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linearray 04:10 boost! y u no universal binary!
JSHANAB 08:10 linearray. becasue it has to work on windows and that is impossible???
linearray 08:10 no no
I just needed the correct build params
Feeling 20:10 hi all~
i have a question about wix
how to change name of dll file(plugin) in msi?
dougma 20:10 don't know. rename it before you run wix?
Feeling 20:10 what name? dll?
if that, sure. i attch version info to dll name
dougma 20:10 Feeling: use the Name attribute of the <File> element
and this is a good trick: <?define OurVersion = !(bind.FileVersion.plugin_dll) ?>
so then you can go Source="plugin-${var.OurVersion}.dll"
or something like that
Feeling 20:10 thanks, but i little confused, where i fix that code?
dougma 20:10 i mean, Name="plugin-${var.OurVersion}.dll"
in your wxs file
Feeling 20:10 so your mean is use File element and use <?define OurVersion = !(bind.FileVersion.plugin_dll) ?> in wxs?
thanks, very much
i will try
dougma 20:10 yes, stick the <?define> element under the <Wix> element
obviously "plugin_dll" should match the id of your <File> element
you can use that version to set your <Product> version attribute too
dougma 21:10 in fact, you probably should
taxilian 22:10 I think it actually defaults to use the filename that cmake outputs
so you can just change the output name
look at Win.cmake
it's in there somewhere
Feeling 22:10 PluginConfig.cmake?
taxilian 22:10 no, it's be in your projectDef.cmake
well, possibly there too, actually
it all depends on how you set it up
but yeah, I think you can change the filename there, come to think of it
Feeling 22:10 i already change filename. but the setup directory follow that name.
taxilian 22:10 did you rerun the prep script?
Feeling 22:10 yes
ex) AppData\Roaming\companyanme\changedname\changename.dll
i just want change only filename
taxilian 22:10 for that you'll need to change the paths in your wxs file
Feeling 22:10 yes. so i think, i should add file element in wxs file
taxilian 22:10 why would you add a file element?
you want to *change the paths*
Feeling 22:10 nono.. change the filename
taxilian 22:10 they are already there, else the file wouldn't be getting placed there, no?
Feeling 22:10 not paths
taxilian 22:10 I would change the filename in cmake and then change the path in wix
since it'd be easier
but that's up to you, I suppose
Feeling 22:10 ok. i see.
taxilian 22:10 last week was an all-time high for # of hits in a given week on
dougma 22:10 maybe related to getting that .com?
or maybe all potential users and contributors!
taxilian 22:10 hehe. probably mostly related to the release
but come to think of it… let me check the stats since the .com went live
interesting. you may have something there
it isn't a big enough difference to be statistically significant, but went live somewhere around Oct 7 or 8
the week starting Oct 9 is the second highest # of hits; second only to the week after it
dougma 22:10 mmm... maybe the new visitors are potential circus performers
taxilian 22:10 lol
so hard to say for sure if that's related, but it's certainly at least an interesting coincidence
Feeling 22:10 haha, many people don't know the npapi
taxilian 22:10 I just have to decide if it was worth the $350 I paid to get control of it
Feeling 22:10 just hate activex
taxilian 22:10 I also control,, and :-P
Feeling: me too
dougma 22:10 it's an investment :)
Feeling 22:10 but, funtionality both are same. right?
taxilian 22:10 activex and npapi, you mean?
Feeling 22:10 yes
taxilian 22:10 that's a bit of a loaded question. on the whole, no, they don't have the same functionality
however, we can get it close enough for our purposes
Feeling 22:10 hm..
taxilian 22:10 there are a lot of things you can do with activex that you can't wiht npapi
and even a few the other way around
Feeling 22:10 anyways, both plugin are control local resource.
taxilian 22:10 but we are more or less able to work around those things as needed, or just not support them
dougma 22:10 in many ways activex is easier because it doesn't have 100 different implementations
taxilian 22:10 lol. there is some truth to that
on the other hand, it's about 100 times more complex than npapi is
Feeling 22:10 haha;
taxilian 22:10 on the other hand, it's about 50 times better documented...
on the other hand, it's every bit as hard to *find* that documentation
Feeling 22:10 like pepper.. haha
taxilian 22:10 and that pretty well summarizes my life for the last few years
lol. pepper is vaporware… I think chrome may have implemented it, but nobody else did and not even google is pushing it anymore
but they haven't updated all the docs they put out to reflect this yet
so it confuses people
dougma 22:10 ppapi is still the way to do nacl i thought
taxilian 22:10 I don't think so
I think nacl is completely different
but I'm sure there are some crossovers
since nacl is to an extent the successor
dougma 22:10 well whatever, the idea (overhaul npapi) of ppapi was a great one!
and it provided drawing surfaces!
Feeling 22:10 pepper make more complex to study npapi.
if they support chrome.
taxilian 22:10 hehe. yeah; there were some things that would have been really nice
Feeling 22:10 many korea bank use activex for online bank.
dougma 22:10 zomg!
i would rather change bank
Feeling 22:10 but, today some bank are support multibrowser use npapi.
maybe, they are use adaptor active to npapi
dougma 22:10 what are they thinking i wonder
taxilian 22:10 yeah; I fail to see why you'd need a plugin at all for banking
just seems like a bad idea
dougma 22:10 +1
Feeling 22:10 anyways, most people don't know support multibrowser.
taxilian 22:10 this may sound funny coming from me, but I firmly believe that if you can do it in any way other than creating a new plugin, you hsould
plugins should be avoided unless they are the only option
Feeling 22:10 i used firebreath last 1year. but, don't know that until now : ( it's little difficult
the reason is cmake and wix, just my opinion.
taxilian 22:10 the reason it's difficult?
Feeling 22:10 yes.
dougma 22:10 the reason not to do plugins is (primarily) that user's are better off without them
if you have to do it, Firebreath helps immensely!
taxilian 22:10 heh. wix is more or less optional, but cmake… well, you should try it without cmake if you think it's hard with =]
believe me, I'm open to other options, but the only other possibilities I know are even less well known and/or have significant disadvantages
Feeling 22:10 haha, exactly.
linearray 22:10 btw. do you know Boost.Build?
taxilian 22:10 not familiar with that one
linearray 22:10 it's probably too limited for FB, but looks nice nonetheless
taxilian 22:10 I'm not willing to consider anything that wont' create xcode and visual studio projects
does it?
linearray 22:10 dont think so :)
taxilian 22:10 it's too hard to debug things without real projects
linearray 22:10 I remember a time when there was autotools and that was it!
today there are at least 20 competing systems
taxilian 22:10 =]