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matthewr 13:09 Hello FireBreath people
taxilian 13:09 hehe
matthewr 13:09 Anyone else awake?
taxilian 13:09 you're probably better off just asking your question, and stick around for awhile; most of the others in the room only loosely pay attention
and usually only talk if they see something interesting to respond to
matthewr 13:09 LOL, I need a plugin that embeds a browser inside it. basically i need the plugin to function like an iframe yet display webpages inside it without frame breakout issues. A little bird told me that FireBreath web view does this. Hence I need a FireBreath developer for hire
kigero 14:09 I've got a plugin in windows that uses a few static libraries that are included in the cmake files. These libraries work just fine. I'm now trying to move to the mac, and not being a mac user, I'm a bit lost as to what's going on. I have my libs built, but cmake commands that I used in the Win cmake file aren't finding the dylibs on the mac. is there a different format for the mac? I'm using something like: find_library(LI
that's find_library(LIBX NAMES x PATHS "Mac")
when I run the prepmac script, I'm getting the "variables are used, but set to NOTFOUND"
taxilian 15:09 kigero: it depends on a lot of things
what libraries are you trying to find?
kigero 15:09 it's one of the libraries that we build internally for another project; I think I have it figured out though, it appears that on windows you don't need to include the extension on the name, but under the mac, you do - so adding the extension on the name seemed to have found it.