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dougma 06:11 taxilian_away: click link, fully loaded 5 seconds later.
linearray 06:11 ;; ANSWER SECTION: 266 IN A 266 IN A
dougma 06:11 Addresses: 2400:cb00:2048:1::adf5:3c78 2400:cb00:2048:1::c71b:862b []
that's a 217ms rtt from here. :)
not bad for 15000km
linearray 06:11 40 ms for me
dougma 06:11 so my packets are travelling at around half the speed of light. :)
linearray 06:11 hmm isn't it more like 11000 km
NZ to san francisco
dougma 06:11 perth to la -> 15k
linearray 06:11 oh, I thought you were from new zealand
dougma 06:11 not me
linearray 06:11 don't know where i got the idea
dougma 06:11 maybe it was my accent
linearray 06:11 :D
pico_ 07:11 Hello, IRC! I have a dumb question which may be out of FireBreath scope: Using Firebreath with Visual Studio on Windows, can I use a DLL created with VisualC++? Firebreath is standard C++ and VC++ is it's own concoction, will I face grave challenges trying to use a dll generated with VC++?
linearray 07:11 I don't see the difference
just link the DLL as described here, and it should work:
pico_ 07:11 Forgive me I am not extremely familiar with C++, what if the VC++ functions return a VC++ specific type? Will I only need to import the needed VC++ libs? Thanks so much
dougma 07:11 what vc++ functions?
pico_ 07:11 I did link the DLL as described in those docs and they worked but I was using std c++ I was just curious about using VC++ DLLs before doing too much work
dougma 07:11 what vc++ dlls?
pico_ 07:11 I'm using an SDK for a printer, I was wanting to wrap the function in a DLL, most of the SDK functions return CStrings
dougma 07:11 CString is an MFC type.
it's still c++
so link as required and see how that goes
taxilian 07:11 g'morning
pico_ 07:11 cool, this isn't as scary as I thought it was going be. I did a few C++ in school a couple of years ago, since then I've been doing web development, I'm rusty and not very versed in C++ allotta new concepts to absorb, I really appreciate the help
dougma 07:11 mornin
yeah it's all just code
taxilian 07:11 pico: VC++ is still standard c++, just has different libraries
but what version you're using will make a difference as to whether it will work.
dougma 07:11 he's gone...
taxilian 07:11 ahh, didn't notice
dougma 07:11 still asleep? ;)
taxilian 07:11 so I changed to use a free cdn, seems to be working well
yeah; my 2-year-old decided it was time to get up
dougma 07:11 :)
taxilian 07:11 considering using that same cdn to front, but I'm not sure how much it will help; confluence uses nocache headers on everything
dougma 07:11 how can a cdn be free? what's the catch?
taxilian 07:11 they hope you'll upgrade to the non-free version
which supports ssl and prefetching and such
dougma 07:11 i see
taxilian 07:11 I suspect they are anticipating that after becoming familiar with the free tools for minor sites you'll use the commercial version for your business sites
dougma 07:11 and this: "Add tracking codes or affiliate codes to links that do not previously have tracking or affiliate codes."
taxilian 07:11 I don't think they use that for ads or anything; they have some fairly nice tools for analytics that require that they can do that
dougma 07:11 when they start overreaching, people will move on i guess.
taxilian 07:11 yeah
taxilian 08:11 well, I have changed to use cloudflair… now we'll see how long it takes to become active and how well it works
be back soon
taxilian 08:11 is now using a CDN frontend; could some people try it and let me know if it seems any faster to you?
FireBreathBot 09:11 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "I don't have a solaris box, so I will not be fixing this. I welcome anyone to provide a patch, ho..."
agd 09:11 hi all
i have a mac question (yay!)
os lion (10.7) introduced "natural scrolling"
FireBreathBot 09:11 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "They should all use uint32_t; they should #include "APITypes.h" which should provide (or include ..."
agd 09:11 for games we don't necessarily want this behaviour so I want to detect if the user has this set and invert the scroll deltas if necessary
for normal cocoa events you can use isDirectionInvertedFromDevice property on the event but we can't do this for npapi events so does anyone know another way of detecting if mouse scroll events have been inverted?
taxilian 09:11 not a clue; I imagine you'd need to make some sort of system API call?
there is nothing in NPAPI itself with that information
FireBreathBot 09:11 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Thanks for the patch"
agd 09:11 i know, i had a look
FireBreathBot 09:11 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "thanks for the patch"
agd 09:11 i can't find any system api call for this - everything just seems to say use the isDirectionInvertedFromDevice on the event
FireBreathBot 09:11 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Thanks for fixing this, dougma; this is in the latest on both the master and firebreath-1.6 branc..."
agd 09:11 i don't think they've considered us poor npapi users yet :(
taxilian 09:11 I would say that's a good possibility
agd 09:11 ok well thanks anyway
and keep up the good work on firebreath!
taxilian 09:11 good luck; if you figure it out, throw it on the wiki
in tips and tricks
sounds like a useful thing to know
agd 09:11 will do
taxilian 09:11 incidently...
can you tell me how is performing for you?
is it reasonably fast?
fraser 09:11 hi
taxilian 09:11 hello
fraser 09:11 i'm new to Firebreath, and I have some setup issues, can anyone help me out?
taxilian 09:11 ask
fraser 09:11 downloaded 1.6 from fire last night at home on my mac running 10.7 and Xcode 4.2
everything worked like a charm
this morning, came to work, did the same thing but on my Mac Pro running 10.7 and Xcode 4.2 and I get a build error in the examples
he following build commands failed: PhaseScriptExecution "CMake PostBuild Rules" buildex/ScriptingCoreTest/
i tried the github distribution and get the same
taxilian 09:11 are you using the same project, or did you make a new one?
fraser 09:11 i made a new one
different file paths
cmake is installed using brew
i can't think of anything different between my two machines
taxilian 09:11 hmm. I don't know
I'd need more of the build log
FireBreathBot 09:11 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
fraser 09:11 where do the build logs end up?
taxilian 09:11 in xcode somewhere
fraser 09:11 ah, i did a cmd line build. they don't get saved? bummer
taxilian 09:11 you can probably do it that way
just pipe the output to a file
fraser 09:11
taxilian 09:11 well, part of the problem is that according to your path you're using firebreath-1.6rc2 instead of 1.6.0
fraser 09:11 that's just my name change, i downloaded both the git one and the one from fire
and they were named the same
so I renamed it
taxilian 09:11 okay
fraser 09:11 firebreath-FireBreath-firebreath-1.6.0rc2-44-gdc5bfc6.tar is what I downloaded
and the git version I pulled was the 1.6 branch
both exhibit the same errors
taxilian 09:11 … tha'ts weird. why does it think it's 1.6.0rc2?
okay, so this isn't a true build error
it's a failure on one of the unit tests
variant_test.h line 148
but I have no idea why it would fail
unless somehow your file encoding is off
fraser 09:11 it did not produce a .plugin file
taxilian 09:11 build the FBTestPlugin project itself
fraser 09:11 ok
that succeeds
now I have a .plugin
does use Git to pull down Boost?
taxilian 09:11 if you have git, yes
actually, it depends
fraser 09:11 i do and I am using the brew install of git
taxilian 09:11 if you checked things out of git, and you have git, then yes
but since you downloaded it, it probably just downloaded the zip file
or the tar
I forget
if I were you I'd pull down firebreath using git instead of downloading the archive
fraser 09:11 it looked to me like both the git version and the downloaded tar used git to pull boost
taxilian 09:11 check out the firebreath-1.6 branch — that's the current stable branch — and you can get updates easily
fraser 09:11 ok
taxilian 09:11 when it uses git it does a submodule update; however, if you downloaded the tar that isn't possible
so it downloads it with curl instead
fraser 09:11 ok
taxilian 09:11 kylehuff: can you check out and see if it seems slower than normal to you?
fraser I'm curious how fast it is for you as well
fraser 09:11 so, when the unit test fails in the main fire breath Xcode project, does it early out? Is that why it didn't build my plugin?
kylehuff 09:11 taxilian: sure thing, standby
taxilian 09:11 fraser: apparently. xcode 4.2 has changed how projects are built somehow and doesn't seem to be consistent anymore
fraser 09:11 seems snappy enough to me, but then i don't have a reference point for what "normal" is :)
yeah, i have noticed that myself in other projects
to loving xcode 4.2
not loving
kylehuff 09:11 taxilian: it actually seems faster, but that might be a placebo...
taxilian 09:11 actually, it should be faster
but I wanted to start you with a negative bias to be sure =]
it is now using the CloudFlare free CDN
and it seems faster to me as well, but I wanted some other confirmations from other locations
kylehuff 09:11 ah, good trick mate! lol... it seems to be a little faster for me
taxilian 09:11 =] thank you both for the confirmation
fraser 09:11 ah ha, I just checked my home machine. I was only on Xcode 4.1 there
that explains the discrepancy in behavior
taxilian 09:11 that would certainly make a difference; however, that unit test still should not be failing
it concerns moe
fraser 09:11 i will upgrade to 4.2 at home tonight and see if that triggers the problem
in the meantime I can move forward by just using the projects' xcodeproject
taxilian 09:11 cool
fraser 10:11 thanks for your help
now i'm off to write my first plugin
taxilian 10:11 good luck
fraser 10:11 thanks
pico_ 10:11 I setup a FB project that links a DLL that has 2 methods, one that returns '123' and one that tries to return the status of a printer. The first method returns 123 without issue, however, trying to call the 2nd method from the browser will crash the plugin. I've tested the DLL in a console app and the 2nd method works in the .exe but dies in the plugin, any guesses why?
taxilian 10:11 how are you loading the dll?
also, what kind of crash is it?
have you attached a debugger to see what it says?
pico_ 10:11 using the delay load in cmake
taxilian 10:11 but it's a single DLL?
pico_ 10:11 Yes it is a single DLL, I have not attached a debugger, I should give that a try
taxilian 10:11 would be a good idea
pico_ 10:11 I wasn't aware I could debug the plugin from the browser, I'll see what I can find out with that route, thanks!
taxilian 10:11 otherwise my guess would be "space invaders have taken over your computer and corrupted your dll causing it to crash when you call that method". With the information I currently have, I figure it's as good a guess as any
!wiki debug
FireBreathBot 10:11 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Debugging Plugins":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Build Configurations":
"Building on Windows":
"Using FireBreath":
"Prep Scripts":
"WiX Installer Help":
emicastro 11:11 hello
taxilian: could I close the browser tab with mi plugin?
pico_ 11:11 FYI, if you try to upload an attachment in the forum you get a verbose django error message, but your post will still submit so if you go back and submit without an attachment you will have a duplicate entry
taxilian 12:11 emicastro: can you close it with javascript?
emicastro 12:11 taxilian: no... I have to close it from my plugin
taxilian 12:11 well, plugins know nothing about tabs
so unless you can do it with javascript, which you could then use from the plugin, no, you can't
plugins know nothing about the browser
they only know about the current page
kylehuff 12:11 emicastro: you should be able to just invoke the window.close() method on the DOM; see this wiki entry for a sample of invoking DOM methods:
emicastro 12:11 kylehuff: from my plugin?
invoke DOM from the plugin?
kylehuff 12:11 emicastro: yes
linearray 12:11 the sidebar is gone from
is that intentional?
kylehuff 12:11 I just noticed that it takes a few seconds to show up on some pages...
(the sidebar)
linearray 12:11 for me it's gone
emicastro 12:11 kylehuff: there is not text in the examples box in the link that you sent me...
kylehuff 12:11 emicastro: that is because of a problem with the webiste. it seems to be in-and-out at the moment.
for me, now the sidebar is at the top, stretched all the way across. I wonder if taxilian is making changes ATM
taxilian 12:11 only sorta; let me try to fix it
linearray, emicastro, kylehuff: better?
linearray 12:11 yes
taxilian 12:11 was trying out an experimental thing to speed up the website, but turns out it didn't work =]
linearray 12:11 cloudflare?
taxilian 12:11 it was a feature that cloudflare has in beta
not cloudflare itself, but a feature you can enable to make the scripts load more asynchronously
turns out that doesn't work well on
linearray 12:11 sigh.
taxilian 12:11 how is the website speed from your neck of the woods, linearray? any better than normal?
linearray 12:11 worse.
taxilian 12:11 even currently?
linearray 12:11 yes
a lot
kylehuff 12:11 ATM, it is still loading. I cleared my cache and went to when you asked if it was better
taxilian 12:11 hmm. that's strange; for me it's significantly faster
kylehuff 12:11 there, it just loaded
linearray 12:11 I have good speeds to the datacenter, but the page doesn't load
kylehuff 12:11 there, it is snappy now
and the sidebar works reliably now
taxilian 12:11 hmm… shift reload and mine is showing the same issue. let me tinker a bit
what about
linearray 12:11 that one is loading
taxilian 12:11 fast? slow? medium?
linearray 12:11 fast
taxilian 12:11 strange
how 'bout now?
linearray 12:11 oh yes, better
taxilian 13:11 okay; seems to be a problem with having it automatically minify the js, css, html
not sure why
but hopefully that should be better
thanks for letting me know; I wasn't seeing the issue here
does it seem to be faster than usual, or about the same, or still a bit worse and just better than a bit ago?
linearray 13:11 it's ok. can't tell you if it's faster than before cloudflare
taxilian 13:11 fair enough. but reasonable?
linearray 13:11 sure, it's fast.
say, is the login not encrypted?
taxilian 13:11 it is not
linearray 13:11 alright
is this a technical issue or saving money on the ssl cert? :)
taxilian 13:11 well, it's a couple of things
laziness for one
another is that I don't know if there is a way to make just the login be ssl, and I dont' know if I want the whole site ssl
it would also be silly not to make jira ssl as well if we were to do confluence, and hten should we also do fisheye at that point? 3 ssl certs and 3 public ips needed, or 1 wildcard ssl cert which is more expensive
also then we couldn't use cloudflare since only the paid version supports ssl
and I'd like to be able to start offering downloads directly from, which may be possible with cloudflare
linearray 13:11 I see
taxilian 13:11 I'm open to counter-arguments
FireBreathBot 13:11 JIRA issue issue commented by amxx "Testing needed on VS2005/2008/2010 and Linux."
linearray 14:11 dougma: ios 5.0.1 was just released with "better voice recognition for Australian users" ;)