles, for example, flash content instead of allowing flash itself to do it so that you can modify the stream?
JusticeDefender 10:11 To be honest - don't have clear picture of the overall architectural requests, but my immediate task requirements is to be able to play stream bypassed from the browser (don't know how much sense it makes, though).
taxilian 10:11 that makes no sense to me at all
is this something you put the url on a link or in the address bar and open it that way?
or are you expecting this to be part of an existing web page?
JusticeDefender 10:11 Don't have clear overview of the architecture - can't give you any meaningful answer on that.
taxilian 10:11 then I probably can't help you much
good luck, though
JusticeDefender 10:11 Just trying to do it as specified.
taxilian 10:11 "as specified"? you don't even know what you're trying to do
how can you do it as specified?
keep in mind, though
JusticeDefender 10:11 No, it is the team effort, and I am a multimedia person.
taxilian 10:11 if you create a plugin that tries to override someone else's plugin to handle the content instead of theirs, mozilla will blacklist your plugin if they find it
JusticeDefender 10:11 The other guys design internet experience, my duty is to make video running in the page.
And, no - we do have our own MIME type.
So, won't be overriding someone else on that level.
Just will replace one video stream with different one (improved in some sense (bitrate, etc))
taxilian 11:11 and you're sure you aren't going to be using an object tag on a web page?
JusticeDefender 11:11 Would you be willing to join the force as consultant/architect ?
taxilian 11:11 no time, I'm afraid
JusticeDefender 11:11 Part time / per project maybe, as advisor on subject ?
We need someone with clear vision/great experience in the field
Grinding work may be done by someone else
taxilian 11:11 I could maybe do a phone call sometime if you're paying, but that's really the extent of my free time. I'm completely swamped
JusticeDefender 11:11 Oh, yeah - I've been talking about paid engagement
You have my contact, so feel free to contact me - I'd appreciate your help
taxilian 11:11 well, like I said; I am far too swamped to look at taking any new work right now
but if a phone call would help meaningfully send me an email with a proposal and we'll see what we can come up with
JusticeDefender 11:11 Please let me see with my superiors. I'll contact you as early as possible (Monday most likely).
Stay in touch
and thanks for the chat
BTW - how can I find your e-mail (don't see you on the list of FireBreath forum members)
taxilian 11:11 I am Richard
[email protected]
JusticeDefender 11:11 Wonderful !
staylor 12:11 does having mousedown/mouseup events block mousedoubleclick events?