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belinda 03:10 I'd like to know if i want to update firebreath,should i just cover the whole project that i downloaded?
linearray 03:10 hm?
please rephrase
belinda 03:10 I want to replace the old version with the latest release version of firebreath.
what should I do?
linearray 03:10 move your projects/ folder out of the old firebreath dir
then get version 1.6: git clone git:// -b firebreath-1.6 firebreath-1.6
or if you prefer a zip:
then you can either move the projects folder back in, or leave it outside which is actually more comfortable
which version are you upgrading from?
belinda 03:10 so i don't have to regenerate the whole project again
linearray 03:10 are you upgrading from 1.5?
belinda 03:10 seems to be 1.6 rc1
linearray 03:10 then there should ne no need at all to use again
just run the prepscript again.
belinda 03:10 ok~ but i just run the file and error msg comes up
raise ValueError('Unable to read file with name %s' % filename) ueError: Unable to read file with name fbgen\src\CMakeLists.txt
linearray 03:10 weird.
belinda 03:10 I'm also curious why I can't run the py file with python32,instead python27 works fine
linearray 03:10 ah, that might be
because it's simply not python3 compatible :)
belinda 03:10 python is not downward compatible? that's not cool
linearray 03:10 nope, python3 is incompatible
belinda 03:10 D:/Workplace/firebreath-1.6rc2/projects/npPlugin/ does not seem to be a FireBrea th Plugin No projects found in /.
what does this mean?
after running the prepscript
linearray 03:10 it means CMakeLists.txt or PluginConfig.cmake is missing from your project
belinda 03:10 So it's a bug of this build or some mistake caused by me
linearray 03:10 is this the project you copied over?
or one you just created with fbgen
belinda 03:10 MY mistake. I use the preprepscript in a wrong way
Does firebreath support ie9 well now?
linearray 03:10 yes
belinda 03:10 from which version?
linearray 03:10 hm?
belinda 03:10 which version of firebreath
linearray 03:10 I think starting with 1.5
belinda 03:10 great!! support maxthon as well,especially its Lightning mode(when there's a flash besides the address bar)?
linearray 03:10 I have no idea what that is
apparently a browser
it's not officially supported, but it might work.
belinda 03:10 it might be a local browser
taxilian 09:10 g'morning all
linearray 09:10 hi
linearray 09:10 I found that when your plugin is the only one currently running, you can just debug Google Chrome Helper EH in xcode
saves you retrieving and entering the PID
and it took me forever to find that EH means Executable Heap :)
taxilian 09:10 hehe
Sudi 11:10 Good morning
taxilian 11:10 good morning
Sudi 11:10 Richard.. yesterday you said that m_host->getDOMWindow()->getproperty<FB::JSObjectPtr>("Window") is = to using window.window because getDOMWindow() and getproperty<FB::JSObjectPtr>("Window") both returns window but I need to FB::JSObjectPtr back and just using m_host->getDOMWindow() will return WindowPtr
and windowPrt do not have getJSObject()
taxilian 11:10 Sudi: getDOMWindow() returns the window
getproperty("window") does not
unless you call it on the document, I suppose
and it is case sensitive, so there is a difference between Window and window
Sudi 11:10 can I use m_host->getProperty<FB::JSObjectPtr>("window")
taxilian 11:10 no
you can use getDOMWindow()
Sudi 11:10 but that will return WindowPtr
how you will convert that to JSObjectPtr
taxilian 11:10 ->getJSObject
DOM::Window extends DOM::Node
and DOM::Node has getJSObject
so yes, it has getJSObject
but why do you need the jsobject specifically?
Sudi 11:10 ok.. let me use that
taxilian 11:10 but why do you need the jsobject specifically?
Sudi 11:10 thanks again
taxilian 11:10 but why do you need the jsobject specifically?
Sudi 11:10 to call Javascript method
taxilian 11:10 you call a javascript method by getting the method as a property
and then invoking it with ""
Sudi 11:10 I need to use Invoke()
taxilian 11:10 you can do that with the DOM::Window
FB::JSObjectPtr method = getDOMWindow()->getProperty<FB::JSObjectPtr>("methodName"); if (method) { method->Invoke("", args); }
Sudi 11:10 oohh.. if I can directly do it with DOM::Window then it will be great
thanks.. that is what I was trying to do
Sudi 12:10 everything looks good now .. I can check if method is in main window and if not it will look in iframes.. thanks Richard..
taxilian 12:10 good luck
Sudi 12:10 Richard.. yesterday you said you did something to make plugin work between pages without reinitializing right ??
is that by using global objects ?
taxilian 13:10 Sudi: the plugin itself will reinitialize, but you can share an object using global variables and/or static variables, yes
Sudi 13:10 ya.. i was thinking the same.. let me try that
Sudi 13:10 if I am able to retain the Plugin object that is getting returned from getPlugin() that should do it right ?
I am planning to capture the obj in first run and return the same when ever the next time plugin is requested
taxilian 13:10 NO!
you cannot save the plugin object
the plugin object cannot be re-used between pages
nor can the host
JSAPI potentially can be, but only if you know exactly what you're doing — which requires about 50 times better understanding of C++ than you have (no offense intended)
you can make an object that is designed to be shared
and use it from all plugin instances