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donho 02:09 FB::DOM::Window should be the browser window, right?
donho 03:09 In order to capture WM_MOVE message, I set :
EVENTTYPE_CASE(FB::WindowsEvent, onEventListener, FB:: DOM::Window)
virtual bool onEventListener(FB::WindowsEvent *evt, FB:: DOM::Window *);
I then realize no any message is passed by FB:: DOM::Window
Which windows object should I use in order to capture Browser's Window "WM_MOVE" message?
taxilian 09:09 donho: no, that won't work
you need the PluginWindow
donho 09:09 taxilian: I tried with PluginWindow - WM_MOVE cannot be captured if I move the browser window.
Is there a way to get this message?
taxilian 09:09 probably not, no
I don't know of any way, anyway
no pun intended
donho 09:09 OK, Thank you for the info - I will do a walk around
taxilian 09:09 what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
you can actually get a reference to the browser's HWND, but I don't think that will help you
donho 09:09 To have a menu
taxilian 09:09 I guess you could poll it
ahh; well, with that you could probably get away with just checking the position of the browser's hwnd when you open the menu
!find getBrowserWindow
FireBreathBot 09:09 Found 1 possible matches. Displaying 1
/^ GdkNativeWindow getBrowserWindow() { return m_browserWindow; }$/ (f) found in src/PluginAuto/X11/PluginWindowX11.h:
taxilian 10:09 hmm
not that one
!findfile PluginWindowWin
FireBreathBot 10:09 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
taxilian 10:09 !find getBrowserHWND
FireBreathBot 10:09 Found 1 possible matches. Displaying 1
taxilian 10:09 that one
FireBreathBot 10:09 /^ HWND getBrowserHWND() { return m_browserhWnd; }$/ (f) found in src/PluginAuto/Win/PluginWindowWin.h:
bobbyd_ 10:09 hi
donho 10:09 since a WS_CHILD window cannot have menu, I cannot set menu to my dialog window, so i create a popup dialog to display the menu
taxilian 10:09 hello
donho: your dialog window? you mean your plugin window? or are you creating a dialog window?
donho 10:09 it works fine except moving the browser
yes my plugin window
bobbyd_ 10:09 I'm attempting to wrap an existing win32 game in a browser plugin. I've got the Firebreath test plugin building and I can run it under Firefox successfully. What should my next steps be? Do I try to get the plugin to call my game's WinMain function and allow the game to take care of the windows message pump etc. ?
donho 10:09 I create a dialog window and I set the FB plugin window as its parent
taxilian 10:09 bobbyd_: the next step is to learn how a plugin lifecycle works and figure out how you're going to make your game work as a plugin
donho: If you need a menu, I'd make it a normal window, rather than a dialog; then it can have a menu directly
donho 10:09 A dialog or a window have the same limit - the standard menu could not be set when WS_CHILD style is set.
And if I want my application embed into browser I have to set this style
taxilian 10:09 why does WS_CHILD need to be set?
donho 10:09 Or there is something I'm missing?
taxilian 10:09 oh, you're actually putting it in the window itself
I see
I thought it was a seperate window
yeah, that'll be tricky; unless there is a windows API method that you can use to subscribe to events on another HWND I don't know of an option
donho 10:09 Yes, that's whuy I create the second popup dialog to display menu, and trying to stick menu on the embeded dialog
taxilian 10:09 good luck =
donho 10:09 Thank you :)
taxilian 10:09 bobbyd_: the main thing to remember about being in a plugin is that you don't own the process; it will not unload when your plugin instance unloads, and several instances may be started simultaneously in the same process
bobbyd_ 10:09 ok yep
PDamart 17:09 Hi everyone !
taxilian 17:09 hello
PDamart 17:09 I found out about FireBreath for my project, and I would like to know if anyone does consulting (to develop a simple plugin). Thanks !
Hi taxilian
kylehuff 17:09 PDamart: you should state what you want the "simple" plugin to do, so when people are around, they don't have to ask.. =c )
PDamart 17:09 Oh yes sorry.
taxilian 17:09 I'm in the middle of something; I will be done in an hour or two and then will be available to answer questions
I appologize
PDamart 17:09 In fact, my project uses a program that runs on Win, Linux and Mac, and I would need the plugin to launch this program with some command line parameters, passed through javascript. Also, there are different distributions of the program and the plugin should be able to propose the user what distribution installed on the computer he whishes to launch.
Sorry by advance if I don't express myself well, I am from France.
PDamart 18:09 I must leave for now. I'll go on the mailing list. Have a good day everyone :-)