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linearray 05:11 taxilian_away: ok, hood and film work reasonably well... prety much 100% glare reduction. I think I'll leave it installed for now
someone-noone 07:11 Hello!
taxilian 09:11 good morning
linearray 09:11 bad morning
my bike was just stolen
taxilian 09:11 seriously? that stinks!
linearray 09:11 in a way I fell for the guy... that thing was a maintenance nightmare
he's still a bastard... hehe
taxilian 09:11 lol
Sudi 10:11 good morning guys!!
taxilian 12:11 kylehuff: did you ever find time to write up that feature request for mozilla?
kylehuff 12:11 taxilian: almost; I have a gist I am working on as a draft for review before submission
taxilian 12:11 fair enough. I'm going to write up a couple of proposals for updating the NPAPI spec as well
to allow three new types in a NPVariant: NPArray, NPDictionary, and NPByteArray
kylehuff 12:11 I have been swamped the last month or so, but starting tomorrow I should have more time, as today is my last day stationed at this particular client.
taxilian 12:11 cool
Sudi 16:11 is someting like this is possible -> ??
taxilian 16:11 if it wasn't, would we have discussed it on the mailing list?
yes, it is possible
using exactly the methods that we discussed yesterday
and the day before that
and at least 2 or 3 other times
you need to use a global object
that object cannot have any direct ties to your plugin object, browserhost object, etc
and if it needs anything cleaned up that should happen in StaticDeinitialize
Sudi 16:11 sorry to ask you that question again.. but I am getting hard time with that :( you have been a great help .. thanks
taxilian 16:11 I'm sorry to be so short with you, I am just really busy and don't have time to give you the low level of help that you need; a C++ help forum may be a good place to ask. The only things you need to worry about from a plugin perspective is that your global object *must not* try to hold on to the plugin or browserhost objects
Sudi 16:11 ok.. I will kep that in mind.. thanks
one quick question.. I am able to use my object across pages but when I am calling javascript method plugin crashes .. I think because it has diff instance of js obj in diff page.. who can i solve that ?
taxilian 16:11 by not calling javascript methods from your global object
you could potentially register callbacks using a weak_ptr (similar to a delegate in Obj C) on your global object, then check to see if they are still around when you need to call into javascript
you'd need to store a list of those callback objects and enumerate them when you need them, removing any expired ones
Sudi 16:11 hhmmmm.. thanks.. I will try that
taxilian 17:11 if anyone is around, I would appreciate comments and/or proofreading on
Feeling 18:11 hi
dougma : did you finish the setup script?
Feeling 18:11 taxilian_away : hi, i'm really want see the answer to this question.
before, i asked the question about "update plugin on IE"
so, you said "once you have registered the new dll, any new instances you create will use the new one"
and " if you remove the object tag and add it again you'll get the new one"
but, can't getting new instance, just getting old instance until terminate IE browser
the Test code is here ""
i tested that code on IE8
and update is ok on other browser ( Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera ) exeption IE
dougma 19:11 Feeling: i'm still struggling to detect the plugin installation :(
Feeling 19:11 ie? or other brower?
you can detect plugin use navigator.mimeTypes on Other browser and use <object codebase="#version=" onError=IEPluginError > on IE
dougma : i must finish the setup script on this week
dougma 19:11 on safari i am finding that navigator.plugins is not being updated (until I go look at about:plugins)
Feeling 20:11 really? in my case, no problem on safari
what versino do you use?
i'm 5.0.5 ( 7533.21.1 )
dougma 20:11 silly me... navigator.plugins.refresh() to the rescue!
staylor 20:11 I'm not clear on how to handle <param> tags inside my object, should my properties get called based on the param's I have set?
dougma 21:11 as i understand it you get a call to setParams on your plugin class
staylor 21:11 that's what I was expecting
oh that's different thanks
dougma 21:11 yes i wasn't quite right...
staylor 21:11 I'll know in another few hours if that takes so long to compile
dougma, yeah that works perfectly thanks!
grok 21:11 hello
is anyone around?
taxilian 21:11 grok: nope, we're all square
but usually it's best to just ask your question, then wait 'til someone gets back to answer it
that way even if you're not there when we return you can still get an answer
staylor: you don't call setParams, you just use the m_params array or use the getParams method
!find getParams
FireBreathBot 21:11 Could not find any tags matching getParams
taxilian 21:11 huh, well, it's there. check the PluginCore class
dougma: you don't call setParams, that's what the browser calls to give us the params
and now I must go; I might check in again tonight, but I have to leave for the airport at 4:30am, which is only 6.5 hours from now, so...