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fallentree 01:09 Hello, I'm new to firebreath and NPAPI, ca someone answer some of my question ?
glock45 01:09 hi, dougma are you there ?
gargle 02:09 hi all
pgas 04:09 hi, firebreath cannot be build on Xp? seems REFKNOWNFOLDERID on SystemHelpersWin.cpp is vista or maybe eve win7
pgas 04:09 adding the REFKNOWNFOLDERID definiton found seems enough to get a successful build
gargle 04:09 hi all
gargle 04:09 someone use directshow in a plugin?
gargle 05:09 is the classfactory needed when the plugin is only for firefox ? because i've a problem with DllCanUnloadNow redefinition (directshow and firebreath)
taxilian 09:09 gargle: there is no reason that directshow would need to implement DllCanUnloadNow for you
gargle 09:09 hi taxilian
strange, becuase it's il the baseclasses lib
it's in (sorry for my english)
FireBreathWin.def : warning LNK4002: [email protected] défini(e) dans PluginAuto\Release\NP__PluginAuto.lib
FireBreathWin.def : warning LNK4002: [email protected] défini(e) dans C:\DEV\WDM\projects\np_sl_loop\lib\coreShow.lib
FireBreathWin.def : warning LNK4002: [email protected] défini(e) dans C:\DEV\WDM\projects\np_sl_loop\lib\strmbase.lib
strmbase.lib is the lib associated with baseclasses
taxilian 09:09 interesting; you could try copying the FireBreathWin.cpp file to your plugin; that would resolve the ambiguity
gargle 09:09 all the firebreathWin_i.c ?
taxilian 09:09 ? no. FireBreathWin.cpp
!findfile FireBreathWin.cpp
FireBreathBot 09:09 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
gargle 09:09 looks like better, no more multiple definitions
thanks a lot
could you explain me why ?
taxilian 09:09 because the .def file is on your plugin project; it only tries to link in those dependencies if it doesn't find them in your main project
when it didn't find the entrypoints in your main project, it tried to link them from other dependencies, but it found multiple possible sources
so it didn't know which one to use
gargle 09:09 ok, and now, i "force" the def using this one
taxilian 09:09 yeah, kinda
gargle 09:09 ok, thanks
how long do you work on firebreath ?
taxilian 09:09 almost 2 years now
gargle 09:09 ok, it's a big project, thanks for it
taxilian 09:09 glad it's helpful
linearray 10:09 any tips on how to keep my Visual Studio tabs open, when I need to delete build/ and regenerate it?
taxilian 10:09 unfortunately no
linearray 10:09 I'll answer it myself: backup build/FireBreath.suo
not sure if that will backfire later
taxilian 10:09 … really? I wouldn'tl expect that cmake would overwrite that
oh, I see
when you completely delete the build dir
linearray 10:09 yes
taxilian 10:09 nah, I wouldn't think that'd cause any serious issues
linearray 13:09 ok. I just can't find this compile bug.... I include "foo.h" in bar.h, I declare the constructor bar(foo a); and I get error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'foo'. Any idea what I should be looking for other than missing semicolons in one of the included headers?
taxilian 13:09 .pb
FireBreathBot 13:09 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
taxilian 13:09 show it to me
linearray 13:09 :)
linearray 14:09 that should be the gist of it
taxilian 14:09 and which one is giving you the error?
oh, n/m
you have a circular dependency
you can't do that =]
linearray 14:09 darn
taxilian 14:09 you include header a from b, and b from a
however, what you can do is use a forward declaration
linearray 14:09 ah right
taxilian 14:09 in fact, you have
so just remove the incldue for the other file from the header
and put it in the .cpp file
that's one big reason why you should never include more than you have to in a header file; it avoids this problem
always use a forward declaration when you can
linearray 14:09 ok thank you
taxilian 14:09 yw
jt_ 16:09 Hi all
linearray 16:09 hi
taxilian 16:09 hello
jt_ 16:09 Is there a good way to set up a firebreath project so the information strings (plugin name, plugin description, etc) can be translates into different languages
taxilian 16:09 I don't know if the file formats where they are used support that or not
you'd have to play with it
jt_ 16:09 Hmm, the main thing I am looking at is when you look at Tools>>Add-ons in Firefox and the equivalent display in other browsers
linearray 16:09 isnt all that stuff in PluginConfig.cmake?
jt_ 16:09 It's trivial to change the FBSTRING_xxx values in PluginConfig.cmake, but Firefox in particular picks up the PLUGIN_NAME value that breaks the build if you change it.
taxilian 16:09 jt_: that information is all stored in the resource file at compile-time; I don't understand rc files well enough to know what you'd need to do to put unicode in there
kylehuff 16:09 I could be wrong, but I don't believe those dialogs have any sort of internationalization support
taxilian 16:09 look at the fireBreathWin.rc file that is generated in build/projects/<your project>/gen
I have never seen any
jt_ 16:09 I have gotten japaneese characters to display correctly for the FBSTRING_xxx fields, I was just wondering if there was a known way to accomplish this.
Thanks for your time, I'll keep looking at it.
taxilian 16:09 nope
kylehuff 16:09 I don't think he understands the dialog will just display the string used at compile time. in order to display something different would require logic in the dialogs, which, to my knowledge doesn't exit. Plugin information is always in english for me, even when using arabic locale.
taxilian 16:09 yeah, same here with English
Russian, I mean
rcohn 17:09 Hello - is it possible for a Firebreath-built plugin to support two different GUIDs? For example, I would like to have 2 guids to support an older plugin, and a newer plugin - all in the same DLL. Thanks.
taxilian 17:09 yes
multiple mimetypes
look at FBTestPlugin in the latest master
PluginConfig and Factory.cpp have most of the relevant changes needed