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linearray 01:09 for $37, sure
Apologet 06:09 Hello
I got a question regarding sharing a firebreath project. I read in FAQ, that the .sln file shouldn't be shared, because it can be regenerated by the prep script. But my project file is quite complex and got a lot of new dependencies which aren't build by the prep script. What is the best practice for this case? I dont want people to make all modifications again and again by hand.
I can add the dependencies by code. Shall I do it that way instead of clicking in VS UI?
elwin 11:09 hi
any body there
kylehuff 11:09 best to just ask, and if someone can answer, they will
elwin 11:09 i am new to firebreath.. wht am looking is i want to read a webpage source .How can i do it..kindly guide me
kylehuff 11:09 you mean, the DOM of the webpage?
elwin 11:09 yes
kylehuff 11:09 I plug seems a bit over-kill for that
elwin 11:09 firebreath can't help it?
kylehuff 12:09 no, firebreath can read the DOM, I'm just saying, using an NPAPI plugin just to read the DOM seems like a lot of work for something that could be accomplished in other ways
elwin 12:09 actually i want to read the page source of iframe and want to change some code... i amnot able to do it with javascript
thats y am looking for a plugin
i have check with has an idea to inspect the elements. So i thought if i could build a program using firebreath which can iterate thru ifre page source my workis done
kylehuff 12:09 well, I don't know if a plugin has any different access to the DOM of an iframe other than say, an extension.
but, I have no personal knowledge there.
elwin 12:09 Ok... can u guide me to read the page source using firebreath plugin
step by step
kylehuff 12:09 no, not step by step, 1.) I don't have the time, and 2.) I've never done it myself. I am however looking for some documentation for you. hang on
elwin 12:09 ok
kylehuff 12:09 I actually don't see any docs that speak about reading/parsing the DOM
here it is
elwin 12:09 let me check
kylehuff 12:09 in the example "FBTestPlugin", it seems to use "m_host->getDOMDocument()->getElementsByTagName(tagName);", so it might be a good place to look for a working example
taxilian 15:09 elwin: kylehuff is correct; you access the DOM using m_host->getDOMDocument or ->getDOMWindow, then you step through things that way. I don't know if that'll give you access to iframe contents or not; you may need an extension to do that
firebug is not a plugin, btw, it is an extension
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