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atlenzi 06:10 Hi!
dougma 06:10 hello
atlenzi 06:10 I have one question
I installed firebreath for Mac os x
and I need to add a new file to my project
with .mm extension, So I created the files (.h and .mm) and when I execute the prepmac command it deletes my .mm class
Also, I added the Mac/[^.]*.mm to my CMakeList.txt
dougma 06:10 well, i've never seen it deletes files
maybe you want to add to your Mac/projectDef.cmake file
atlenzi 06:10 ok, I look and the file was not removed, but is not displayed in the project tree
dougma 06:10 so where did you put your mm and h files?
atlenzi 06:10 I created it in my project folder. In my case "OpenOnDesktopPlugin" folder
dougma 06:10 is that your firebreath project folder?
atlenzi 06:10 yes
is the name if the project
dougma 06:10 so put them in the "Mac" subdirectory
atlenzi 06:10 When I created the project, this folder was created with this name
dougma 06:10 when you ran
atlenzi 06:10 yes
dougma 06:10 ok, so does it have a Mac subdirectory?
atlenzi 06:10 yes
dougma 06:10 put them in there.
atlenzi 06:10 For example, in my "FireBreath_Cmake" folder I have a "Mac" subdirectory
I have more than one "Mac" subdirectory
dougma 06:10 i don't know about no "FireBreath_Cmake" directory
have you watched the videos on the firebreath website/
atlenzi 06:10 yes
dougma 06:10 well... i don't know. all i know is that cmake isn't finding your mm and h files, probably because you put them in the wrong place.
atlenzi 06:10 ok, I am going to try putting the files in my "Mac" subdirectory
thanks a lot!
dougma 06:10 that's something to try
mkoch 07:10 hi
in the generated empty plugin files there are comments in the code containing printfs. what will happen to them in a working environment, i mean what's stout for a browser plugin?
mkoch 08:10 hi
my webirc disconnected, could you pls repeat the answer if there was any regarding my stdout question?
linearray 09:10 stdout is the browser's stdout
taxilian 09:10 yeah, the printfs should be removed; they get directed somewhere useful in only a very small percentage of cases
mkoch 09:10 but during development they're much faster then the htmlLog(), aren't they?
linearray 09:10 use log4cplus
mkoch 09:10 so if I understand well i only need to start the browser from a console
taxilian 09:10 mkoch: htmlLog() is really inefficient; use log4cplus
!wiki logging
FireBreathBot 09:10 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Live Chat":
"Documentation To-Do":
"Invoking methods on the DOM":
"Getting Help":
"Submitting a Patch":
mkoch 09:10 ah thet looks good, thx
is there a platform independent way to draw on the pluginWindow, or one must always create separate codes for Win and Mac and use them from the plugin's main file?
(like in the BasicMediaPlayer)
taxilian 09:10 nope; there is no platform independent method
Sudeep 10:10 good morning guys..
linearray 10:10 yo
taxilian 10:10 maybe it wasn't as good a morning as he thought initially
linearray 10:10 I hope he's alright!
cristcost 15:10 hello all
taxilian 15:10 hello
cristcost 15:10 taxilian, I do want to implement an animation in a plugin,
when I did something similar in windows with Direct3D
I wrote a special message loop,
while(msg.message != WM_QUIT) {
taxilian 15:10 and your plugin hangs?
cristcost 15:10 if (PeekMessage(&msg,NULL, 0U,0U, PM_REMOVE))
taxilian 15:10 dudeā€¦ don't paste code here, please.
FireBreathBot 15:10 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
cristcost 15:10 no, didn't try with the plugin
ok, sorry!!!!
taxilian 15:10 you're okay so far, just looked like you were about to post something long =]
cristcost 15:10 ok!
taxilian 15:10 couple of things, though; first, always tell us what platform you're on. looks like Windows
that being the case, a special message loop will have to be on a seperate thread
with a special message window, if that's how you want to do it
cristcost 15:10 yes
taxilian 15:10 and you can't start drawing until the AttachedEvent and you *must* stop when you get the DetachedEvent
other than that, just draw to your HWND and you should be good
cristcost 15:10 here the paste bin url:
what I wanted to say, is that I used a special message loop with a PeekMessage function instead that the blocking GetMessate, and call my Render() function on the else
I wonder where to do the same on Firebreath
taxilian 15:10 I just told you
on a seperate thread
reread my last few comments about when to start and stop
doesn't matter if it is blocking wtih peakmessage or not; you can't put a loop like that in a browser plugin
not in the main thread
cristcost 15:10 ok!
I go try,
taxilian 15:10 good luck
cristcost 15:10 thank you!
taxilian 15:10 you're welcome
cristcost 15:10 well, I really appreciate your openness!
If a day I will start a project, I really want to follow your example
and what you wrote on your blog ;-)
taxilian 15:10 heh. I'm glad it's been helpful
jmspring 16:10 Greetings... I'm trying the dev branch now, but with afresh checkout of the 1.6 branch and XCode 4.2 (Lion and Snow Leopard), I am getting the CLANG/definition of main error. Is the fix for this to add the -D_NO_MAIN preprocessor macro?
(actually dev branch is getting the same thing)
taxilian 16:10 that's a partial fix; another option is to switch it to use GCC
I'm not sure why, but for some reason XCode uses gcc by default w/ FireBreath on some machines and CLANG on others
We're considering just removing main entirely; trying to figure out how far back you have to go before that breaks anything important
jmspring 16:10 i noticed it only happened with xcode 4.2
taxilian 16:10 I'm using 4.2 and havne't had an issue
though I'm probably still on a beta, but it's a recent beta
jmspring 16:10 interesting, ok
taxilian 16:10 I think linearray was having that issue, though
jmspring 16:10 k. thanks. now to figure out how to toggle between gcc and clang/llvm... (haven't had to :) )
taxilian 16:10 good luck
I hope to come up with a decent fix for that soon
the problem is the exports file is a text file, so I can't use preprocessor directives there
jmspring 16:10 good to know. just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
taxilian 16:10 you might be, but that isn't it :-P
jmspring 16:10 i will say, this has been minor compared to trying to get juce plugins working w/ modern browsers :) thanks for a good project and the help.
taxilian 16:10 lol. I believe that
JUCE isn't bad, considering, but it doesn't have nearly as much work gone into it as FireBreath
I haven't actually used it but have looked through the code a bit
anything that JUCE has that you wish FireBreath did?
manoj 16:10 hey all... is there a way to 'open' a file if i have a plugin registered for it's mime type? for eg., if say, a txt file corresponds to a plugin, i want the plugin to launch it externally ...
almost as if i just double clicked the file on my desktop
taxilian 16:10 hmm. probably, but why would you want to do it that way instead of just registering a handler for that type with the system?
manoj 16:10 NPP_StreamAsFile seems to offer a clue... but i can't figure out the whole picture
so if i register a handler for that type, does it run the application automatically?
i mean, if a webpage has a link that downloads that particular kind of file?
taxilian 16:10 it prompts the user to say "do you want to save or open this file"
if they click open, it opens it
manoj 16:10 oh right... i want this to be under the covers...
essentially, i want my plugin to intervene at this stage
taxilian 16:10 there might be a way, as long as it is for a unique mimetype/file extension
I haven't ever actually done it
so I don't know what that way would ber
manoj 16:10 okay...
alright, i'll keep digging
taxilian 16:10 good luck
FireBreathBot 20:10 Commit db3d565 on master by dougma: "initialise PluginWindowlessWin members"
Commit ec51ba5 on master by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #34 from dougma/unitialised-members
dougma 20:10 ohai!
taxilian 21:10 howdi
dougma: I'm kinda surprised that went unnoticed for that long
anyone have any thoughts on whether or not firebreath 1.6.0 is ready to be released?
dougma 21:10 just glad i snuck that change in before 1.6.0
not sure how many people do windowless plugins and create and destroy them with the frequency i do. :)
taxilian 21:10 hehe. probably not many; you seem to be one of those who likes to push the envelope =]
however, that's useful, since you're also one of those who can fix the problems you encounter
linearray 21:10 good morning
taxilian 21:10 g'morning =]
Feeling 23:10 hi~
linearray 23:10 hi
Feeling 23:10 i have a little question, how to install the msi from web?
linearray 23:10 say what?
Feeling 23:10 i mean, how to automatic start install from web site
like cab
linearray 23:10 hmm
I don't know.
Feeling 23:10 ok. thanks.