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dougma 05:09 .tell VictorAbrash in my experience, casting parameters from JSObjectPtr to JSAPIPtr derived types only works for me in IE.
meh... messed up the bot command
linearray 05:09 FireBreathBot: tell dougma talk to the bot directly
FireBreathBot 05:09 linearray: I'll pass that on when dougma is around.
dougma 05:09 thanks:)
FireBreathBot 05:09 dougma: 11:29Z <linearray> tell dougma talk to the bot directly
dougma 05:09 FireBreathBot: tell VictorAbrash in my experience, casting parameters from JSObjectPtr to JSAPIPtr derived types only works for me in IE.
FireBreathBot 05:09 dougma: I'll pass that on when VictorAbrash is around.
dougma 05:09 yay!
kalev 05:09 lets see if we can get it to enter endless recursion
FireBreathBot: tell FireBreathBot hi
FireBreathBot 05:09 kalev: I'll pass that on when FireBreathBot is around.
kalev 05:09 ow, no crash? :(
PoorTechie 07:09 hi guys..I am in mac , how can I get the size of plugin, in FB::AttachedEvent ?
taxilian 09:09 dougma: I'll have to look at that, then, because it used to work to cast parameters to JSAPIPtr in npapi
that's a bug if it doesn't work
linearray 10:09 how much is the cost of object instantiation and when is it worth avoiding it? I have functions that will be called a couple of 100k times and it uses lots of constant strings. Is it worth making them static or does that constitute premature optimization?
taxilian 10:09 linearray: when you say object instantiation, are you talking about a C++ object or a js object?
linearray 10:09 c++
I should probably stick to what I've learned: first make it work, then make it fast :)
taxilian 10:09 that is always a good idea
it will depend on the type of object, in large part
but I would wait until it becomes a problem before you sacrifice clarity for speed, particularly when you don't know for sure if the alternative will be any faster
linearray 10:09 all I have are strings, streams and stringbufs
yeah, I'll do that
kylehuff 14:09 non-firebreath question; in anyones travels has there been discovered/devised a way to make a plugin that is bundled in a firefox extension, exclusive to the extension? ala chromes "public: false" flag?
matthewr 14:09 LF: Firebreath dev for hire.
taxilian 14:09 kylehuff: AFAIK that is not possible
dtecta 14:09 I'm porting an ActiveX control to FireBreath and I ran into an issue debugging the OCX and I was wondering if someone could help me out a little. I'm having problems loading the symbols for debugging.
I use IExplorer as COMMAD in Visual Studio 2008 and a path to a local HTML on my machine. The OCX gets installed and is run however the symbols are not loaded.
taxilian 14:09 are you porting the activex control to FB, or are you the guy from stackoverflow who is trying to host the ocx in his plugin?
dtecta 14:09 I'm not the guy but I was planning on leaving the OCX code intact as much as possible and only implement the API function into a FireBreath plugin.
However I've come to the conclusion that a complete rewrite would be more appropriate. For this I need to know how the original plugin works but I cannot place a breakpoint in the code.
taxilian 14:09 it would definitely be more appropriate; however, you could possibly host it
anyway, what version of IE are you using?
dtecta 14:09 I have the source the PDBs and the OSC (inside a CAB) all local on my machine but I cannot place breakpoints
I meant OCX (inside a CAB)
taxilian 14:09 IE9 uses multiple processes
so you're probably attaching to the wrong process
!wiki debugging
FireBreathBot 15:09 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Debugging Plugins":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Building on Windows":
"Using FireBreath":
"Prep Scripts":
"Using Libraries":
"WiX Installer Help":
taxilian 15:09 there is a tip on that first page that tells you how to tell it to use use just one process, which makes debugging a lot easier
dtecta 15:09 I'm quite unfamiliar with ActiveX or MFC for that matter so I'm probably missing something but I'm just clueless.
That makes sense
taxilian 15:09 MFC and FireBreath don't play well together
so you might have to rewrite some things there to use ATL instead
dtecta 15:09 Thanks for the info. I should have checked there first but I didn't get too many pointers from Google. Sorry for bothering you with this.
taxilian 15:09 not a problem at all
If you have some time, write up a blog post or something about your experience; I would be really interested to read about how things went (when you're done) and I'm sure others would find it interesting as well
dtecta 15:09 Sure, I will do that. BTW, the plugin is a laucher for a 3D client which is used to download all bnaries and content from the server.
taxilian 15:09 cool
FireBreathBot 15:09 JIRA issue issue created by victorabrash