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dougma 02:10 taxilian_away: re JSAPIImpl::fireAsyncEvent
what's to stop the event handler javascript from changing event handlers and thus modifying the m_eventMap as it is iterated over?
i will try to make a test page... :)
JSHANAB 08:10 Good Morning All. A weird error has started to occur. It shows up in FireFox as the browser just closes. in IE/Safari/Chrome "the plugin has crashed" But there is no error in the eventlog, no popup debug/close application. Anyone seen this behaviour before?
taxilian 09:10 dougma: hmm. interesting question
koby 09:10 question about windowless ,the FBTestPlugin does not render it self in windowless mode
taxilian 09:10 it can
you just have to tell it to
koby 09:10 how?
taxilian 09:10 change the return value of IsWindowless
koby 09:10 i need the plugin to be windowless so i can have other items above it (flash advertisement)
taxilian 09:10 common reasoning
koby 09:10 i don't understand the answer
taxilian 09:10 try doing a search in the FBTestPlugin plugin class code for IsWindowless
and change the return value
have you actually looked at the code, or did you just come and ask? it's pretty hard to miss if you're looking for it
koby 09:10 won't that cause the plugin to be created as windowed? i have looked at the code :)
taxilian 09:10 you said that it is currently being created as windowed, right?
koby 09:10 no its currently windowless,but it does not render it self
taxilian 09:10 on windows?
!findfile FBTestPlugin.cpp
FireBreathBot 09:10 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
koby 09:10 yes, in chrome FF
taxilian 09:10 dunno why it wouldn't; was working for me last I tried. you can file a jira issue, but I won't get to it today
the render code is here:
koby 09:10 yes i saw the drawing code, it only workes if the plugin is windowed
taxilian 09:10 file a jira issue, then; unles you'd like to try to figure it out yourself. It was working the last time I tried it, but maybe something/someone broke it
windowless plugins are working
it's just the example that might be broken
koby 09:10 Ok, i will file a JIRA issue
Another question , A way to make the mouse cursor disapear / change over the plugin (in windowless)?
taxilian 09:10 (sorry, I don't mean to be so cranky… I have a killer cough today and it's making me irritable)
windows APIs
if they work, great; if they don't, I can't help you
but there is no sandboxing going on here
so if they don't work it's much more likely that the browser is calling setCursor more often than you are
rather, there is sandboxing but it doesn't affect your ability to call SetCursor or related
koby 09:10 SetCursor work only in windowed mode.
taxilian 09:10 something else is likely calling it after you call it
if that's the case, there is likely nothing you can do about it
there might be, but tha'ts more a windows API question than a plugin question, and I really don't know
I can tell you that it isn't due to any mystical blocking of your SetCursor call… you aren't restricted from things like that in a plugin
only IE places any actual restrictions on the plugin that I'm aware of
koby 09:10 Ok, understood. Another question "MouseEnteredEvent" & "MouseExitedEvent" are not fired under Windows only on Mac, why is that?
Of course i'm using ver 1.6rc1
taxilian 09:10 well, first of all, upgrade to the 1.6.0 release
I don't think that'll fix this problem,
but it's a good idea
I suspect that it simply hasn't been implemented on windows. feel free to do so
koby 10:10 I see that "FocusChangedEvent" is also not fired in windows only Mac/X11 ?
Sudi 10:10 Good morning Everyone !!
JSHANAB 12:10 Hi, I am haveing trouble on a second maching gitting the libcurl and openssl when I prep. It worked on my machone but not on the second development machine.
I now get that erro on my first machine when I prep but since it succeded once i have been ok
JSHANAB 13:10 taxilian. I need a bit of help I am kinda stuck. I get an error on prep after update, I cannot get libCurl or libOpenSSL. I am doing something wrong with submodules. :-(
Sudi 13:10 taxilian... is firebreath supported in safari 64 bit ??
wait .. I must have done something wrong..
JSHANAB 13:10 taxilian. If I look in the downloaded .git/config file inside FireBreath I ONLY see the boost url. Curl and openssl are not there and it says merge something or other is FireBreath-1.5. I am now not sure of my setup but the git submodule at my project level does say 1.6
kylehuff 14:10 JSHANAB: in base git repo, did you do `git submodule update --recursive --init` ?
JSHANAB 14:10 Yes but that errored out (now on two machines) becasue I already had boost. Then I delete and redo it, it pulls down boost and then thats it. I looked inside the config or typed git submodule and I only ever see boost
Worse that that, on a 3rd machine no matter what I do it shows the wrong guid for the firebreath module on one mache but not the other two. (twilight zone music)
taxilian 14:10 jshanab: there is no submodule for curl or openssl
JSHANAB 14:10 by base git repo. Is that my repo that contains the firebreath submodule?
taxilian 14:10 those are just downloaded by cmake
those you can update yourself
JSHANAB 14:10 ah ok. why does the prep script no longer pull them down?
taxilian 14:10 it doesn't? it should
put it won't update it
just grab it initially
JSHANAB 14:10 I get "error GIT-NOTFOUND to get the curl libs. Please get them.... same for Openssl, but it worked on the first machine once
taxilian 14:10 huh. not sure
JSHANAB 14:10 Is it depending on putty or wget which is not avail in windows console?
taxilian 14:10 no, just git
probably just isn't finding the git executable properly
JSHANAB 14:10 is this the first time I tried to execute git from command prompt maybe as first time I enabled curl
humm, you can type git form the command prompt fine :-(
taxilian 14:10 probably a problem in the cmake
JSHANAB 14:10 Yeah it must of been that update. It worked with 2.8.3, then after it worked I updated to 2.8.6
to get the project to work
taxilian 14:10 no, I suspect that it's the cmake script
JSHANAB 14:10 Can I help debug it? :-)
taxilian 14:10 please be my guest =]
JSHANAB 14:10 Perhaps a small hint into which script....
taxilian 14:10 I'd check the one in the curl directory
JSHANAB 14:10 yup, just one of those
It is the find program that is failing. :-(
taxilian 14:10 possibly i
!findfile common.cmake
FireBreathBot 14:10 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 14:10 !findfile curl/CMakeLists.txt
FireBreathBot 14:10 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 14:10 try find_program(GIT git
add the "PATHS"
see if that helps
JSHANAB 14:10 is there a ${ around that before the DOC
did not seem to work.
taxilian 14:10 DOC?
JSHANAB 14:10 find_program(GIT git PATHS DOC "location of the git executable")
taxilian 14:10 oh
no, it's not a variable
JSHANAB 14:10 I wonder...
Is there an "echo what you are doing" in CMAKE scripts?
taxilian 14:10 message("Some message here")
JSHANAB 14:10 I meant some kind of trace to show what the find_program was doing. :-) LOL
taxilian 14:10 ahh
JSHANAB 14:10 like good ole bash -X . Ok, digging deeper
taxilian 14:10 so find_program after PATHS expects some path suggestions
you could try adding "$ENV{ProgramFiles(x86)}\git\bin"
JSHANAB 14:10 nice
taxilian 14:10 and "$ENV{ProgramFiles}\git\bin"
JSHANAB 14:10 LOL / no \
That worked
taxilian 14:10 put both paths there
one may be needed on older computers
on XP
JSHANAB 14:10 That worked for curl, now to fix the Openssl one.
taxilian 14:10 by the power vested in me by (well, myself as project lead) I hereby dub thee, JSHANAB, the Official Maintainer of the curl and openssl firebreath libraries
because I'm not using them anymore
JSHANAB 14:10 Can I push
taxilian 14:10 sure; do you have access already?
JSHANAB 14:10 uh. I don't remember
taxilian 14:10 doesn't look like it
what is your github username?
JSHANAB 14:10 er, I don't think I have one!
it would be jshanab
taxilian 14:10 well, I can't give you push rights unless you have one
so go make one
JSHANAB 14:10 ok, just let me get the crew building again
JSHANAB 14:10 they are building and I am jshanab on github
taxilian 14:10 you have push access on the main repo
please be careful
please whenever possible create a jira ticket for changes and/or fixes that you push
and when in doubt, have someone review the code before pushing it to the main repo
it is unlikely that you could cause permanent damage… but if you were malicious or stupid you could potentially really annoy and inconvenience me while I fix it. =]
I have granted to access to the firebreath-curl and firebreath-openssl repos in my private account as well
JSHANAB 14:10 taxilian. I will need a tad of help. I will not be checking into firebreath right? i will be checking out and in to the github/taxilian/firebreath-curl? it looked like a seperate repo
taxilian 14:10 you may need both
I have given you access to both
JSHANAB 14:10 oh, duh in this case the cahanges are in the cmake, so they are in the main
while I am at it. a new error has cropped up utf8 headers not found. is utf8 new?
taxilian 15:10 utf8 headers not found? what header exactly?
and in which file?
(there were changes to utf8 support, but you shouldn't care)
JSHANAB 15:10 taxillian allow me to intorduce gwalen, he has the exact error on his machine
taxilian 15:10 welcome, gwhalen
gwhalen 15:10 taxilian.hi I will send you the error I am getting.
taxilian 15:10 .pb
FireBreathBot 15:10 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
JSHANAB 15:10 I was just giving him the pastebin lecture ROTFL
gwhalen 15:10 taxilian. c:\users\gwhalen\archiver\src\common\firebreath\src\scriptingcore\utf8_tools.h(21):
taxilian. fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: '../3rdParty/utf8/utf8.h': No such file or directory
taxilian 15:10 and does that file exist?
gwhalen 15:10 taxilian. no
taxilian 15:10 then you haven't updated firebreath completely for some reason
or you're missing files
try doing a git status in the firebreath dir
anything unusual?
and did you do a git submodule update --recursive after jshanab pushed the update?
JSHANAB 15:10 I have not pushed yet. I can't remember my jira login (if I had one)
gwhalen 15:10 taxilian. ok - I think this is when we were trying different things and these show as deleted.
taxilian 15:10 git checkout them then
and/or just git reset —hard origin/master the firebreath dir
if you don't need any of the changes
gwhalen 15:10 taxilian. ok, thanks, I will try this
JSHANAB 15:10 taxilian. with the PATH in there you get at least one error for every failed in the path. That may bother people. I am looking for a way to make it silent
taxilian 15:10 try HINTS
JSHANAB 15:10 I was reading the docs and was a little unclear abotu that one. "Introspection"
FireBreathBot 15:10 JIRA issue issue created by jshanab
taxilian 15:10 make sure you reference that issue in your commit log
JSHANAB 15:10 do you have the commit hooks so I put [FIREBREATH-136] in the commit message and it finds it?
FireBreathBot 15:10 FIREBREATH-136: Summary: Cmake fails to fetch libCURL and libOPENSSL on windows
FIREBREATH-136: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-136: Priority: Minor, Status: Open,
taxilian 15:10 don't need the brackets
look at the logs for examples:
then look at those issues in jira; you'll see that you can see the source changes linked to the ticket
JSHANAB 15:10 Nice. PS I need that in house someday soon :-)
taxilian 15:10 it's just jira and fisheye
JSHANAB 15:10 I have teh svn hook but I did not know if i needed to do something special for the git in Jira
taxilian 15:10 there is no currently working git plugin for jira that I know of
you have to use fisheye
JSHANAB 15:10 soory about that, I missed on the assignment and I cannot edit it
FireBreathBot 16:10 Commit e915db2 on master by Jeff Shanab: "FIREBREATH-136: Added PATHS and default windows git paths to..."
JSHANAB 18:10 I am getting "Cannot open include file: 'log4cplus/config/defines.hxx': No such file or directory c:\Users\jshanab\MVS\archiver\src\common\FireBreath\src\PluginAuto\log4cplus\log4cplus.cpp" This header is suppose to be generated of the .in file it looks like and it is not being generated on a fresh checkout and prep. Anyone run across this?