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Mohsin_ 07:09 Hi
linearray 07:09 hi
Mohsin_ 07:09 questions regarding dll of firebreath
Guest34024 07:09 can anyone help
anyone there?
linearray 07:09 .ask
FireBreathBot 07:09 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
Guest34024 07:09 why do i need to save the dll file in the plugin folder of firefox?
cause if i dont do that and save it some place else it does not appear in firefox
taxilian 11:09 !findfile SimpleStreamHelper
FireBreathBot 11:09 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
guest__ 13:09 I'm trying to pass an object in from JS to my FB plugin, and having some problems calling methods on it. I'm trying to pass in a context object obtained from a canvas (document.getElementById("mycanvas").getContext('2d')), which I think is working ok - but then I need to call the equivilant of var imgData = context.createImageData(100, 100); in the plugin, and I think my syntax is all screwed up.
I think I need to do something like this: FB::JSObjectPtr imgData = _canvasCtx->Invoke("createImageData", FB::variant_list_of(width)(height);, but I'm not sure if this is correct - any ideas?
I'm still learning about boost's shared_ptr's, so I think that's adding to my confusion
sabotaged|wk 14:09 about the mac plugin renaming trick: is it a good idea to make sure the old plugin instance is not active in an existing browser tab?
sabotaged|wk 14:09 hmm. why does the root jsapi object in the examples have a strong reference to browserhost?
trying to track down why something has a ref to browserhost on npp_destroy
taxilian 15:09 sabotaged|wk: I've never had a problem with it either way
sabotaged|wk 15:09 it's weird though.. on some environments i see that my root jsapi object never destructs. but yet that assert doesn't hit on shutdown