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taxilian 00:10 interesting fact; this week is looking to be the highest traffic week in the history of the website
second only to last week
not sure what has caused the boost
perhaps the release — that has probably helped
staylor 00:10 that new cmake build you were talking about, plan is to have it build some static libraries you can use from projects then? that'd be nice.
vaiju 03:10 FB::URI currentURI = FB::URI::fromString(m_host->getDOMWindow()->getLocation()); currentURI.isLocalhost() returns false for the URI - http://localhost/test.jsp
it should return true
taxilian 08:10 staylor: you can already build some static libraries; it will still have to make at least one project that will build against your configuration files. The plan is to be more centric around your project, however, and less to have your project be built as part of other projects; you would run cmake on your project dir rather than on firebreath and the .sln would be your project rather than firebreath. that's the concept
!findfile URI.h
FireBreathBot 08:10 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 08:10 FireBreathBot: tell vaiju that there are not currently any default "valid localhosts"; you need to register what a valid localhost is using registerValidLocalhost. I know that may not make sense, but it did make sense for the use case it was designed for — which is no longer used by anyone
FireBreathBot 08:10 taxilian: I'll pass that on when vaiju is around.
taxilian 08:10 FireBreathBot: tell vaiju the main purpose of that function was actually to verify the DNS of the "localhost" to prevent dns spoofing to the localhost address
FireBreathBot 08:10 taxilian: I'll pass that on when vaiju is around.
linearray 09:10 I should file a patent on binary birthday candles
taxilian 09:10 lol
JSHANAB 09:10 What about Hexidecimal? When I went back to college, I was older than the rest of the students, when a pretty youg girl asked me how old I was I said 25. :-)
linearray 09:10 I have trouble finding 16 different candle colors
JSHANAB 09:10 but a geeky candle "0x28" in black might sell
linearray 09:10 but I like the idea. It accounts for breakthroughs to come in longevity
JSHANAB 09:10 The breakthroug is apparently here, just a well kept secret. (not a conspiricy theroest, per see)
linearray 09:10 I'll consider it a breakthrough, when I need more than two candles ;)
linearray 10:10 btw. taxilian: do you know zsh+vcs_info?
taxilian 11:10 aparently not
linearray 11:10 with this in ~/.zshrc it shows the current branch in the prompt:
taxilian 11:10 ahh. I have something like that for bash
only for git
linearray 11:10 ok
taxilian 11:10 I'll have to save this somewhere, though
it's less hacky than the one I have, though I'm usually too lazy to set up zsh
linearray 11:10 hehe not much to set up
taxilian 11:10 shows you how lazy I am =]
linearray 11:10 then there's also this:
for me this seems like overkill
but it sure is colorful
JSHANAB 11:10 ooo, nice. avoids the git add -i I use now
taxilian 11:10 eh, I wouldn't mind the colors, but I'd want them to be git aliases
I prefer to do "git <command>" rather than having dozens of seperate script shortcuts
linearray 11:10 you can do that
taxilian 11:10 I know
and I might =]
we'll see
I already have several, but they aren't nicely colored like these :-P
linearray 11:10 Alright, now that I feel I destroyed enough productivity with new toys, my work here is done.
JSHANAB 11:10 I have gitolite and the msysgit install has a bash script you install that colorizes and changes the prompts. I suppose the bash script would work in any bash Linux/mac etc.
taxilian 11:10 probably. I use these:
JSHANAB 11:10 Is there a faster "terminal" or console for windows? Any printing to console or in VS's console is so slow that it breaks the point of the test. printing out timestamp differences in the ms range. I have had things printing to a console on a remote session once and forget it, have to drive in and stop it
hey, bobthecow, a gentoo guy
taxilian 11:10 heh. he's a former coworker of mine
JSHANAB: you are looking for debugging purposes, or general use terminal?
JSHANAB 11:10 cool, I would say ask if he remembers a jshanb user, but I bugged him so much in my early days it is probably not a good idea to remind him ;-)
taxilian 11:10 lol
JSHANAB 11:10 Both. Haveing spent the last 5+ years daily on linux, a windows machine at 4 times the memory and 16 times the CPU is slow?
taxilian 11:10 hehe. true. I use console2 for my console, I don't know if it's faster but it is much better features; you can resize the window, use tabs, etc
I also often use cygwin bash
linearray 11:10 there's rxvt in cygwin, and also mintty
taxilian 11:10 yeah, I've used rxvt; it worked decently
I didn't like having to run an x server, though
for debugging, I'd use log4cplus and a file, honestly
I can give you the gist I use to determine where the logging directory is
console based logging is, as you say, slow
I make my logging conditional on the directory being there
JSHANAB 11:10 I use log4cplus, it is much faster. I just wish I could spped up printing break points in VS, it is painfully slow.
linearray 11:10 wow, a terminal emulator written in java
JSHANAB 11:10 log4cplus requires recompiling to se something new. Man I could fill a blog with VS gripes, the debugger is frustrating sometimes.
taxilian 11:10 =]
JSHANAB 11:10 I've said it before, I think part of the issue is the legacy arch inside the MS c++ compiler. I wonder if there was a way of telling VS to use GCC, but then there is a lot missing. But if I used GTK or QT for drawing on windows also....hummm
taxilian 11:10 hehe. unfortunately, you couldn't use it with FireBreath
because we still require ATL
would love to get rid of that requirement
but I just can't justify the time it'd take
well, I need to take my lawn mower to get fixed
I'll be back in awhile
JSHANAB 11:10 A lot of stuff that ties us to that is just for IE right?
taxilian 12:10 correct
JSHANAB 12:10 Another tidbit I really miss. Is the GNU screen. We used to run services in linux and could screen in, ineract, see the status, etc, then exit the screen. I wonder if I used gitbash as the terminal if I could do that on windblows
taxilian 12:10 I haven't gotten it working with msys bash
but I have used it (a lot) with cygwin
JSHANAB 12:10 I wonder If maybe it can be proted to windows. Build it in msys with mingw into an exe and run it on the windows command line. I never tried it, but I bet someone out there has
linearray 12:10 hm? screen is in cygwin
JSHANAB 12:10 right now I would probably kill for a decent valgrind for MS. Video Leak Detector seems best so far but a lot of false positives I have not figured out how to work around. (needs to be boost aware)
%s/Video Leak Detector/Visual Leak Detector/
taxilian 12:10 hehe. well, there is leakfinder
JSHANAB 12:10 I have tried 5 or 6, but not that one!
Actually maybe I did but a bunch didn't work until I learned that having the compiler debug flag set is not enough if the project says release it is still disabled. (even though our inherited project was set up that way is was fully debuggable, i always thought the config name was a friendly name)
waw 17:10 hello, I wanted to know if the plugins developped with firebreath, we can have a commercial license, I mean we can sell our plugins like we want; the plugin is owned by the creator right ?
taxilian 17:10 FireBreath is licensed under the New BSD license
which means you can do just about whatever you want with it as long as you don't remove the license and copyright info
so yes, you can have a commercial license, retain ownership of your own code, not release it as open source, etc
waw 17:10 thank you taxilian !
taxilian 17:10 np
sg 19:10 hi
Guest42359 19:10 hi
taxilian: Have a question regarding Firebreath
taxilian: Went through all the video demos