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roshan 01:11 im geting an error when i try to compile using prep2008
CMake will not be able to correctly generate this project.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:19 (Project)
can some one pls help me out
koby 03:11 Anyone here?
linearray 03:11 what's up
damian 09:11 hi
linearray 09:11 hi
damian 09:11 how atre you?
linearray 09:11 pretty good
damian 09:11 first of all, i'm sorry for my english
i'm working on FBTestPluginAPI
are you there?
linearray 09:11 I'm here.
damian 09:11 fine
i would like to add a functionality to it
i have a text file
plain text
i want my plugin to be able to manipulate this file
on the HTML which wakes up my plugin i edit the object tag adding a "data" field which points to my file
do you know how should i edit the plugin to do what i want?
taxilian 09:11 damian: need some more specifics as to exactly what you don't understand
linearray 09:11 you want to access the file name?
taxilian 09:11 certainly I know how to do it, and I suspect linearray does as well, however we are both busy; we're not going to walk y ou through every step. Ask specifically what you don't know how to do
damian 09:11 ok
i don't know which change is needed ON THE PLUGIN to get access to the file that the browser give to the plugin
taxilian 09:11 accessing a file from a plugin is no different from accessing a file in an application
though there are security considerations on IE
or are you trying to figure out how to add a method that will do the accessing?
damian 09:11 mmm........
let me explain better
i will get an XML from the browser
i'm developing a plugin which should edit this XML
do you undestand?
taxilian 09:11 nope
damian 09:11 jaja
no problem...
that's ok
linearray 09:11 maybe you speak russian or german by chance? :)
damian 09:11 i want to add the method
linearray 09:11 no luck.
taxilian 09:11 you add a method in the FBTestPluginAPI class
look at the JSAPI docs (interacting wtih javascript) on the website for info on that
!wiki javascript
FireBreathBot 09:11 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Interacting with Javascript":
"JSAPI Attributes":
"Supported JSAPI types":
"JSAPI Methods":
"JSAPI Properties":
"Firing Events from JSAPI":
damian 09:11 ok
i have already read it
taxilian 09:11 though really you'd be better off to create your own project with fbgen and modify that
damian 09:11 i will do it ance more, may be i found what i want
but, one more question
taxilian 09:11 ok
damian 09:11 i will right now execute this line of an HTML file
<object id="plugin0" type="application/x-fbtestplugin" width="300" height="300" data="archivo.tipo">
i have a plugin on the browser which works with this application/x-fbtestplugin content-type
i want my plugin to manipulate this file
i want to a method to the plugin to read/write the file
taxilian 09:11 hmm. reading? not too difficult. writing? much harder
you'll need to download the file, I would imagine
but I don't know how you'll write the file
damian 09:11 ok
so, let mw know how to read the file
please :)
taxilian 09:11 you'll probably want to use browserstreamshelper
I have to get ready for work right now, so I can't help much right now
but there is an example in FBTestPlugin
damian 09:11 oh yes??
thank you very much :)
Sudi 10:11 Good Morning Guys!!
emicastro 13:11 hi
one q: wich is the method equivalent to NPP_Write. I need take the content of the xml showing in the browser
taxilian 13:11 I'm not sure I follow
emicastro 13:11 sorry for my grammar english mistakes....
taxilian 13:11 what does NPP_Write have to do with the content of the xml showing in the browser?
emicastro 13:11 here i go again
I have a xml (SAML specificly) and... from my plugin, I have to take the content of this XML, and do some thing with him...
I think that I have to use some Stream firebreath method...
but I'm not sure...
taxilian 13:11 is the xml somewhere that you need to download it or is it coming from the page?
emicastro 13:11 the xml is a SAML that come from some request.... For example, when you want to login in a google account given permisson from another application to use your google account. Then Google send a SAML to you, I think :)
taxilian 13:11 I'd probably need to see an example
why don't you just pass it in from javascript?
emicastro 13:11 cuz I can't use js...
this is the case
I have an application, that requires you login to start using it... You can create a new account in my app, or exist the possibility to login with some accounts like google or facebook
taxilian 13:11 so you have no access to the page that the plugin is on?
emicastro 13:11 exactly...
the plugin is running in the browser.... but the page is from google
taxilian 13:11 then you can't use a plugin
emicastro 13:11 or facebook
I can use the plugin
taxilian 13:11 you have to be able to put an object tag on the page to use a plugin
emicastro 13:11 yeah
I have the object that call my plugin
because I have a server that take the response from google or facebook, and send me the SAML (XML) with my object and my content-type that link with my plugin
taxilian 13:11 I would have to see what your'e doing. I don't understand your setup enough to help
figure out how you would do it if you could use javascript and that will tell you what the plugin should do to get the data
emicastro 13:11 ok... is a bit hard to understand my setup
is more or less like this:
MyApp(login with google) -> MyServerBackend(redirect me to Google) -> Google (Grant access to my apps to login with Google account)
Sorry (add browser interaction):
MyApp(login with google) -> Browser (with plugin) -> MyServerBackend(redirect me to Google) -> Google (Grant access to my apps to login with Google account)
Google( access granted) -> MyServerBackend ( send me the XML that google sent him, and add the <object> that my plugin handles -> Browser (the plugin take the XML and send it to my app) -> MyApp (take the XML and do some things to loggin the user)
I hope tou understand! :D
taxilian 13:11 I don't really care what the flow is.. what I care about is, in the page that your object tag is in, where is the data?
using javascript on that page, how would you get the data?
emicastro 13:11 oh... some teammate give me more information about it. Sorry for my improvisation....
this is the scenario
I download a file (SAML) from some URL, and in the http header, the mimetype from the type that my plugin handles
*the mimetype is
taxilian 14:11 firebreath doesno't currently support that type of plugin, emicastro; primarily because I don't understand how they work
linearray 14:11 do they exist? :)
Vaiju 14:11 How to cast STL set to FBVariantList?
anyone there?
taxilian 14:11 you can't cast it
but you can convert it
Vaiju 14:11 How?
iterating thru it?
taxilian 14:11 yeah
there is a helper somewhere
make_variant_list, I think
#include "variant_list.h"
Vaiju 14:11 ok
taxilian 14:11 make_variant_list(set)
!find make_variant_list
FireBreathBot 14:11 Found 3 possible matches. Displaying 3
/^ inline FB::VariantList make_variant_list(InputIterator begin, InputIterator end)$/ (f) found in src/ScriptingCore/variant_list.h:
/^ inline FB::VariantList make_variant_list(const Cont& c)$/ (f) found in src/ScriptingCore/variant_list.h:
/^ inline void make_variant_list(InputIterator begin, $/ (f) found in src/ScriptingCore/variant_list.h:
Vaiju 14:11 thanks
Alyoshak 16:11 Howdy. I'm back.
taxilian 16:11 welcome back and such
Alyoshak 16:11 Just built the xcodeproject generated by But got 6 errors (not warnings) for the DIO_PluginAuto
taxilian 16:11 okay
Alyoshak 16:11 Both of them have to do with compiling main. One looks like this:
int main(NPNetscapeFuncs *browserFuncs, NPPluginFuncs *pluginFuncs, NPP_ShutdownProcPtr *shutdown);
taxilian 16:11 I have found your problem, then
you're using an old version of firebreath
Alyoshak 16:11 Really? I just got it yesterday! Well, at least I have a fix.
taxilian 16:11 ?
which one did you get?
because the int main function was removed
Alyoshak 16:11 Thx. Wait, I'll need to regenerate everything, right?
taxilian 16:11 at least a week ago, maybe 2
but you need to run prepmac again, probably
Alyoshak 16:11 I got the ... one that looked like the latest.
taxilian 16:11 fbgen only needs to be done once for a project
where did you get it?
Alyoshak 16:11 Great. I got it from this site.
I used the Downloads link in the upper left.
You know what? I think I just followed the screencast. That probably explains it.
The screencast may be a little dated.
Let me try this.
git clone git:// -b firebreath-1.6 firebreath-1.6
That looks right, correct?
linearray 16:11 yes
Alyoshak 16:11 Groovy. Thx.
taxilian 16:11 lol. yeah, the screencast is quite dated =]
Alyoshak 16:11 I was clinging to every keystroke in that screencast. Lol.
So I only need to delete the entire Firebreath dir before installing the latest Firebreath, right. Didn't see any uninstall or anything.
linearray 16:11 yes
Alyoshak 16:11 thx.
Alyoshak 17:11 Downloaded the latest and everything built this time. 8 warnings though. Nothing unusual about that is there?
linearray 17:11 yes
Alyoshak 17:11 Five of 'em Unused Entity Issues
taxilian 17:11 one of us should probably clean those up, but I wouldn't worry about it
linearray 17:11 boost doesnt really care about warnings anymore, so why should anybody else :)
taxilian 17:11 heh
Alyoshak 17:11 boost_thread had a semantic Issue and and 3 Unused entity issues, PluginCore had 2 unused entity issues and a Semantic issue and ... another semantic issue: Delete called on boost::error_info<boost::tag_original_exception_type ... yada yada.
Groovy. Thanks again. Later
taxilian 17:11 good luck
Alyoshak 17:11 thx
same to you
Feeling 18:11 hi all
dougma 18:11 mornin
Feeling 18:11 finally, i finish the setup script
but, should terminate browser when update plugin on IE
i can't fix that problem.
dougma 18:11 mmm.... oh well.
Feeling 18:11 did taxilian fix that problem..?
dougma 18:11 i don't think he has that problem
(not that i speak for him) :)
Feeling 18:11 ok :)
taxilian : please, explain the update plugin on IE when you come back.
i will serach the log if i'm not here.
taxilian 21:11 FireBreathBot: tell feeling I don't now; it's worked for me every time I've done it. you just have to make sure that the new plugin registers correctly; if I were you, I'd try uninstalling the plugin and then searching the registry for the CLSID; delete any references you find. then try it again; the times I've seen issues like that in the past it has ended up being extra reg keys