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Krikke 04:10 can I do a xmlhttprequest from firebreath?
Krikke 04:10 I want to do something like what's discussed here:
dougma 05:10 you want to do http POSTs?
Krikke 05:10 i want to put stuff into a db via rails
dougma 05:10 why not do it in javascript?
Krikke 05:10 can I do it in js so that anyone using the site can't dump shit into the db?
dougma 05:10 how will a plugin make the situation better?
Krikke 05:10 well if it's in js they see the code
and they can just go in and change it
dougma 05:10 if they have a proxy they see the put and can just duplicate it
Krikke 06:10 ok, so how do I it in js/rails ?
s/it/do it&
fuu, can't write
dougma 06:10 i don't know rails
Krikke 06:10 ah, yeah, wrong channel for that :p
linearray 06:10 there are javascript obfuscators
maybe that helps
dougma 06:10 meh... have a userid. if they abuse it, ban them.
Krikke 06:10 true true
can't they just change the userid? :p
dougma 06:10 yup
as in create a new one, yes
Krikke 06:10 no I mean, if the userid comes from the js
dougma 06:10 well no you associate to their logged in session
they can't just log in as anyone right?
Krikke 06:10 probably not :D
I hope rails handles that
dougma 06:10 it does (not that i know). but this is all nothing to do with firebreath.
Krikke 06:10 true
thanks for the help though
dougma 06:10 ok. :)
jshanab_wcw 08:10 I have a plugin that displays video inside an html element. What is the best way to "go full screen" with the video and plugin?
Is it a per window model? DirectX different than opengl, etc.
taxilian 08:10 linearray: CT512M4SSD2 definitely is not working with my macbook pro; hard to imagine how it could possibly be any slower. however, others have indicated that it does work for them… I'll keep you updated, since you were interested =] going to call support today
jshanab_wcw: it is a per window model, yes; particularly, per-platform. on windows you usually create a new HWND that is full screen
and on mac similarly you will probably create a NSWindow
linearray 08:10 taxilian: I've seen some people claim that replacing the SATA cable helped. sounds dubious though.
taxilian 08:10 dont' think you can replace the SATA cable on a macbook pro...
linearray 08:10 sure you can
taxilian 08:10 if so, I wouldn't expect it would help, since this is well under a year old; there shouldn't be anything wrong with it
it's never even been touched before since purchasing
linearray 08:10 exactly
that's why I found those claims dubious :)
taxilian 08:10 on cruicial's website they list this one as the guaranteed to work wtih this computer:
linearray 08:10 however... does your macbook pro support sata6?
taxilian 08:10 whcih looks the same, but the part number is different
can't find anywhere that sells that part # except
jshanab_wcw 08:10 taxillian. thanks.
taxilian 08:10 good luck
jshanab_wcw 08:10 any boost cross thread exception gurus out there?
taxilian 08:10 heh. what problem are you having?
jshanab_wcw 08:10 The docs suck. ;-) I can only find a single example repeated all over and I am just not getting it. So when it throws i get a access violation or uncought exception.
taxilian 08:10 what do you mean by "cross thread exception"?
jshanab_wcw 08:10 I am trying to replace the WinHTTP with boost ASIO. So the class that wraps it needs to throw an exception on things like connection failed. The ASIO uses handlers runing in an io_service thread so I need exceptions thrown in the callback handler to throw in the parent thread.
taxilian 08:10 hmm. I haven't played much with cross thread exceptions
usually I handle the exception on the throwing thread and use ScheduleOnMainThread to call something on the main thread to handle it
linearray 08:10 jshanab_wcw: if I understand you correctly, you can't
If the function or callable object passed to the boost::thread constructor propagates an exception when invoked that is not of type boost::thread_interrupted, std::terminate() is called.
so I think what taxilian said is the correct way to do it
jshanab_wcw 08:10 It is in the new standard, MS has thier implementation and GCC >= 4.4.x, and boost (I just discovered it this week)
taxilian 08:10 heh. well, I haven't played with any of that because I can't use it in FireBreath, so good luck =]
jshanab_wcw 08:10 Why not?, just curious
taxilian 08:10 because older versions of VS don't support it
jshanab_wcw 08:10 But boost has thier own implementation back to 1.35 that doesn't require new VS or GCC. (So they say, i can't get it to work yet..ROFL)
kylehuff 10:10 taxilian: I am about to start working on adding wiki items for FireBreath Libraries (beginning with jsoncpp); do you have a preference for the wiki layout? I'm not sure how involved the other libraries are in terms of example usage, so I don't know if a separate page for each library is best, or just sections on a single wiki page. any thoughts?
taxilian 10:10 not at the moment :-/
do whatever seems to make sense
kylehuff 10:10 roger that.
taxilian 10:10 btw, we now control
and it goes to the One True home page
kylehuff 11:10 awesome
taxilian 12:10 kylehuff: if you're really ambitious you could add a page explaining how to create firebreath libraries
kylehuff 12:10 sounds like a challenge... I'll add it to my wiki TODO list. might tackle that after I finish up the FireBreath Libraries page (still missing some libraries)
taxilian 12:10 =]
well, openssl and curl may or may not be fully stable :-/ I think they work okay, though
it's mainly just a helper to include them
kylehuff 12:10 btw, not sure if it is my system or not, but when I used add_firebreath_library(curl), it FindCurl couldn't find the libraries. I had to remove the add_firebreath_library and instead add "-lcurl" to target_link_libraries... (on linux)
taxilian 12:10 hmm. I would expect it would work on linux
works on mac for me
mark those two as experimental
kylehuff 12:10 yeah, like I said, it might be something with my system. I will do some testing on another box and try to track it down.
okay, will do, I need to fix the links anyway...
taxilian 12:10 ok. honestly I'm not that concerned about those libs; if someone needs them, they can fix them
I'm not using them anymore
kylehuff 12:10 works for me!
kylehuff 12:10 for the life of me, I cannot reference an anchor on the same page...
taxilian 12:10 huh
jshanab_wcw 12:10 Make sure if you have a space that you replace it with a + ???
Assuming you were talking about confluence wiki
taxilian 12:10 linearray: just talked to crucial support, they say that drive is tested thoroughly w/ the macbook pro 2011 model, so they recommend I RMA the drive
linearray 12:10 hm ok
taxilian 13:10 on the Amazon web page I filled out the exchange request; they are sending UPS to pick up the old one tomorrow, and it's just possible that the new one may also get here on the same trip
off to lunch, bbl
nir 13:10 hello,
is there a way to use firebreath in firefox as a secure way to run native code in extensions?
as is possible in Chrome:
taxilian 13:10 I'm on a call; I'll be back in about 20 min
nir 13:10 thanks
taxilian 14:10 okay, I'm back
if you're asking if there is a way to include a NPAPI plugin that only the extension can access, as far as I know there is not
kylehuff 14:10 I am waiting for one such a feature of firefox extension security to exist... (or someone to figure out a work-around)
nir 14:10 @taxilian, I hope this does not come across as rudeness, but I don't understand what makes this project tick.
taxilian 14:10 heh. what do you mean?
nir 14:10 it is high quality
like it was made by NASA or something
taxilian 14:10 lol
nir 14:10 complex as hell
and I can see this being valuable for companies, commercially
and yet it is Open Source
BSD, right?
and unusual as open source
taxilian 14:10 yes
nir 14:10 this site, for example, is quite different than a typical open source project
taxilian 14:10 dual licence, both BSD and LGPL (it was a requirement of the company that initially contracted me to write it that it had to be LGPL as one of the licenses)
nir 14:10 including this irc terminal
in short, the entire thing does not compute :)
taxilian 14:10 lol. I'm trying to decide if you think that's a good thing or not :-P
nir 14:10 it is good for companies that stumble on this project
it can save them weeks on their tight schedules to release
taxilian 14:10 and it's good for me, because companies pay me money to solve issues that they can't figure out =]
but bugs that don't affect me sometimes don't get fixed as quickly as others that do
nir 14:10 have you heard of add-in-express/
taxilian 14:10 nope
is that one of those bounty systems?
nir 14:10 no :)
it is a company making a living on a framework that lets you write .net add-ins for IE (and other products like office)
taxilian 14:10 ahh
nir 14:10 reminds me a lot of firebreath
taxilian 14:10 I could probably do a lot more to make money from FireBreath, but frankly I simply haven't got time
nir 14:10 this is one of the mysteries in this world
where does all that time hide
no one has time
it is like time does not even exist :)
taxilian 14:10 =]
linearray 14:10 /msg taxilian thank god he didn't realize the whole thing is backdoored and just a complicated plot to build the world's largest botnet
taxilian 14:10 lol
wow… now *that* would require some talented programming… hide something like that in an open source project so that nobody noticed :-P
linearray 14:10 it's buried deep within cmake scripts
which in fact is the real reason you use cmake.
nir_ 14:10 nobody has *time* to read the sources
linearray 14:10 :)
taxilian 14:10 hehe
nir_ 15:10 good night
taxilian 15:10 g'night =]
veosotano 15:10 hi all
someone around?
kylehuff 15:10 I usually get called a square, but, I guess I get your meaning...
FireBreathBot 15:10 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
veosotano 15:10 cool
is there any known problem with Firebreath and Xcode 4?
I'm following the video tutorial step by step
in which I'm cloning directly from the repository
is there maybe any work in progress that is causing me to get build errors?
it happens at link time
kylehuff 15:10 can you pastebin the output?
FireBreathBot 15:10 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
veosotano 15:10 I can try
is that a specific file format or something?
taxilian 15:10 just paste the output to one of the suggested sites
or send a screenshot or something
what version of firebreath? what version of mac os?
veosotano 15:10 I'm on Snow Leopard
using Xcode 4.1
that's the output
the strange thing is it doesn't give the specific linker error
taxilian 15:10 what version of FireBreath?
veosotano 15:10 it just fails
where do I see that?
its the latest on the github repo
taxilian 15:10 that's good enough
hang on
veosotano 15:10 :D
taxilian 15:10 what version of cmake?
veosotano 15:10 latest, just installed
2.8.6 I think
taxilian 15:10 2.8.5?
what project is selected to build?
veosotano 15:10 the one with the name of the project
Firebreathtest2 in my case
I tried building just for my architecture
taxilian 15:10 hmm. I'm not seeing anything; can you paste a complete build log?
veosotano 15:10 but that didn't help
do you know how to do that in Xcode?
taxilian 15:10 not offhand, no =]
veosotano 15:10 hmmmmmm
in some cases I hate the new 4
Xcode 3 was better in many respects
taxilian 15:10 Xcode 4 was optimized for iphone / cocoa dev; for that i'ts pretty nice
linearray 15:10
taxilian 15:10 for C++? it's terrible
linearray 15:10 build log
veosotano 15:10 aha!
I've got it
taxilian 15:10 weird
I don't see any errors anywhere
veosotano 15:10 yep
just that linking fails
taxilian 15:10 can you build any of the unit tests?
veosotano 15:10 I'll try
taxilian 15:10 next thing to try is building the examples
veosotano 15:10 Unit Test ++ ?
that one?
taxilian 15:10 ScriptingCoreTest
veosotano 15:10
but when building this one I get these warnings
ld: warning: directory not found for option '-L/Users/miro/Developer/Tests/build/bin/Debug'
can that be something?
even weirder… that directory *does* exist!
one last question
where can I find those examples to try to build them?
kylehuff 15:10 the examples are in the directory "examples"
veosotano: the wiki page explains how to build the example projects:
veosotano 16:10 ok
I'm off for today
here in Spain its already night time :)
I'll continue trying tomorrow
bye all
kylehuff 16:10 later
kylehuff 16:10 okay, I added a wiki page for invoking methods on the DOM, but I just realized that both examples aren't very universal...
taxilian 16:10 hehe. true, but tha'ts okay
they are functions that most will know about
kylehuff 16:10 yeah, well, if you can think of a more universal example, I'll add it and make it the first one.
taxilian 16:10 =]
alert, I suppose
kylehuff 16:10 oh duh...
kylehuff 16:10 there! most of my wiki todo is dead now.
taxilian 16:10 hehe
kylehuff 16:10 don't mention it. I'm glad to give back, even if its only poorly written examples =c )