IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2011-11-20

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jshanab_wcw 09:11 morning
linearray 09:11 hi
jshanab_wcw 09:11 God do I love open source software. At least 10 times in this last year I had a problem and the author fixed it in a day or two and re-released
linearray 10:11 my head spins.
There is no good reason for my plugin to have more than one instance running. But I can't prevent that entirely, otherwise things like page reload will not work anymore.
I have some operations, like downloading one specific file, that must never be done concurrently.
I must also prevent plugins running in different browsers from doing that, so I guess I need some state on the hard drive, right?
just thinking aloud :)
dougma 21:11 linearray: shared memory