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Nickmatic 13:12 Hi all- Anyone have any tips on getting a Firebreath plugin working as part of a Chrome extension? I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure it out. At Richard
At Richard's suggestion, I've looked at the webpg-chrome plugin and even modified it to use the FBTestPlugin example, but it does not load. Some history of my inquiry on firebreath-dev is here:!topic/firebreath-dev/UXPy7git-l8
My modifications were: 1. change the MIME Type, 2. Add the FBTestPlugin dll to the plugins folder, 3. Change the plugins section of the manifest. I also added MessageBox() calls to the FBTestPlugin source at various points, and I can see the one fire at StaticInitialize(), but not the one in FBTestPluginAPI::FBTestPluginAPI(). Same issue as what I was seeing in my own extension (see firebreath-dev thread).
jshanab_ 14:12 On mac my plugin that I symlink has spaces in the name, I guess it is becasue it is a directory. Where do I change that, it makes the symlink weird
jshanab 15:12 or mac, it is FBSTRING_PluginName that determines the name of the .plugin we link :-)
kylehuff 15:12 Nickmatic: I didn't do anything special when I wrote the plugin that goes into webpg-chrome. if your plugin loads fine on a normal HTML page, it should in theory load fine in the background page of a chrome extension
the source for the plugin used in webpg-chrome (webpg-npapi) is available here if helps you at all:
Nickmatic 16:12 Thanks Kyle- I'm sure it's something unbelievably obscure that's tripping me up here. I think my next step is to try to compile your plugin from source and see if that loads for me. Kind of running out of ways to narrow this down.
Nickmatic 19:12 Kyle-
I took your source, modified the plugin name, GUIDs, etc, and it loads just fine. THANK YOU!
Not sure what the difference is between yours and the example but I'm a happy camper now.
kylehuff 19:12 Nickmatic: glad to hear. one difference that I am aware of, is that my plugin is compiled as a windowless plugin, so it doesn't have any drawing support. those flags are in the PluginConfig.cmake file. I doubt that difference is the reason mine works and the example didn't, but it could be I guess.
err, it may not be windowless, however, drawing support is disabled.