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_l_ 18:11 anyone here ever used FB w/ VisualC++ Pro?
linearray 18:11 yes
_l_ 19:11 I'm working with an SDK for a hardware device that requires compilation in VC++ Pro. I've never mixed Microsoft VC++ w/ 'regular' C++, just wondering if anyone has ever done something like that before with FB?
Can I compile all of my SDK code into a DDL and inclide that with my FB project for use? I'm thinking that will be my easiest method (if that's possible)
linearray 19:11 a ddl?
i assume it's a dll, and yes you can do that
_l_ 19:11 yes a DLL, sorry
I haven't done a lot of C++ programming and virtually none in VC++, just trying to wrap my head around integrating this SDK into my FB project, I think linking a DLL will work out, thanks!