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umang 03:09 hello
marcos 06:09 anyone about?
taxilian 08:09 g'morning all
Guest5407 09:09 morning
so - I had a q about browser streams the other day
taxilian 09:09 okay
Guest5407 09:09 I know you essentially get a little bit of real estate to draw your plugin to
but how does sound work?
is that just a stream, with an audio mime type?
taxilian 09:09 nope
Guest5407 09:09 or does the plugin access the sound directly (i.e. not via the browser)
taxilian 09:09 sound is just a plugin that knows how to use the audio APIs in the system
it has nothing to do wtih the browser
Guest5407 09:09 right ok
gargle 09:09 hi all
taxilian 09:09 morning
guest5407: and I did actually answer your question the other day; you must not have seen it
gargle 09:09 someone know the use of FB::PluginEvent ?
Guest5407 09:09 ah, sorry nope
but thanks
taxilian 09:09 gargle: sure do
gargle 09:09 i would like to implement a timer in a firefox plugin under windows
FB just provide get and validType
do you have examples of how use it ?
taxilian 09:09 Handle the TimerEvent
!find TimerEvent
FireBreathBot 09:09 Found 2 possible matches. Displaying 2
/^ TimerEvent(unsigned int timer_id, void *opaquePointer)$/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/GeneralEvents.h:
/^ class TimerEvent : public PluginEvent$/ (c) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvents/GeneralEvents.h:
taxilian 09:09 or you could use the WindowsEvent, I suppose
gargle 09:09 i found in group discution this : SetTimer(win->getHWND(), timerid, msecs, NULL);
taxilian 09:09 looks like it should work; make sure you cancel that timer on DetachedEvent
gargle 09:09 but what is win ? a local variable like m_host ?
taxilian 09:09 in that case it was probably on AttachedEvent
in which case win is the PluginWindowWin*
Guest5407 09:09 Another q about mime types - I touched on it yesterday:
if plugin A deals with mime types p & q
and plugin B deals with mime types q & r
it's just whichever the browser happens to pick up first to deal with 'q' right?
gargle 09:09 ok, thanks, i will search that
Guest5407 09:09 and if it happens to be plugin B, but you want plugin A to deal with it, your only choice is to uninstall plugin B, thus meaning you can no longer deal with mime type r
taxilian 09:09 Guest5407: that is pretty much correct, yes
Guest5407 09:09 darn it, that's annoying, but thanks for confirmation
just amazed there aren't any browsers that allow you to choose, because clearly they could
taxilian 10:09 it isn't really supposed to be an issue, I think. they browsers really spend as little time as they can get away with thinking about plugins
you just disable the ones you don't want to use
Guest5407 10:09 yes, that's fine unless there's an overlap in the mime types they deal with
gargle 10:09 just a question, FB::PluginWindowWin could be used in myPluginAPI.cpp file ?
taxilian 10:09 as long as you don't care about it only working on windows
generally I don't recommend that, though; I'd keep plugin window stuff in the plugin class
and then just make calls as needed to the JSAPI class
but that's me
gargle 10:09 the xxxAPI.cpp file is only the definition, the core is in xxx.cpp ?
taxilian 10:09 that's the API
not hte definition
the definition is the .h file =]
gargle 10:09 mm, sory, but the declaration registerMethod("init",make_method(this, &xxxAPI::Ini));
strange, i write FB::PluginWindowWin win; and the compilator tell PluginWindowWin is not a member of FB ...
taxilian 10:09 Probably because you haven't included the header file
!findfile PluginWindowWin
FireBreathBot 10:09 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are: