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dougma 00:10 anyone else have problems with smartzoom in safari on mac? ie: zoom in and the plugin redraws badly... on top of other content.
Johan___ 02:10 NPAPI question, is the NPWindow I get with NPP_SetWindow the same when i set DrawingModel to CoreGraphics or to CoreAnimation?
Johan___ 02:10 nevermind i've read npapi.h
koby 08:10 question about chrome ver:‪15.0.874.106 , it does not appear to load my plugin,altough IE and FireFox does,and the correct enteries are in the registery. (firebreath 1.6) has anyone tried it?
taxilian 09:10 good morning all
taxilian 10:10 hmm. looks like it's time to update FB::variant; it comes from cdiggins::any that has been updated this year, so I should probably pull in the updates (it's more of a complete rewrite, actually)(
linearray 10:10 taxilian: i installed the anti-glare film today
taxilian 10:10 linearray: how does it work? I've wondered
linearray 10:10 it reduces the glare alright
but somehow it turns the monitor into a caleidoscope
taxilian 10:10 huh; that stinks
linearray 10:10 white isn't white anymore... it's a sprinkle of red, green and blue that resembles the color white
taxilian 10:10 huh. that's obnoxious
is this on your imac?
linearray 10:10 quite so
taxilian 10:10 hmm
Sudi 10:10 good morning guys!!
taxilian 11:10 a guy on stackoverflow is trying to claim that the variant class won't work:
somewhat amusing
mostly annoying
linearray 11:10 does he?
taxilian 11:10 it's in the comments; one of the responses, not the question itself
linearray 11:10 ah, the Matthieu guy
ok, I now installed the monitor hood as well
can't say if it helps with the glare until tomorrow
but it looks badass
taxilian 11:10 lol
Sudi 12:10 Richard/Bertl need your expertise... I need to use this plugin between pages without removing the values/object stored in memory by plugin.. in other words without initializing my classes again... is there any firebreath class that I can make static that will work for that ??
can you help me with that please
taxilian 12:10 Sudi: no, there isn't
however, you can create a global or a static object that stores data and use it from all of your classes
linearray 12:10 isn't the plugin unloaded in between?
taxilian 12:10 yes, the plugin instance is loaded once for each page
Sudi 12:10 yes plugin will onload.. but if you look at webkit plugin we can do that easily.. I created GlobalMainObject in the plugin interface and when returning the plugin for first time I was storing the plugin object in that Global object and when ever from next page when next plugin instance is loaded I used to return the Global Object instead on new plugin instance so it was working perfectly because everytime it was ref to same instan
linearray 12:10 ok, I read it differently... I thought he asked whether he can have the plugin running, go to another page, and then to another plugin page and still have the data around
Sudi 12:10 when switching botween pages
Bertl.. you are right.. I need to have date between different pages and get instance of first plugin loaded everywhere
linearray 12:10 hm, to my astonishment the plugin process is not destroyed when navigating away to another page
Sudi 12:10 yes.. but when it is loaded again it will get new instance isnt it ??
in new page
taxilian 12:10 Sudi: global variables
use global variables
Sudi 12:10 is that good idea :)
taxilian 12:10 it's the only way that can work
just be careful
Sudi 12:10 hhmmm..
linearray 12:10 so what are the rules for unloading? only on browser shutdown and when the plugin is dynamically removed from a page?
taxilian 12:10 only when the browser arbitrarily decides to unload
linearray 12:10 interesting
taxilian 12:10 Sudi: any freeing you need to do can go in StaticDeinitialize