IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2011-10-30

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danhigham 00:10 hey all, has anyone had a go at building a plugin to read data from a webcam?
linearray 03:10 C++11 for the rest of us:
dbrecht 19:10 hallo.. looking for the recommended way to pass an object containing methods back to javascript through InvokeAsync
pipeline goes something like: js calls plugin fn, plugin fn creates an instance of a class of type TBD (which contains methods), plugin fn calls InvokeAsync with created object as a param
dougma 19:10 are you using firebreath?
look at fbtestplugin, it returns a 'math' object which demonstrates just that.
dbrecht 19:10 awesome, ty sir
dougma 19:10 ...unless i misunderstood you.
dbrecht 19:10 i don't think so.. it seems like this can get me going in the right direction..
dougma 19:10 great