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feeling 00:11 maybe, i will give up the update plugin on IE ( no need to termiante browser ).
FireBreathBot 00:11 feeling: 03:24Z <taxilian> tell feeling I don't now; it's worked for me every time I've done it. you just have to make sure that the new plugin registers correctly; if I were you, I'd try uninstalling the plugin and then searching the registry for the CLSID; delete any references you find. then try it again; the times I've seen issues like that in the past it has ended up being extra reg keys
feeling 00:11 1. install plugin ( ver )
2. lodaing it on IE
3. delete all regkey
4. update plugin ( other folder )
taxilian 00:11 feeling: delete all registry keys before you start
not after
uninstall the plugin first, then remove all reg keys
feeling 00:11 sure
taxilian 00:11 also try on another computer to make sure it's not just a fluke
feeling 00:11 i succeed to update plugin on iE and other browser.
my quesion is does IE no need terminate browser when update plugin.
IE catch the plugin instance always until terminate browser.
taxilian 00:11 feeling: as I have said multiple times, I have absolutely succeeded in updating an IE control without restarting the browser in IE6, IE7, and IE8
I have never tried it on IE9
feeling 00:11 hmm..
i tested this follow.
1. install plugin
2. loading on IE
3. uninstall before dll and delete all reg key.
4. setup new plugin ( higher version )
5. login on IE ( it return past version )
any problem? in this follow?
taxilian 00:11 after step 4 you should get the new plugin when you add a new object tag to the page
dougma 00:11 whoa! how did 5) occur if you performed 3)?
the dll must still exist.
taxilian 00:11 if you are not, then I strongly recommend that you uninstall the plugin and then search through your registry to make sure everything is absolutely completely and totally gone, possibly even reboot the computer, and then try again
dougma: step 4 was installing a new updated version of the plugin
dougma 00:11 yeah but.... i'm confused.
taxilian 00:11 you can't delete the old file while the browser is still open
it doesn't ever fully release it until you close the browser
removing the reg keys should be enough
dougma 00:11 right... but wouldn't you get the "must reboot or exit applciation" warning at that point?
feeling 00:11 did you change object ID? when after step 4
taxilian 00:11 dougma: not if you are a) using the dllregisterserver method or b) have the msi configured not to
feeling: no, I never change my CLSID
there is no need to
and in fact that would be self-defeating if COM required that
dougma 00:11 i see...
feeling 00:11 no CLSID , i mean "Object tag" ID
taxilian 00:11 feeling: it shouldn't make any difference whatsoever
but I think not; you could always try it
honestly I usually use new ActiveXObject to check, then instantiate the object once that gives me the new one
as fbinstaller.js does
feeling 00:11 hm.......i aready saw that. anyways, ok. i will try use ActiveXObject.
feeling 00:11 i can't do that... probably, i missing something. if you have time. please check this code.
taxilian 00:11 and what happens?
feeling 00:11 ah.. i will chagne version now wait
done. try again
please uninstall "name is updatetest" and delete all registry before try again
clsid is 07999265-01b0-580c-9c7d-74ebd43bea14
it always return
taxilian 01:11 oh, I'm not on a windows machine
feeling 01:11 haha. ok.
thanks. taxilian
i'm go now. see you later. bye.
umesh 06:11 I am using windowless plugin
and I want to get HWND from HDC ...
any suggestions to get this HWND from HDC ...
WindowFromDC gives NULL value
pepe___ 07:11 hi
peter___ 08:11 hello!
taxilian 08:11 good morning
damian 08:11 hello
taxilian 08:11 hello
damian 08:11 how are you?
i'm working on this little example
i'm running this html file on my browser
<html> <body> <embed name="plugin" src="example" type="myType"> </body> </html>
i don't know how to access src tag info from my plugin
my plugin is getting up successfully when i run the html file
taxilian 09:11 1) don't use embed
use object
2) m_host->getDOMElement->getAttribute("src") should do it
damian 09:11 but i must use embed...
taxilian 09:11 or something similar; I forget exactly.
why ?
linearray 09:11 Don Embeddo pointing a gun to his head
taxilian 09:11 embed may work, but I have had problems with it in the past. object is a more reliable choice
damian 09:11 may be you are right
taxilian 09:11 lol. maybe? I appreciate the vote of confidence in my experience with plugins :-P
just know that you may have weird issues if you use embed
damian 09:11 but my manager want me to develop the plugin using embed...
linearray 09:11 he probably won't even see the difference
taxilian 09:11 tell your manager that the principle author of FireBreath told you to use object instead
trust me on this oneā€¦ I actually do have a bit of experience in the area
damian 09:11 but the decision is not mine....
but you know, i'm working on intel inside
i think they will not accept my suggestion
unless it's impossible to work with embed, i will have to do it using embed..
all the desing is done and approve
taxilian 09:11 do you need to support IE?
damian 09:11 yes
all browser
at least most popular
taxilian 09:11 well, when things don't work and you can't figure out why, don't blame us
damian 09:11 like chorme, firefox, IE
taxilian 09:11 I think the specific problems that I had were related to attaching and firing events on IE
damian 09:11 jajaja
ok don't worry
taxilian 09:11 generally the trouble involved in changing a tag from "embed" to "object" is negligable; if that's a major undertaking, you may have deeper problems than I can hope to help with
damian 09:11 if see that a problem is solving changing embed with object tag
taxilian 09:11 but hey, maybe it'll all work; maybe the problems were related to something that has somehow been resolved in the framework since then
damian 09:11 then will be easy to talk with VIP people
and change it
be optimist!!
taxilian 09:11 because they apparently know more about plugins than I do? you're lucky to have such knowledgable people there
plugins are an unusual area of expertise
well, I wish you luck with that. I need to get ready for work; be back in a bit, or maybe in an hour
damian 09:11 jajaja
thank you very much
they think the know
until you demostrate they were wrong
zEh- 09:11 hi. i dont get the licensing. What does the quantity of users refer to?
linearray 09:11 huh?
it's BSD or LGPL
zEh- 09:11 Gliffy/Confluence is about the tracker?
linearray 09:11 yes! :)
zEh- 09:11 i got fooled after checking back then
still, i dont see the actual license anywhere
ah got it
kylehuff 09:11 yes, this awesome product has an awesome license; if you haven't already, consider an awesome donation (funds, documentation or patches) =c )
taxilian 09:11 lol. it has awesome users as well
well, I'm off to find breakfast
be back when I get to the office
the continental breakfast in this hotel is useless :-/ ahh, well
zEh- 10:11 is there a document about pros and cons of browser specific plugin installations? XSI etc
linearray 10:11 there is a thread suggesting to always use an installer:
emicastro 10:11 Why the static method FB::SimpleStreamHelper::AsyncPost isn't recognize if I'm including the #include "SimpleStreams.h"?
linearray 10:11 because that file is part of the test plugin and not of the FB framework
you want SimpleStreamHelper.h
emicastro 10:11 ouhhhh :S
no, I have the SimpleStreamHelper.h too...
and the visual studio only recognize the AsyncGet... and not the AsyncPost
linearray 10:11 do you have the latest firebreath version?
that is 1.6
emicastro 11:11 where I can see that? because I did download the firebreath framework.... some SCM did that
taxilian 11:11 emicastro: are you on the master branch/
!findfile SimpleStreamHelper.h
FireBreathBot 11:11 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 11:11 check your file to make sure it's the same version as that
guessing you have an older version or haven't pulled
emicastro 11:11 Created: Jan 24, 2011
it's the same
linearray 11:11 the created date is not really helping
emicastro 11:11 no, I saw that my SimpleStreamHelper.h doesn't contain the method AsyncPOST
linearray 11:11 very good
then you need to update
emicastro 11:11 so... I have to upgrade my framework i guess
thanks for your help!
other question
no it's Ok :D thanks for all your help!
Sudi 11:11 GM!!
Sudi 11:11 Richard.. fb plugin works fine in Safari and Chrome but not getting loaded in firefox.. do I need to do something different for firefox ?
taxilian 11:11 on windows? mac?
Sudi 11:11 mac
taxilian 11:11 no, it should work the same
Sudi 11:11 hhmmm.. in firefox 3.6.16 i am trying and it shows plugin not installed
taxilian 11:11 no idea
but it should work
Sudi 11:11 ok
emicastro 11:11 How could I get the "src" attribute from my plugin?
taxilian 12:11 emicastro: use m_host->getDOMElement()
emicastro 12:11 ok, I will test with that
taxilian 12:11 then you can probably do ->getAttribute("src") or getProperty<std::string>("src")
!find getAttribute
FireBreathBot 12:11 Found 1 possible matches. Displaying 1
/^FB::variant FB::JSAPIAuto::getAttribute( const std::string& name )$/ (f) found in src/ScriptingCore/JSAPIAuto.cpp:
taxilian 12:11 hmm. getAttribute may not work
dbrecht 13:11 afternoon all.. wondering if there's a recommended place (cross browser and platform) to stick config data.. getenv("HOME")/something perhaps? i was hoping to figure out a nice, cross-browser/platform method to get the user-specific app data path (i.e. .mozilla/plugins), but (unless i'm missing something), there doesn't seem to be much of a clean way of doing this..
i'm assuming FB doesn't expose this anywhere? (looked at BrowserHost but didn't find anything there)
taxilian 17:11 dbrecht: there are some functions in firebreath to help you find some of those locations (like appdata or locallow) but nothing to help with the config
linearray 17:11 *sigh
I assume someone in here can refute this?
taxilian 17:11 certainly
they're probably just using an old version
Alyoshak 17:11 Still struggling to grasp the potential of Firebreath. For example, is it possible to *all* development on a Mac, even to generate the plugin files that would run in Windows browsers, as long as you make no call specific to the Windows API? Likewise, would it be possible to generate plugin files for the Mac browsers using only Visual Studio?
taxilian 17:11 no, you have to compile on the platform you want to run it on
if you can use completely cross platform APIs then you can pretty much do all your dev on mac, but you'll have to build it on windows
Alyoshak 17:11 Ok. Thx. That's the idea I was getting, but the colleague who tipped me off to FB thought you could do it all from Mac or all from PC.
I got your last post.
Adios. Have a good one.
taxilian 17:11 Good luck
hashd 19:11 clear
been a while since i've used irc :P