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someone-noone 02:09 hello! Trying to build plugin under ubuntu and getting following erros when running
look like it cannot find pushd and source, but they're installed
kalev 02:09 someone-noone: just use './' (not 'sh ./' like in the paste)
someone-noone 02:09 kalev: Permission denied
kalev 02:09 'bash ./' then
it just needs to use bash as an interpreter: source is a bash extension and I guess pushd is too
and it would appear that 'sh' on Ubuntu isn't 'bash' but is something different
someone-noone 02:09 kalev: thanks, you were really right. It helped me!
kalev 02:09 glad it helped
someone-noone 04:09 hey, can anyone tell me some advices for cross-platform plugin class design
problem is to how correctly implement factory.cpp
basically i want to have abstract class for all-platform plugin and derive new classes in /X11, /Mac and so on
but if to do so, then it's hard to understand how pluginAPI.cpp and Factory.cpp should be implemented
one day taxilian showed me how it can be done, but i forgot his advice
linearray 04:09 search for webview on
I think that was the conversation
someone-noone 04:09 thanks
FireBreathBot 08:09 JIRA issue issue created by schmoo
linearray 08:09 i hope that's not all
FireBreathBot 08:09 JIRA issue issue created by schmoo
JIRA issue issue created by schmoo
JIRA issue issue created by schmoo
Sajty 09:09 Hi! Is it possible to change log4cplus codepage to system default codepage?
taxilian 09:09 I have absolutely no idea
Sajty 09:09 I think log4cplus uses utf8 and when it gets an éáűúőóüö character, it will break the log.
taxilian 09:09 yeah, I really don't know :-/ good luck, though
linearray 12:09 *sigh, is there any conceivable way to make a string use preexisting memory or is there always copying involved?
taxilian 13:09 probably always copying, but I'm not 100% certain
linearray 13:09 i have a socket and a library expecting input to be a string. strings can't be used as socket buffers, because memory is not guaranteed to be contiguous.
so I will just adapt the library to accept vector<char>
i blame bjarne :)
taxilian 13:09 use a shared_array instead
(that's what I'd do)
linearray 13:09 hehe I think we had this discussion once before
but I think in this case the vector has the advantage of STL algorithms...
taxilian 13:09 fair enough
depending on what algorithm you need
matthewr 14:09 hello
anyone interested in a freelance project?
Anyway alive here?
taxilian 14:09 I'm alive
but we've already talked about it