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FireBreathBot 01:10 JIRA issue issue created by pgas
B_ 07:10 hi
linearray 07:10 hi
Guest72355 07:10 i have query regaring the firebreath
can we run firebreath application as windows console application?
linearray 07:10 what do you mean?
Guest72355 07:10 a simple firebreath application generates the dll file
inplace of dll can we create .exe file?
pgas 07:10 what would be the point?
linearray 07:10 and then?
firebreath plugins run in a browser.
Guest72355 07:10 thats wat my requirement. i want .exe means console applcation rather than web loading the dll
linearray 07:10 then what would you need firebreath for?
pgas 07:10 just to have javascript? or to have access to a browser on the command line?
Guest72355 07:10 because i want this application to use as both, web loading other same code as console application
linearray 07:10 well, you can do that
Guest72355 07:10 wow. thats nice to hear
pgas 07:10 I guess you would have to create a library with the core of your application, then create a console application and a firebreath plugin that use your library
linearray 07:10 exactly
Guest72355 07:10 to generate console application? wat kind of config paaram changes are required?
linearray 07:10 not sure what the best way to do that is, but I would make the console application a separate project
so you have a firebreath project, a console project, and code that is shared between them
Guest72355 07:10 i would try with this technique, weather seperate console application can load & working with the dll successfully.
thanks you for the help
kigero 09:10 it looks like the about page at has been reduced to no content - I'm guessing this is a mistake?
taxilian 11:10 kigero: interesting; not sure how that happened. I'll try to fix it
kigero 12:10 hey, the about page looks better :) thanks!
taxilian 12:10 yw
I had to remove some things
some ohloh widgets that don't work on the new version of confluence
kigero 12:10 gotcha
sabotaged|wk 15:10 anyone know of a nice way to detect if a page is visible on a user's screen? e.g. not in a different tab, or minimized
through javascript and/or own plugin
taxilian 15:10 maybe on windows, but almost certainly not on mac
sabotaged|wk 15:10 in an application the user has running on their desktop, if they click a particular button i spawn the default browser and point it to a link containing my plugin. the thing is, it would be good to be able to detect whether that browser window is open and visible already
i guess on windows it would come down to some window iterating fun
taxilian 15:10 right; on windows you can get a reference to your plugin window, and use that to see if it's visible and where it is
on mac, you don't have any way of linking the CGContextRef or the CALayer with whatever is actually drawing it
sabotaged|wk 15:10 i wonder if there is anything in javascript i can use. like something that would only happen if a browser page is visible. then i could use my plugin to detect that
taxilian 15:10 not that I know of :-/
sabotaged|wk 15:10 hmm, window.onblur / window.onfocus seems close, but not quite what i'm looking for
FireBreathBot 16:10 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Thanks for the suggestion; it's exactly what is needed. Sorry it took me so long to get this fix ..."
taxilian 16:10 pgas: fixed your issue, sorry it took so long
kylehuff 17:10 even though I'm not using a windows plugin and require no linking against gtk, is GTK+ still required to be installed for the prep script to run on linux?
taxilian 17:10 not if you set FB_GUI_DISABLED in your PluginConfig.cmake
kylehuff 17:10 hmm... I have that disabled in PluginConfig.cmake, but got "A required package was not found" during prep. then again, this is on FireBreath v1.5
taxilian 17:10 hmm. last I knew that was working in 1.5
kylehuff 17:10 hmm, okay, I will investigate this more closely with master, and I'll file a bug if it I'm not just being an idiot about something.
I went ahead and installed gtk-dev because I needed to test something else and couldn't track down the cause. when I get home I'll remove gtk d-dev and track it down. (I checked the resulting binary, and it is not linked against gtk, even though it pkg_config required it).
taxilian 17:10 hmm. strange
kylehuff 17:10 so, I had my first contribution to one of my projects today, and I had to turn them away... lol. they compiled a 64bit binary for inclusion in an extension, but I can't accept it since I have no way of knowing if they added a back door. I felt bad rejecting the pull request.
taxilian 17:10 hehe. they added an actual binary?
yeah, that wouldn't work well
FireBreathBot 17:10 JIRA issue issue commented by marcuseting "thanks that'd be nice. i was able to grab the links for the swf files and download them to my har..."
taxilian 17:10 huh. I have no idea how to fix FIREBREATH-131
FireBreathBot 17:10 FIREBREATH-131: Summary: Tutorial Screencasts not working
FIREBREATH-131: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-131: Priority: Major, Status: Open,
taxilian 17:10 will have to dig into it
but for now I'm done for a few hours
take care