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Kiran 02:12 hi
Guest2964 02:12 plugin developed using firebreath will support only IE
does it support firefox and that too window only ? can any one confirm me about this..
didu 10:12 Hello everyone :)
Taxilian: I need some information about plugin :P
taxilian 11:12 okay
I need to leave in about 5 min, though, so be quick =]
didu 11:12 Ok !
I have plugin call by javascript in every webpage
But for a browser, the plugin is load at every web page
or the class is just instancied one time for all the time that the browser is alive ?
because I need a variable that are alive between two webpage
johannes 11:12 theres a page on the wiki about the lifecycle ...
didu 11:12 Oh thanks you I check it !
johannes 11:12
didu 11:12 Thanks you :)
jshanab_ 20:12 Does anyone know if the cmake add_custom_commnd works on the makefile generator? (I know it is more a cmake than a firebreath Q)
I found it. PRE_BUILD custom commands only supported on visual studio and xcode not makefile, but there is a workaround