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linearray 06:10 TIL scoped_ptr cannot be used in STL containers
taxilian 09:10 linearray: TIL?
mihai 11:10 hello all
this is the first time I get here...and sure, I have a question, hope someone has an answer
here it goes:
kylehuff 11:10 .ask
FireBreathBot 11:10 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
mihai 11:10 is it possible to catch browser download events of any kind of web resource with Firebreath ?
(I'm probably not the first one asking this...sorry for that)
taxilian 11:10 probably; nobody has gotten around to writing a wrapper to make it easy, though
well, wait
download events?
mihai 11:10 when browser is parsing <img src="pic.jpg"/> and downloads it, I want to catch this pic.jpg file
taxilian 11:10 nope
can't do that with a plugin
mihai 11:10 so NPAPI isn't build for that ?
taxilian 11:10 correct
mihai 11:10 quest continues then :)
taxilian 11:10 a plugin only interacts with the page through an object tag
you need an extension
mihai 11:10 thanks taxilian for placing me on the right track !
taxilian 11:10 good luck
linearray 14:10 taxilian: today i learned :)
taxilian 14:10 linearray: you learned incorrectly
I use scoped_ptr in STL containers all the time
oh, wait
no, I use shared_ptr
you're right; you can't use scoped_ptr in STL containers :-P
it would completely defeat the purpose of scoped_ptr to allow that =]