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roshanjrp 00:11 can u develop a extention in firebreath
dougma 00:11 nope
roshanjrp 00:11 i need to put a button on the browser & when the user clicks that i need to get the address he type & redirect to my site thats it
dougma 00:11 extension.
key phrase being: "button on the browser"
roshanjrp 00:11 cant u put a button on the browser with firebreath
eg firebug
dougma 00:11 what?
firebug is not firebreath
firebug is an _extension)
roshanjrp 00:11 no i mean like the firebug plugin
dougma 00:11 firebug is an extension
roshanjrp 00:11 then i have to write extentions for all browser
isn't there a solution to write a extension for all browsers at once
dougma 00:11 let me know when you find it.
roshanjrp 00:11 ok thanks for the help
dougma 00:11 good luck
taxilian 00:11 roshanjrp: dougma is absolutely correct; you cannot do things like that with a plugin. see
you need an extension
emicastro 06:11 someone try to run the FBTestPlugin with the lastest version of firebreath?
peshopesho 06:11 Hey guys
Does anyone know how to get a folder where one can write files downloaded from the internet?
emicastro 07:11 why the mouse event doesn't work in the FBTestPlugin any more?
emicastro 07:11 ??
dougma 07:11 !wiki getTempPath
FireBreathBot 07:11 0 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
dougma 07:11 oh...
peshopesho: FB::System::getTempPath might be what you want?
emicastro 07:11 dougma: do you know why the example of FBTestPlugin doesn't work like the oldest version.... In the older, when the plugin was started, the mouse event (mouseMove) started printing the coords of the mouse... now.... any event is caching.... why?
dougma 07:11 no idea.
but i'll give it a spin
emicastro 07:11 ok
dougma 07:11 where should it be printing mouse coords?
emicastro 07:11 in the mouse event
see the FBTestPlugin
dougma 07:11 oh you mean htmlLog?
emicastro 07:11 yeah
this htmlLog doesn't work
dougma 07:11 m_htmlLogEnabled is false
try appending ?log to the url
emicastro 07:11 I see that in the onPluginReady method.... this is a new thing different from the older version
dougma 07:11 or just edit FBTestPlugin::onPluginReady()
maybe so.
emicastro 07:11 yeah, I saw that just now
emicastro 08:11 What do you recomend me to do for handle two different mimetype? Two API.cpp? or Two plugin.cpp in the same Project?
I mean, two plugin instanciate in the Factory differenciated by the mimetype, or two API instansiate in the createAPI method of the One (single) Plugin.cpp ?
dougma 08:11 never looked at supporting multiple mimetypes myself. i'd take my cues from fbtestplugin. :)
emicastro 08:11 ok, because in the FBTestPlugin there are this two way that I told below
in the factory or in the createAPI
dougma 08:11 i guess it will depend on what you're doing. probably you will want to share drawing/mouse handling in the plugin, and specialise with the API.
but... whatever really. :)
emicastro 08:11 I have to add some configuration or something else in some file to add other object handle in the Factory.cpp
I added the header file
but when I compiled this said that Cannot open include file: 'FBTestSocialPlugin.h': No such file or directory
and this Header is created and exists in the Headers Directory
hasa 08:11 did you run prep script after adding a header file ?
emicastro 08:11 ouh nop :S
hasa 08:11 I'm not sure what you actually did, but I've noticed that we can add files to projects only by running preparation scripts.
emicastro 08:11 I ran prep but still having the same problem
I'm add two .cpp and two .h
hasa 08:11 odd... Are you 100% sure that you added them to right directory where your project sources actually are.
like firebreath-1.5/projects/YourPlugin
emicastro 09:11 yeah, I added this files in the Visual Studio project... in the same places where the other are
taxilian 09:11 hasa: that often doesn't apply to header files; however, if your include dirs are not correct or if you put the file in the wrong place, that'll do it
emicastro: almost guaranteed you added it into the build directory instead of into the projects directory where it belongs
emicastro 09:11 hello taxilian
how are you?
taxilian 09:11 I am well
emicastro 09:11 look, I want to add a header in the Factory.cpp...
So, I add the include line, and I created the .cpp file in the Source Files directory and the .h file in the Header Files directory.... this is all that I have to do?
taxilian 09:11 okay, first thing to understand
the folders in visual studio? those aren't directories
you need to add the files to disk in the correct place and rerun the prep script
if you just "added them to the directory" in visual studio they probably got dropped in the build directory somewhere
which is a really bad thing, since you may need to delete that directory sometime
emicastro 09:11 ah... I understand :S I never work with VS...
taxilian 09:11 so that's why you can't find your header file… it's not in the right directory
hasa 09:11 Hi taxilian, I'm struggling very badly with WiX and the common ICE38 as mentioned in forum. Can you confirm, is it possible to create per-user installer for a plugin with FB and WiX ?
taxilian 09:11 yes it is
following the instructions I left in the forum
namely you have to make the KeyPath for the component a registry key
hasa 09:11 Yes, that's clear, I've tried it but compiler complains about the wxs file which is generated. So I can't edit that...
taxilian 09:11 are you on the latest version?
hasa 09:11 Actually still 1.5
taxilian 09:11 because I've been using that for a year and it works fine for me
well, there is a big part of your problem
I don't support older versions of firebreath
there is no reason to
hasa 09:11 yes I understood.
I.6 came just recently and I was scared to upgrade
taxilian 09:11 1.6 has been used in production for 6 months now
I don't release things without testing them
hasa 09:11 to be honest, I don't yet know how to upgrade. Otherwise I would have done it :)
There are likely instructions somewhere. I must have a look.
taxilian 09:11 just move your projects dir out of the firebreath source (if you haven't already) and download the new firebreath source
then run the prep script from the new one instead of the old one
hasa 09:11 Ok that's so simple, of course....
Thanks, I will write a message to the forum when I'm done. It looks like there are some other people struggling with this too.
taxilian 09:11 see if that helps; I remember wix working in 1.5, but maybe there is some edge case that you and others are hitting. either way, it's likely fixed in 1.6
hasa 09:11 That would be wonderful. I've spent two days hitting this wall :)
emicastro 09:11 FB::StreamCompletedEvent are in StreamEvents.h ?
taxilian 09:11 !find StreamCompletedEvent
FireBreathBot 09:11 Found 2 possible matches. Displaying 2
/^ StreamCompletedEvent(BrowserStream* stream, bool Success) : StreamEvent(stream), success(Success)$/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/StreamEvents.h:
/^ class StreamCompletedEvent : public StreamEvent$/ (c) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/StreamEvents.h:
taxilian 09:11 looks like it
emicastro 10:11 mmm This look bad: Cannot open include file: 'StreamEvents.h': No such file or directory
and I have the header file in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/
taxilian 10:11 PluginEvents/StreamEvents.h
the directory pluginevents isn't in the include path
emicastro 10:11 ok
My plugin is instanciate when a mimetype handle for they is found by the browser?
taxilian 10:11 in an object tag
emicastro 10:11 if the object type doesn't exist, what happen?
taxilian 10:11 nothing
emicastro 10:11 my plugin never is instanciate right
taxilian 10:11 does it show up in about:plugins?
hasa 10:11 Oh no I still got ICE38 from the generated wxs file.
taxilian 10:11 send me the generated wxs file in a pastebin
FireBreathBot 10:11 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
hasa 10:11
emicastro 10:11 if I have an href in an HTML file.... and this href redirect to a file download, Could my plugin handle this file with some Stream?
taxilian 10:11 your dll isn't registering
can you run regsvr32 on it?
hasa 10:11 I will test
a minute..
failed to load... mmmm, my plugin is dependant actually on one device manufacturer dll which is not currently in Path because I'm developing this installer.
taxilian 10:11 that would be your problem
hasa 10:11 I will put that extra DLL to Path and see what happens.
emicastro 10:11 if I have an href in an HTML file.... and this href redirect to a file download, Could my plugin handle this file with some Stream?
taxilian 10:11 it is possible, but FireBreath doesn't currently support it
adobe reader is a plugin, for example
hasa 10:11 hahaaaaa, now it registers when this extra manufacturer DLL in in Path
Maybe I'm doing something fundamentally wrong with this extra DLL which I need in order for my plugin to work correctly.
taxilian 10:11 the dll has to be available when the wix part of the build process runs for it to work
emicastro 10:11 and Do you know if I can do that with NPAPI?
hasa 10:11 okay,
taxilian 10:11 emicastro: it is possible to do it with NPAPI, yes
to handle a mimetype as a page
like adobe reader does
emicastro 10:11 ok
and also with ActiveX I suppose
taxilian 10:11 presumably, but I have no idea how that one works
another reason that firebreath doesn't support it
I would like to, but I don't know how and haven't had a good enough reason to figure it out
emicastro 10:11 So I can't make a plugin like Adobe Reader or something like that with firebreath to support NPAPI and ActiveX at the same time? :S
taxilian 10:11 sure you can… you'll just have to figure out how to add support for it first =]
that's the beauty of open source
hasa 10:11 Fingers crossed... compiling again with device DLL in Path and my plugin .wxs modified to include that DLL to installer ( and of course registry key for the File in Component )
I wish good luck to me :D
I don't even know is it right way ... doing like monkey
emicastro 10:11 jajaja
monkey programming :)
hasa 10:11 Yes that's developers life. Tight schedules, virtually no time to read manuals properly and then struggling long time with small errors...
HOLY COW , It compiled !!!!
Taxilian, many thanks !
some small questions are sometimes just enough
emicastro 10:11 hasa: Great!!!!
hasa 10:11 have to go, it's 8PM here in dark northern Finland. I will join tomorrow and hoping being able to help someone.
emicastro 12:11 taxilian: My plugin has permission to read a file from the filesystem?
linearray 12:11 it does, except on vista/win7 with IE, there it may not.
emicastro 12:11 why not? :S
linearray 12:11 low integrity mode
emicastro 12:11 but, if I use boost or fstream for example... I can't?
taxilian 12:11 I think you can read, but not write
your process is actually low integrity mode, so you are restricted to those prmissions
linearray 12:11 hmm
taxilian 12:11 emicastro:
linearray 12:11 %USER PROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow
maybe the convenience functions should return a path below that?
or do they already?
taxilian 12:11 they do =]
linearray 12:11 nice.
taxilian 12:11 one of them, anyway
!findfile SystemHelpers.h
FireBreathBot 12:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
emicastro 12:11 I have to read a file in the Download (configured in the browser) directory, throw my plugin...
FireBreathBot 12:11 src/PluginCore/SystemHelpers.h
taxilian 12:11 getLocalAppDataPath will give you that path on vista/win7, normal local settings on xp
linearray 12:11 !findfile SystemHelpersWin.cpp
FireBreathBot 12:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
emicastro 12:11 but this method getLocalAppDataPath is a firebreath method? And only work in windows?
linearray 12:11 I might create the windows equivalent of a symlink to that directory, when installing the plugin.
within the Downloads dir
taxilian 12:11 emicastro: it's barely documented and new in 1.6.0; it works on mac and windows
emicastro 12:11 So... I can read a file with Chrome in Windows 7 at the moment.... but... I have hardcoded the path to C:\user\...\Download\file.ext There are a way to know the path in wich the browser download file by default?
taxilian 12:11 probably using one of the APIs used in the SystemHelpersWin
do some research on those
emicastro 12:11 ok
but not work in linux obviously
EL45 15:11 Can anyone point me in a good direction to learn some cmake? I am trying to link against the OSX IOBluetooth libraries but dont know where to start.
taxilian 15:11 !wiki libraries
FireBreathBot 15:11 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Using Libraries":
"FireBreath Libraries":
"Re: Feedback":
taxilian 15:11 everything you need is right there on the wiki
FireBreathBot 15:11 "Documentation To-Do":
"Building on Mac OS X":
taxilian 15:11 first link
FireBreathBot 15:11 "FireBreath 1.6.0 Released!":
EL45 15:11 Thanks. Sorry I didnt see that :/
taxilian 15:11 =]
EL45 15:11 If I modify projectDef.cmake do I have to re-run the prep script?
well after I RTFM it appears yes
Alyoshak 17:11 Howdy, once again. After I've generated and then opened my xcodeproject, shouldn't I see more targets than just 3, ALL_BUILD, DiomedesMac, and ZERO_CHECK? (DiomedesMac is my plugin)
Seems like when I did this before I had quite a few more.
Xcode bombs when I try to build so I'm suspicious.
Anybody home?
Perhaps I shd check back later.
Sudi 18:11 hi richard!! have one quick question.. I am getting "Error calling method on NPObject" but method is already there in plugin and i have registered that .. do you have any idea why this is happening ?
dougma 18:11 does your plugin exist in the dom?
have you tried attaching the debugger to see if you even get into your function?
Sudi 18:11 yes
dougma 18:11 ?
Sudi 18:11 I can even print the properties value from within the plugin
but when calling the method it is showing the error
dougma 18:11 so step through the method
it's probably throwing an exception
Sudi 18:11 "Error calling method on NPObject" .. this error is from plugin itself right ?
dougma 18:11 not really
it's the browser
but probably triggered by the plugin
Sudi 18:11 so the problem is with browser trying to call the plugin method right ?
dougma 18:11 err
attach the debugger and step through the plugin code
i can't do that for you