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FireBreathBot 01:11 JIRA issue issue created by halton
FireBreathBot 01:11 JIRA issue issue updated by halton "This patch will allow to do what said in description.
JIRA issue issue commented by halton "This patch won't break old building way, this means build with FB code base still working. So far..."
FireBreathBot 02:11 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "If I understand your patch correctly, this would make it possible for you to build the core libra..."
pico_ 07:11 Is it possible to link and call a DLL that uses multiple threads?
linearray 07:11 hmm
pico_ 07:11 I think that's why my DLL was crashing my plugin yesterday
linearray 07:11 just read your forum post
but I see no apparent reason why it shouldn't be possible
pico_ 07:11 What's odd is that it actually returns the printer status from the DLL, it just crashes whenever the JSAPI method returns
I'm going to try some more testing and see what I can figure out
emicastro 08:11 I'm traying to test my plugin through the javascript.... and I got this message error TypeError: Cannot call method 'test' of null
pico_ 09:11 Ok, I've totally nailed the root of the issue, I created a method in my DLL that returned a string and it failed, I'm using std::string in both the DLL an the plugin, but when I try to return or assign a string returned from the DLL I get the crash
however returning an int will work fine
linearray 09:11 hmm
still doesn't make much sense :)
pico_ 09:11 I agree
I'm going to make a brand new DLL and a brand new FB Project and see if this still happens, if so I'll submit a bug report
linearray 09:11 to whom? :)
pico_ 09:11 Using the report issues link? Do you suppose?
If I can still replicate it I would think it's a FB issue?
linearray 09:11 go ahead
if you can replicate it, please also share the code
you are using the latest firebreath version, right?
Alyoshak 09:11 Morning.
linearray 09:11 and just checking: you are returning a std::string, not a std::string&, or a std::string* or anything else?
because frankly I find such a grave bug in FB rather unlikely and find it far more likely that your code tries to access an object that doesn't exist anymore
Alyoshak 09:11 I'm experiencing exceedingly slow builds when I build my plugin target. I know there's a lot of code in the entire project, but if I simply add a local variable (say, an int) and then use Cmd-B it takes a little over two minutes to build. I'm not very experienced with Xcode or I'd start messing with the project settings. Any remedy for this come to mind?
linearray 09:11 which xcode version?
Alyoshak 09:11 Actually, you guys recommend *not* jacking with the project settings methinks. I'm using the latest version.
Using 4.2, build 4C199.
linearray 09:11 hm, takes 9 seconds for me
Alyoshak 09:11 Wow. Ok, excellent. Good to know something's wrong on my end. I feared this was the norm.
linearray 09:11 can't really tell you how to make it faster :)
pico_ 09:11 @linearray I pulled FB from git a few days ago and I am just returning std:string, I agree that it is likely something in my code, but if it still exists in a simple fresh build then there is potential for some bug
linearray 09:11 indeed
Alyoshak 09:11 Ok. Well, figured since the xcodeproject was generated there might be some well-known fix, or at least things to try.
It zooms along pretty fast until it hits the plugin target, then it decides to take a siesta for a while. Gets stuck on "Compiling 2 of 2 source files ..." but eventually gets done and finishes up.
linearray 09:11 hmm
are you always building everything?
not that it should make a difference, but I just build my plugin target
Alyoshak 09:11 Just trying to build the plugin target. All I have to do is select the plugin target (puts a checkmark by it) and then build, right? I mean, it's simple as that ain't it?
linearray 09:11 in the toolbar there are plugin targets and architectures
no checkboxes, that's target membership
getting confused here ;)
Alyoshak 09:11 Yeah, exactly. No, no checkboxes but when selecting your target it puts a checkmark by it and the architecture as well.
linearray 09:11 ah yes!
ok, then everything's fine
Alyoshak 09:11 Cool. Well, it's clear that there's no obvious, common problem for your users or you would've said so by now. I'll keep experimenting. Thx.
taxilian 11:11 gppd ,prmomg
linearray 11:11 gwkki
taxilian 11:11 lol. must have had my fingers on the wrong keys
linearray 11:11 giq sew tiy?
taxilian 11:11 good morning, I meant =]
pico_ 11:11 After pulling a whole new FB from git, and building a simple DLL from scratch I still have the plugin crash when returning a string from a DLL, Am I doing something incorrectly?:
emicastro 11:11 some link with a example of using AsyncGET ?
linearray 11:11 yes
you return a std::string in the API
oh wait
the first I'd try is to not name a property and a method the same
call the method something else
emicastro 11:11 I don't understand the callback parameter :S I want to do a GET from my plugin...
pico_ 11:11 Which method? In the JSAPI or in the DLL?
linearray 11:11 in the JSAPI
pico_ 11:11 Oh I see, I'll fix that! though I had a completely different name in the old plugin I was working with
linearray 11:11 yeah it's a shot in the blue
emicastro 11:11 linearray: I want to do a GET request from my plugin. Do I have to use some of the Sync or Async GET or POST method to do that?
linearray 11:11 emicastro: there is a (brief) example in FBTestPlugin
taxilian 11:11 pico_: try creating a new std::string from the .c_str() of the one from the DLL; remember that something allocated by your DLL must not be deallocated by firebreath
because of how c++ memory management works
emicastro: you can do the request using BrowserStreams; you can use AsyncGet if you want, but it's up to you how you do it
AsyncGet is just a simple example of how to use browserstreams that meats most common usecases
linearray 11:11 hm, shouldn't the std::string be appropriately copied?
taxilian 11:11 hard to say; if you return that string itself it may try to reuse the memory. I'm not certain how strings manage memory. I do know that it's dangerous to pass C++ objects like that across the boundary
that's the only reason I can think of that it might crash, however; the memory is being freed from the wrong place
this is definitely not a firebreath bug; it's something related to the DLL and the way you're getting data from it
pico_ 11:11 thanks taxilian, that makes sense, I'll look into how I should use strings from DLLs
emicastro 12:11 in the FBTestPlugin there are a getURL method... this method recive a url and a callback... this callback what kind of thing could be?
taxilian 12:11 a javascript function, in that case
JSObjectPtr has to be a javascript object
linearray 12:11 !findfile SimpleStreamsHelper.h
!findfile SimpleStreamHelper.h
FireBreathBot 12:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
linearray 12:11 look at the typedefs at the top to see what a HttpCallback is
emicastro 12:11 ok, I wish to know right this! :D
linearray 12:11 dlls seem to be witchcraft
pico_ 12:11 I know, I haven't found a single solution I like yet
I found this: there was a comment that advised against using output parameters by reference but I don't think I really have any other options
I think I can use char* too, but haven't looked at it yet
VJ 12:11 What is CMake Error: Could not create named generator Visual Studio 10 error ?
During building FB examples?
taxilian 12:11 means that it can't find visual studio 2010
VJ 12:11 ok thanks
kylehuff 13:11 you around taxilian?
taxilian 13:11 yes
kylehuff 13:11 I was going through my TODO list and realized I have yet to file that mozilla bug
I had typed up a quick rough draft as a gist, but I have not visited it since; it probably needs revision, if you are so inclined -
I had grand plans to accomplish a crap-ton of stuff, but I am quickly running out of time
taxilian 13:11 hehe. I understand. this looks pretty good so far, but it definitely needs a specific example of what you're talking about
this needs to not feel like a hypothetical problem
kylehuff 13:11 okay, I could include my current dilemma in regards to WebPG
taxilian 13:11 yeah
that would be perfect
kylehuff 13:11 I don't have a webpg version for firefox because of this specific problem
linearray 13:11 btw. jira shows some 403 errors in the 'all' view
FireBreathBot 13:11 FIREBREATH-144: Summary: Allow logging with macros without 'src' argument
FIREBREATH-144: Assigned To: amxx
FIREBREATH-144: Priority: Major, Status: Open,
linearray 13:11 and shows some 403 error regarding jira :)
taxilian 13:11 huh. weird
it was due to the CDN dns changes
just had to override them for the local host for inter-product communication
linearray 13:11 Repository [name hidden] on failed: PERMISSION DENIED
(in jira)
taxilian 13:11 you just have to log in
linearray 13:11 aha!
taxilian 13:11 can't seem to make that work for users who aren't logged in
linearray 13:11 that wasn't it
doesn't really matter... it's not like I need that functionality
taxilian 13:11 that's decided odd, however
taxilian 14:11 so, yesterday handled about 1/2 of the requests sent to w/out hitting my servers at all and about 1/3 of the data that needed to be transferred
linearray 14:11 is this good for business?
taxilian 14:11 it's good because it means that it's significantly reducing the load on my servers, so I can probably move to cheaper servers
potentially ones here at home
linearray 14:11 I suppose atlassian software is real heavy on the machine
taxilian 14:11 and despite the fact that confluence refuses to let any of the pages cache, it's still able to cache a fair amount
ridiculously so