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emicastro 06:11 linearray: how are you?
linearray: are you there?
linearray 06:11 fine, you?
emicastro 06:11 fine too...
I have a question... :)
this method: FB::BrowserHost::Navigate
says: Reimplemented in FB::ActiveX::ActiveXBrowserHost, and FB::Npapi::NpapiBrowserHost
linearray 06:11 ok?
emicastro 06:11 I understand that I have to use this new two method... one for ActiveX and one for Npapi
but... in the implementation, how I'll recognize if the browser use npapi or activex?
linearray 06:11 No, I think you use BrowserHost
emicastro 06:11 this one FB::BrowserHost::Navigate?
linearray 06:11 yes
it will choose the correct method
emicastro 06:11 ah ok
linearray: FB::BrowserHost::Navigate this is a virtual method that implement nothing...
linearray 06:11 yes
it is virtual
NpapiBrowserHost and ActiveXBrowserHost inherit from BrowserHost
they implement the virtual methods
and thanks to dynamic binding a call to BrowserHost::Navigate will cause NpapiBrowserHost::Navigate or ActiveXBrowserHost::Navigate to be called
depending on the kind of BrowserHost
clear what I mean?
emicastro 06:11 linearray: thank you.... I wasn't here for a while... thank for your help!
linearray 06:11 you're welcome
tpaul 08:11 Is there anyway I can automatically bump my FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION each time I compile?
linearray 08:11 makes no sense
tpaul 08:11 In the PluginConfig.cmake?
linearray 08:11 no
this is used at cmake time, not at compile time
mobile right now ttyl
tpaul 08:11 thnx
emicastro 08:11 I want to execute this lines into my plugin...
var objWindow =, "_self");
Is this possible?
Sudi 10:11 Good Morning guys!!
umesh 10:11 I am doing the rendering of video in firebreath on mac with Core Cgraphics. My renderer needs pointer to windowRef. I get this pointer by win->getWindowRef and I pass this value to renderer. if I call GetWindowBounds on this windowRef it is giving me the complete browser dimensions. Also it is not drawing window at the correct location of the browser. Also video looks like on top of browser window. Means if i open a new tab it w
can anyone give me any suggestions on this
emicastro 13:11 how works this FB:: PluginWindowWin::getHWND ?
I want to use getHWND.... but I don't know how...
I want to capture the HWND plugin window
rodrigIOS 13:11 hi someone knows how to manipulate javascript events inside the plugIn? For example when a KeyBoard event fires I would like to handle inside the plugIn and not directly in the *.html
raymond1 18:11 Hi, some question about FireJSEvent
since FireEvent is deprecated, Then is there formal way to use FireJSEvent? Seems no doc on this
dougma 18:11 raymond1: ?
raymond1 18:11 Hi, dougma, this is for Fire jsapi event, I mean dom event, so called in the code jsevent
the FB_JSAPI_EVENT macro not working for dom event
or it can? but need some trick on construct the dom event?
dougma 19:11 oh right, no fb_jsapi_event is not for firing dom events
you'll need to use the dom interfaces, createEvent (i think it's called)
raymond1 19:11 and without the registerEvent or something, just use FireJSEvent directly?
dougma 19:11
and then you invoke createEvent method, etc, etc
raymond1 19:11 yeah i c, I mean no register event staff of constructor is needed as the legacy FireEvent approaching required?
dougma 19:11 i'm not familiar with the legacy FireEvent stuff
raymond1 19:11 ok, thx, Will try more and see is there any problem
dougma 19:11 good luck