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Hibernatus34 08:12 Hi
jshanab_ 08:12 Good morning
Anyone out there use the new .dmg creator yet? I have a question
I get a permission error half way thru the script on the mv rename command. Since I am copying from fbgen manually since my project already exists, i must need to change some permissions. I am wondering what they need to be and for what files/folders
taxilian 09:12 jshanab_: fbgen does nothing with permissions
all it does is specialize the template files based on the parameters provided
jshanab_ 09:12 I was looking at the template and I did not see one thing that needed specialization, it was all variables. but the dmg_template folder is just an empty folder
Here is what it says during the build
taxilian 09:12 what happens if you try to do that mv yourself?
jshanab_ 09:12 I was wondering if the spaces in the dir name are causing problems. They are escaped, but maybe they need double escape for the cmake and then the shell evaluation
just about to try that (grrr xcode not letting you cut and paste the line)
Hibernatus34 09:12 taxilian: i'm looking for a simple and free solution to display a preview of a PDF file in my plugin, and i've seen you had the same need some time ago. Have you found a solution ?
taxilian 09:12 jshanab_: that sounds like it could be
jshanab_ 09:12 I do get the permission denied error ;-) let me play with it
taxilian 09:12 Hibernatus34: well, on mac you can do it with CoreGraphics
on other platforms the best I've found is imagemagick and I think that's GPL
Hibernatus34 09:12 Ouch
it's hard to believe Java has several LGPL libs for that, and not C++ :(
jshanab_ 09:12 Hibernatus34, take a clkose look and see if that java uses a C library. it is common to have java bindings to a lib
taxilian 09:12 I'm not actually certain that's the license
Hibernatus34 09:12 jshanab_: It's full-Java
taxilian 09:12 you could check
Hibernatus34 09:12 I think Imagemagick relies on GhostScript for that purpose, so that part would be GPL
I would port the Java lib if had enough time for that :)
port it to C++ i mean
jshanab_ 09:12 It is trying to mv/rename a symlink to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins Must be interpreting that as the actual dir and not the symlink. May need to change that to a link command
I don't get that section of the code. It symlinks it than tries to mv/rename the symlink
taxilian 09:12 jshanab_: there is a reason for it
I'm trying to remember what it is =] may have to pull it out again
let me have breakfast and hten I'll go down to my office
I watched the hobbit last night, so I'm a bit slow this morning
it was entirely on a whim, completely irresponsible, and quite entertaining
be back soon =]
jshanab_ 09:12 Cool
"no checking is done when a symbolic link is created" ???
taxilian 09:12 not sure what you're looking at. I'm looking over the new windows tutorial
I made a new mac tutorial last night
and I did most of the new windows one
I did it on windows 8 and I have to keep going and deleting little pieces of video where I accidentally hit the windows key and it took me into metro *rolls eyes*
jshanab 09:12 Tough key not to press if you come from mac ROTFL. I actually can switch back and forth between windows and mac ok, the funny part for me is when i sit in front of linux. Brain says use mac keys, it is *nix
taxilian 09:12 this is actually kinda useful; I'm able to cut out little blurps of things that weren't really adding to it and shorten the video, make it more succinct
(and let's face it, I'm a bit long winded sometimes
I may do another quick video on debugging in Chrome on Mac OS
jshanab 09:12 I added ${CMD_SUDO} in front of that mv command and it goes furthor
taxilian 09:12 interesting
jshanab 10:12 It recognizes my user as a member of the wheel group and executes it
i can't remember if the mac set my user account up that way or if I added myself to the wheel
taxilian 10:12 mac sets it up for you
but how does it prompt you for a password?
jshanab 10:12 cool. Then more than likely my users will have the same setup and it will work.
I was expecting a prompt but it didn't ask. Another prompt came up about overwriting and it took th default without asking :-( . I don't like that it requires this during creation of the installer.
taxilian 10:12 well it won't need that for users
that's just to create the installer
kylehuff 10:12 taxilian: I would be more than happy, if it is still relevant when I get off work
taxilian 10:12 kylehuff: hehe. I actually think I've got it done. thanks, though =]
jshanab_ 10:12 Now I get to the applescript part, i get an weird one: Finder got an error: Can't get disk "MVSArchivePlayer Installer." (-1728)
taxilian 10:12 could use some sanity checks on linux if you have time, though
kylehuff 10:12 np, sorry for the late reply, I was away on mission until early this morning.
taxilian 10:12 no worries
kylehuff 10:12 yeah, I'd be happy to. I should be able to tackle that tomorrow
taxilian 10:12 heh. that means you missed my rant on the mailing list =] you should take a look sometime when you're bored :-P
kylehuff 10:12 oh? what was it about?
jshanab_ 10:12 The classic tale of a lone hero's quest in an apathec world ??
taxilian 10:12 oh, more or less that, yes =]
jshanab_ 10:12 apathetic
kylehuff 10:12 I don't actually get the mailing list anymore, I'll have to read it online. being on the GRF I never know when we will roll out for months at a time, and I need my inbox to survive =c )
taxilian 10:12 has some interesting stats about the size of hte project, what all needs to be done, and how much of it I do without help
GeoffC_ 10:12 Just trying this out. I'll need help as to what CMAKE definition I should set to allow my firebreath projects to use an external version of log4cplus
taxilian 10:12 GeoffC_: have you tried building with the latest?
jshanab_ is doing some similar things with log4cplus and we got his working
kylehuff 10:12 sometimes I hate users. ungrateful whiny bastards.
GeoffC_ 10:12 Yes, it builds fine except that it doesn't use the 'U' postfix.
taxilian 10:12 is that a big issue?
kylehuff: lol
GeoffC_ 10:12 No, just letting you know for the release. I've made adjustments to not look for that postfix.
taxilian 10:12 GeoffC_: so I actually was going to leave the postfix thing in, but I couldn't get it to only include the project once when doing that
and I coudln't figure out why
and it didn't really seem that important
so I just left it =]
GeoffC_ 10:12 No problem. If you intend to make that "official", then I'll just check-in my adjustments. No big deal.
taxilian 10:12 unless you have a good reason that I should figure out how to "fix" it =]
GeoffC_ 10:12 Nope.
taxilian 10:12 (there may be one, I'm just not going to waste my time unless there is :-P)
so you still want to learn how to do custom loggign?
GeoffC_ 10:12 Can you tell me about the CMAKE definition so that my Firebreath projects can have custom logging?
Man you type fast!
taxilian 10:12 lol
I have to
I could
but I won't
instead, I'll show you how to find it =]
since you said you wanted to learn the project better
GeoffC_ 10:12 No prob.
taxilian 10:12 so basically the way logging works is we have a set of functions defined in logging.h
and then something has to implement those
there is a file NullLogger.cpp that provides empty implementations that is used by default
GeoffC_ 10:12 Ok. So I'll have a look at those files.
taxilian 10:12 go look in PluginAuto at the CMakeLists.txt file
the answers you seek lie in that file =]
GeoffC_ 10:12 Thank you great Guru!
P.S.: My CTO is ok with making a donation. He's trying to get it approved up top.
taxilian 10:12 awesome
and thank you
GeoffC_ 10:12 My pleasure. You (and the team) have been great to work with!
Except possibley kylehuff who likes to make nasty comments =]
taxilian 10:12 lol
kylehuff 10:12 lol
taxilian 10:12 incidentally, @all, here is the new Mac video tutorial :
GeoffC_ 10:12 Heading for lunch now. Have a great day!
taxilian 10:12 cool
kylehuff 10:12 my comment was in reference to users of my project, not directed towards any Firebreath users. The views expressed by kylehuff are not the views of the Firebreath project, this station or any of it's affiliates...
taxilian 10:12 lol
GeoffC_ 10:12 lol
taxilian 10:12 will be the windows tutorial when it finishes uploading
jshanab_ 10:12 On that dmgdesign.applescript. Did any of that get "templated"
taxilian 10:12 I don't actually know
jshanab_ 10:12 I need to fbgen a new test project
duh, just did a new FBTestPlugin. nevermind
hey, the FBTestPlugin is useing CPAck not the new dmg!
taxilian 10:12 ?
oh, I never finished that
FBTestPlugin hasn't been updated to use the new dmg
jshanab_ 10:12 I am at the applescript stage now
jshanab_ 10:12 Should we move the rm commands to the top of the script? If it ever fails part way thru, it fails to create the -temp dmg file and exits every time
of course that needs a tweak to not fail when there is no file :-)
taxilian 10:12 hehe
rm -f won't fail
jshanab_ 11:12 Got myself a .dmg. Just can't find another person with a mac to test the installer. :-)
taxilian 11:12 lol
okay, code signing on mac now
next goal, that is
jshanab_ 11:12 It is either very compressed when compared to an msi or it is not complete
taxilian 11:12 well, open it and look
jshanab_ 11:12 Darn. I was hoping that was just a windows thing ;-)
taxilian 11:12 code signing? oh, no. Mac os 10.8 won't even load an unsigned plugin with default settings; most users will probably turn that off, but...
jshanab_ 11:12 Can I test the installer on the same machine I Develop or will I need to remove my symlink
taxilian 11:12 huh
that was easy
you'd need to remove your symlink to be sure it's working
jshanab_ 11:12 Oh, uh, gotta change the .background (or does that violate the Firebreath License agreement?)
taxilian 11:12 nope, that's just fine
FireBreath license is BSD, remember? =] basically that means "Do whatever the heck you want with it just so long as you don't remove the copyright notice"
hence why so many people don't bother contributing back. I'm sure I could have made more money off of it with a GPL/commercial license, but despite my recent whining I actually didn't really do this to make money on licensing. I'd much rather have a solution that everyone can use
jshanab_ 11:12 I was having a bit of fun with ya. The default background completey obscures my icon.
taxilian 11:12 lol
that's awesome
jshanab_ 11:12 Money is in the works here also, BTW
taxilian 11:12 that would be cool. =] money is a convenient thing; if I were to get enough of it I might look at finding remote hosting for the website again
debating that; it's convenient to have it here, but even a business class internet connection goes down sometimes
jshanab_ 11:12 I don't understand what I am looking at. There is the icon and a plugins folder, which points to the libraries pluins folder in a never ending depth
taxilian 11:12 yeah, I'm not actually sure
jshanab_ 11:12 I have buisness class at the house and a DL380 not being used at the moment. Do Mirror's work for this
taxilian 11:12 I told you that's all experimental, right? =] someone (might have even been GeoffC_?) contributed that and I haven't had time to really look through it other than a cursory test
jshanab_ 11:12 I see ALL the systems plugins. Maybe this is one of those drag icon into folder style dmg's
The background will be the instruction
taxilian 11:12 yes, that's the idea
drag it in
sorry, I'm distracted
jshanab_ 11:12 LOL. Ok NP. I am too luch has started around me.
taxilian 11:12 not here.
of course, my wife and kids aren't home…. :-P
so they aren't here to start lunch
jshanab_ 11:12 taxilian. Wann test my dmg? It appears to work here but is 1/5 the size of the windows one.
taxilian 11:12 lol. look at the binary file inside
and see what size that is
heck, tar up the .plugin/ itself and see if the size looks right
I probably could test it if you want, but that's the better place to start
jshanab_ 11:12 2.3MB windows one is 10.8MB (I know I have removed some stuf but dang)
taxilian 11:12 but when you tar up the .plugin/ is it the same size?
10.8MB is a huge plugin on windows, btw =]
jshanab_ 11:12 Yeah. Debug and 5 possible ways to draw. DirectX,SFML,SDL,GLFW,...
taxilian 11:12 ahh, that's building debug?
makes sense
jshanab_ 11:12 Yeah. I am not yet to a release mode level.
I want to try google's error thing next
taxilian 12:12 google's error thing?
jshanab_ 12:12 Trying to remember the name now. It uses minidumps and a stripped binary to allow debugging reports sent back tot he server that stores the symbol files. and it is cross platform
jshanab 12:12 I need google search on my bookmarks
here is the Q&D
taxilian 12:12 yeah, so I have it on good authority that using that iwth a plugin would be a Bad Idea
primarily because to use it would override the built-in crash protection that the browsers already have
and that could make the browser vendors Cranky
jshanab_ 12:12 Really. Is that because FF and CHrome already use it
taxilian 12:12 I couldn't really tell you about Safari, but both Google and Mozilla devs have told me not to use it
jshanab_ 12:12 BTW. You know where in that installer.cmake it tries twice to mount the image? I had to remove that. If it succeeds the first time the second try is a fatal error. :-(
taxilian 12:12 hum
jshanab_ 12:12 I have another product, the other side of the plugin is my server, It can still use that nicely.
taxilian 12:12 ahh, here is who did the dmg installer; I remembered it started with a G
so code signing is a breaze
of course, I'm not 100% sure it's working correctly
but I think it is
jshanab_ 12:12 Thank god
Well we are just gonna have to sign our respective plugins and cross test with each other :-)
taxilian 12:12 hehe
guess so
you'll just need a code signing identity from apple
(mac developer account)
jshanab_ 12:12 That I have. My plugin was also converted to a view in IOS that is part of our mobile app
taxilian 12:12 I *think* it has to be a mac signature, not an ios one
but I'm not 100% sure of that, I suppose
jshanab_ 12:12 Oh, that is correct, I wil have to add osx if I didn't do that already
taxilian 12:12 it is possible that any cert will work that is signed by apple
but I don't know
oh, this is classic:
(that's my younger son)
jshanab_ 12:12 Link Times out for me
taxilian 12:12 try
jshanab_ 12:12 That comes up immediatly! Oh is that a Roland TD-30? I want one. I just started to learn drums
That is a great shot. (except one drumstick is backwards) LOL
nirvdrum 12:12 +1 for drums
taxilian 12:12 hehe
I have no idea what it is or even where that was taken; Sariah (my wife) just sent it to me
okay, I'm trying to reproduce the case where it *doesn't* load the plugin because it isn't signed… going to try to reboot, maybe that'll make it fail :-P
so new info
the plugin actually works without being signed
taxilian 13:12 the only thing that we have to sign is the installer
because we use an applescript installer
jshanab_ 15:12 How do we eject the disk image. It stays mounted and of course breaks the next build.
I mean, programatically
taxilian 15:12 I'm back
you can probably do it with diskutil
dtiedy 15:12 UAC and FireBreath. My FireBreath plugin is essecially a Download Manager that download/patches then launches a program. I know that UAC control really is unrelated to FireBreath, but was hoping for someone who maybe has had to deal this this already. When the browser plugin gets installed the installer also prompt the user for an install folder. This install folder is not for the browser plugin, but for where the files the brows
taxilian 15:12 dtiedy: the only way to get out of protected mode in IE is to either have the site be in the protected sites list (probably not an option for you) or to launch a broker process
dtiedy 15:12 Thank you. I'll read up on this. It's very import that the user select what drive and where the files get installed and ideally should be able to be shared across users on some computer. But since patching happens very often minimizing UAC prompts is a must. Finding the right balance of control to give the client (as far as where to install) vs mandatory admin elevations seems like a tough issue.
taxilian 15:12 oh, you're actually talking about using it to do administrative installs?
I wouldn't ever do a UAC elevation
at max I'd say make it so your broker process can be used to download files to locations that the user has access to in a regular (medium) integrity process (unlike IE)
taxilian 16:12 okay. I'm totally burned out
have a good weekend all