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star_ 07:12 Hi. Last version from git not working in IE (in FF all ok), Object even does not have .version property from simple project. Can some body confirm this?
jshanab_ 08:12 How do I end up with "duplicate symbol __ZN2FB23createPluginWindowMacCAEv" on Osx ?
star_ 08:12 redirects to
this is correct?
taxilian 09:12 no, I just havne't had time to fix it
I changed servers a few weeks ago
star_ 09:12 about not worling in ie, i checked in version from 1 october, and all work
taxilian 09:12 I'm afraid I don't remember the context
star_ 09:12 last version from git now work in ie
not work
taxilian 09:12 I may know why; give me a few minutes
it is actually working in most cases, but there is an edge case where it doesn't work
star_ 09:12 i cannot call .version property from empty generated project
typeof version == undefined
taxilian 09:12 I believe you
star_: try that; pull the latest from master
star_ 09:12 ok. i try
Leonid 10:12 Hi
taxilian 10:12 hello
Leonid 10:12 I build a plugin for Mac and when I put it in ~/Libraries/Internet Plugins
I don't see it in chrome when i go to about://chrome
taxilian 10:12 did you build it 32 bit?
try it in safari or firefox, see if it shows up there
Leonid 10:12 I did it :) Same plugin works ok on Win :)
I mean i tried safari and firefox
taxilian 10:12 and it doesn't work there either?
Leonid 10:12 No :(
taxilian 10:12 can you pastebin ( or your pluginconfig.cmake file? what version of mac os are you using, which SDK?
Leonid 10:12 sure, just a sec
is this a cmake dir where pluginconfig.cmake is located?
Here is the link:
Mac version: Mac OS X version 10.7.5
I built it 64 bit
diorcety1 11:12 hi
Leonid 11:12 Here is the link:
Here is the link:
Mac version: Mac OS X version 10.7.5
I built it 64 bit
Leonid 11:12 Hey
Any ideas about my issue?
taxilian 11:12 I'm on the phone right now
Leonid 11:12 sorry :)
Hibernatus34 12:12 Hello
What minimum rights does a Windows user need to download and use a new plugin under IE, FF, Chrome ?
Does he necessarily have to run regsvr32 ?
taxilian 12:12 I'm on the phone; be back in awhile
jshanab 12:12 hibernatus34. You need to put stuff in the registry to have things work smoothly. You must also decide if you are installing for the user or for all users. This stuff goes in the {mypluginInstaller}.Wix
taxilian 12:12 Hibernatus34: if you install per-user then you don't need admin rights on most computers (there are some oddball setups that don't let normal users change the needed parts). Note that per-user install doesn't work well w/ roaming profiles
Leonid: you need to build both 64 and 32 bit
jshanab 12:12 Hibernatus34. here is thr top [art of mine there is more info on
Hibernatus34 12:12 thanks a lot (and thanks for FireBreath BTW, it's amazing)
jshanab 12:12 hibernatus34. Let make sure the thanks goes to taxilian, i am but a humble, satisfied, user
Hibernatus34 12:12 So a per-user install could work without touching CLASSES_ROOT in the registry ? (i think that's where regsvr32 registers DLLs)
taxilian 12:12 CLASSES_ROOT isn't a real place
it's a combination of a part of HKLM and HKCU
Hibernatus34 12:12 yes i understood taxilian was the man, because he wears an "at" :)
taxilian 12:12 lol
Hibernatus34 12:12 oh, i didn't know CLASSES_ROOT was symbolic
So access to HKCU is enough i guess
taxilian 12:12 generally
jshanab 12:12 taxilian. I got Video!
Interesting thing though. I am using Invalidating CoreAnimation, but If I set only the COCOA and INVALIDATINGCOREANIMATION flags in the Project, it will not build. All of them are set in the BasicMediaPlayer, but When I set COREANIMATION to 0 it won't build. It seems like I always need both CA and ICA flags
But the autoinvalidate won't work for me, I think becuase of the schedule on main thread causes it to event to the wrong thread (in my case)
taxilian 12:12 jshanab: awesome!
jshanab: ICA is an extension of CA, so you can't do one without the other
nor do you want to, since Safari only supports CA
diorcety2 12:12 jshanab: i succeed to show a VOIP video .. works great
jshanab 12:12 diorcety2. I have been having trouble wrapping my head around drawing on the mac. But multiple cameras live view is smoking. (in FF)
taxilian 12:12 correct
taxilian 13:12 Anyone willing/able to help me clear out jira tickets today or this week? There is just no way I'll be able to get through all of them without help; some can be delayed, but I would like to solidify things and put out a release. It's been almost a year since the last one, I'm noticing, and that's really not acceptible in a project like this
Hibernatus34 13:12 I haven't tried to draw on my plugin yet (it's not that kind of plugin), but is there a somehow portable way to draw ? There's OpenGL at least, but is there something more 2D-ish, with text, shapes and bitmaps ?
taxilian 13:12 not really, no
other than html =
I'm off to lunch; be back in an hour or so
Hibernatus34 13:12 OK, thanks
What is jira ?
jshanab 13:12 Hibernatus34. It is a software issue tracking softweare
Complete with project planning and a bunch of agile development stuff. It integrates well with the other products from Confluence
Hibernatus34 13:12 Oh OK. I guess i'm not able to help now, i only discovered FB 2 days ago.
diorcety2 13:12 taxilian: about the conversation of yesterday. what do you think of
Hibernatus34 13:12 What if i fire events very often and the JS code hasn't finished handling one before receiving another ? Are they queued just like Windows messages ? Then how about the objects i pass to the handler ? (string or int for a progress bar for example) Are they copied for each entry in the queue ? (i'm sorry i'm new to JS too :)
Maybe a progress bar would be better handled through polling (with setInterval and start/end events) ?
jshanab 14:12 Depends on browser i think. IE is a single threaded blocking JS engine. awful. FF is much better, chrome is orders of magnatude faster and is know for it's mutithreading and async. So just have to test that. I think IE will just ignore next JS event until done with previous one
Hibernatus34 14:12 Thanks. I guess this kind of stuff hasn't been standardized indeed, since they couldn't even standardize how we register event handlers :)
jshanab 14:12 Well. that is the best thing about standards...
So many to choose from. (rimshot)
Hibernatus34 14:12 Thanks taxilian and jshanab. Goodbye.
diorcety2 14:12 taxilian: toc toc
taxilian 15:12 I am back
diorcety2: does it work?
so basically you're matching and converting it to a VariantList or VariantMap… I think the reason I didn't do that is it's pretty inefficient. On the other hand, most things you're going to use it for it probably doesn't matter
still trying to follow it all; gotta love mpl
diorcety2 16:12 taxilian:
taxilian: yes it works
taxilian: of course it's inefficient ... but it can avoid to create specific functions for firebreath on existing code
taxilian: mpl is quite crazy ... but when it is understand ... quite powerfull
-understand +understood
i have test in on a sample ... and added it to my project ... works like a charm
taxilian 16:12 diorcety: can you send me a pull request?
I'm willing to accept it
diorcety 16:12 ok i will reformat it tomorrow