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linearray 03:11 !findfile log4cplus.cpp
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linearray 03:11 taxilian_away: what's the point of the first argument ("src") to the FBLOG_* macros? It seems to be ultimately ignored in log4cplus.cpp
dougma 04:11 !filefile NullLogger.cpp
!findfile NullLogger.cpp
FireBreathBot 04:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
dougma 04:11 the logging is pluggable.
linearray 04:11 so somebody might have a use for this?
when writing his own logger
dougma 04:11 someone might want to log src
why not. :)
linearray 04:11 hm, I'll try adding macros without this parameter
let's see if it blows up
linearray 05:11 hm, this is a bit more involved than I hoped
abachm 05:11 Hi, I have found some outdated information on how to call a javascript method from within the plugin. m_host->getDOMWindows()->callMethod("foobar") does not work any more... what is the alternative ?
I am using FB 1.6 (git master) from github
dougma 06:11 !wiki evaluateJavascript
FireBreathBot 06:11 5 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB BrowserHost evaluateJavaScript":
"class FB ActiveX ActiveXBrowserHost evaluateJavaScript":
"class FB BrowserHost evaluateJavaScript (2)":
"class FB Npapi NpapiBrowserHost evaluateJavaScript":
"Old Versions":
emicastro 06:11 anybody know if is possible to handle the window that popup when the browser is trying to save a file in the filesystem? I want to ignore that window and save the file in a temp directory or something like that
mkoch 07:11 hi! where should I specify the drawing libs I'd like to use in Win? I'm trying to merge code from BasicMediaPlayer to an empty plugin skeleton but it fails during linking because the linker can't find CLSID_FilterGraph (which should be in DirectDraw)
*DirectShow, not DirectDraw
linearray 07:11 taxilian_away: what do you think?
FireBreathBot 07:11 cef7f0c by Max Amanshauser: Logging with the FBLOG_* macros is now possible with only on
emicastro 07:11 anybody know if is possible to handle the window that popup when the browser is trying to save a file in the filesystem? I want to ignore that window and save the file in a temp directory or something like that
mkoch 07:11 ah I found it I guess, ignore my question pls
emicastro 07:11 there is someone here?
kirya 08:11 hello
hasa 08:11 How does FB core search the function given in <param> -tag ?
I mean the onload function.
hasa 08:11 forget.... found bug from own code... as usual.
kirya 08:11 hello
who knows how link.txt file has been generated?
linearray 08:11 what is that?
kirya 08:11 myfbbuild\projects\projectname\CMakeFiles\projectname.dir\link.txt
linearray 08:11 hm, don't have that file. maybe because I'm not linking to anything
kirya 08:11 this is from
Linux target
mkoch 08:11 what's the proper way to find out if a code is compiled on Win or Mac? (i need some platform spec. part in Factory.ccp, what should I ifdef on?)
linearray 08:11 mkoch: ideally, you let cmake take care of that by putting appropriate code in Win/ Mac/ and X11/
that avoids ifdef entirely
mkoch 08:11 linearray: it's just the logfile's location, I know it's not the nicest way
so can I use _WIN32 or does FB have some own, reliable define to use?
linearray 08:11 not that I know of
I used to have some example ifdefs, but I deleted them
taxilian 09:11 mkoch: look at FactoryBase.h; there are firebreath defines you can use
mkoch 09:11 taxilian: thx!
taxilian 09:11 for the most part, I prefer to avoid #ifdefs and instead include platform specific subclasses
but both work
kirya 09:11 how can I add my files to link.txt
taxilian 09:11 link.txt
kirya 09:11 yes
taxilian 09:11 I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about
kirya 09:11 fbbuild\projects\projectname\CMakeFiles\projectname.dir\link.txt
taxilian 09:11 you don't ever modify files in CMakeFiles
so if you want to, you're trying to do something from the wrong direction
why don't you ask how to do what you actually want to accomplish
because the answer to your question is "you don't add your files to link.txt"
kirya 09:11 okay, but I cant find answer how to do with X11/projectDef.cmake file
taxilian 09:11 neither can I
but that might be simply because you haven't told me what you're actually trying to do
kirya 09:11 I have a static library like libsomename.a
taxilian 09:11 and you want to link to it?
!wiki libraries
FireBreathBot 09:11 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Using Libraries":
"FireBreath Libraries":
"Re: Feedback":
"Documentation To-Do":
kirya 09:11 yes
FireBreathBot 09:11 "Building on Mac OS X":
"FireBreath 1.6.0 Released!":
taxilian 09:11 first link
it's on the web page
kirya 09:11 sorry but it is useless
taxilian 09:11 well, hundreds of other people have found it to be useful
and it answers your question
so instead of saying it's useless, why don't you ask a specific question about what you don't understand
kirya 09:11 let me try to explain
projectDef.cmake file has a section "target_link_libraries"
when I add library to this section his name appends with -l in link.txt file
and linker cant found this library by relative path
linearray 09:11 taxilian: Please note, I sent you a patch
kirya 09:11 I cant add my library path like this "../../NpapiCore/libNpapiCore.a ../../ScriptingCore/libScriptingCore.a ../../PluginCore/libPluginCore.a ..."
taxilian 09:11 that's because you're not in the directory you think you are. use ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}
that'll be the path to your plugin
linearray: what does the patch do?
linearray 09:11 it allows you to use FBLOG_*(.) with a single argument
taxilian 09:11 hmm. allows you to, or requires you to?
linearray 09:11 of course, while retaining the two argument version
taxilian 09:11 and where do I find the patch?
linearray 09:11
FireBreathBot 09:11 cef7f0c by Max Amanshauser: Logging with the FBLOG_* macros is now possible with only on
linearray 09:11 I have tested it in xcode... it should also work in gcc >= 3.0 and VS 2005 and up
taxilian 09:11 linearray: huh; that's a trick I've never used
linearray 09:11 I admit, I didn't invent it :)
taxilian 09:11 I can't test it right now, though; possibly not even this week. if you wouldn't mind, the easiest to pull in would be if there were a jira issue and the issue tag was in the commit message, then submit a pull request
linearray 09:11 I'm sure that with boost::preprocessor there are far more concise ways of doing it, but frankly the documentation is not accomodating
taxilian 09:11 hmm. the other issue is that you haven't updated nulllogger
so if log4cplus isn't being used it will break
linearray 09:11 ok, I'll look into that
need to hunt down some food, bbiab
emicastro 09:11 taxilian: if I use some method to do a GET or POST, for example asyncGET to an URL that is like I mean, the response to my request is a XML file... Could my callback (from de asyncGET) take this XML file like a kind of Stream?
taxilian 09:11 if you use asyncGet then your callback will take the XML file in an array of uint8_t
a buffer
not a stream
emicastro 09:11 ok
Alyoshak 10:11 Any of you good people home?
taxilian 10:11 I am, but that's because I work from home
FireBreathBot 10:11 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
Alyoshak 10:11 This will be a very quick question.
I have about 50 warnings when I build. Just checking to see that nothing *needs* to be addressed here. 6 in boost_thread, the rest in PluginCore.
Everything else is proceeding smoothly. I'm almost through all the Mac video tutorials. Very helpful, btw.
taxilian 10:11 so you're on Mac?
Alyoshak 10:11 yep
taxilian 10:11 hmm. xcode 4.2?
Alyoshak 10:11 4.3 I think.
taxilian 10:11 I think 4.2 is the latest, unless there is a new beta out
Alyoshak 10:11 Duh. I was thinking of my target. Yes, Xcode 4.2
taxilian 10:11 anyway, you're probably using clang to compile; with gcc we didn't have that many warnings, but I haven't played with it with clang much yet
if you want to pastebin me the warnings I can glance at them
I suspect they are nothing to be concerned about
Alyoshak 10:11 Do you recommend I just move to gcc?
taxilian 10:11 nah, it's probably fine
FireBreathBot 10:11 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
Alyoshak 10:11 I'll pastebin them to you since you'll want to see them either way.
taxilian 10:11 send me the warnings, I'll look at them
Alyoshak 10:11 Right. Gimme a sec.
Dang. Got 'em listed in the left column. But can't remember what to click on to get 'em listed in the main viewing area so I can cut and paste in to Pastebin.
taxilian 10:11 heh. yeah, xcode 4 has moved stuff all over
Alyoshak 10:11 I'll figure it out. Have it in a minute. Still know how to use Google.
taxilian 10:11 well, that puts you above about 80% of the people who come in here asking for help…. ;-)
linearray 10:11 the 7th button in the left pane
taxilian 10:11 linearray: have you seen all the warnings he's talking about?
oh, and was your glorious hunt successful? ;-)
linearray 10:11 yes very!
had to wait 5 minutes in a beverage store... the guy gave me 20% off in return. great success.
and yes, there are plenty of warning
oh well..
Alyoshak 10:11 :) Thx. I asked for help without Googling the very first time, you may remember.
I've got this, but it's large. Couldn't isolate out all the "Semantic Issue"s in the text view they give you. But you'll probably want it all anyway. Let me get it from pastebin now.
linearray 10:11 vast majority in log4cplus, rest in boost
Alyoshak 10:11 Here it be:
Strange bc when you view in the Issue Navigator in Xcode and not the Log Navigator 90% of the warnings are "Semantic Issue", and not all that other junk.
Off to that last video. Have a good one.
linearray 10:11 !findfile nulllogger.cpp
FireBreathBot 10:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
FireBreathBot 10:11 JIRA issue issue created by amxx
linearray 11:11 can't quite believe it... finally fixed the github repo
taxilian 11:11 what was wrong?
linearray 11:11 I think one reason why rebase did not help the first couple of times, was that my text editor subtly removed newlines from the end of files.
so I introduced new changes over and over again
taxilian 11:11 ahh
FireBreathBot 11:11 JIRA issue issue commented by amxx ""
taxilian 11:11 git pull request
FireBreathBot 11:11 1 open pull request:
linearray: [FIREBREATH-144] Added logging macros that take a single arg...
taxilian 11:11 cool
Sudi 12:11 good Morning Guys!!
linearray 12:11 now back to fun with asio
Sudi 16:11 guys.. is there a way we can print list within [Object HTMLEmbetElement] that is plugin object
taxilian 16:11 could you rephrase your question? I dont' understand what you are asking
Sudi 16:11 can we print the list of all the properties and method exposed to javascript from plugin using something in plugin object ??
taxilian 16:11 generally so, yes
using standard javascript
however, you may get the object tag as well
incidently, better to use object than embed
Sudi 16:11 I am using safari in mac so I used embed
when I am printing obj it will give you [object HTMLEmbedElement] .. how do you expost method and properties within that ???
taxilian 17:11 you are using safari in mac, so you should use object
Sudi 17:11 I mean the complete list ??
taxilian 17:11 standard javascript; for (n in obj)
(incidently, if you were using any other browser on any other platform, you should *still* use object)
Sudi 17:11 ok.. let me try object instead of embed
I tried printing everyting within the obj but it just shows the default attributes but I dont see any of my properties and method of my plugin listed there .. should'nt it list that as well ???
taxilian 17:11 it hsould
it works for me
Sudi 17:11 can it be a 32bit and 64 bit issue ??
taxilian 17:11 doubtful
Sudi 17:11 hhhmmm
Sudi 17:11 for all methods in Mac 10.6.8 Intel core i5 I am getting TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function but works great on Core 2 Deo (32 bit)
I have built using Standard (32/64-bit Universal)
anyone has any ideas regarding whats going on ???
kkk 20:11 hi
I need some inputs on NPAPI plugin on safari 5.1
emicastro 20:11 do anybody know if I can close a browser tab with firebreath?
the current tab in where the plugin is running ?
FireBreathBot 20:11 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
emicastro 20:11 .help