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dougma 00:09 i take it back, it's not the cocoaeventmodel which is half-baked, it's safari's implementation
dougma 02:09 ok, now to go from screen coords to plugin coords (on mac). any tips?
donho 08:09 Hi there
Hi dougma
hi linearray
donho 08:09 I would like to capture the browser window move and resize events, but I don't see these events in :
Could you put me on the right direction?
kigero 09:09 I've been adding some 3rd party libs to my (currently windows only) plugin, and while the compile process seems to be working OK, the WiX part is not. I'm getting the common ice38 errors. I was able to fix these for my extra plugins, but I'm getting one for the auto generated PLuginDLLGroup (located in npPLUGINNAME.wxs). So of course if I modify that file, the next time the build files get generated, changes are lost. Is th
dougma 09:09 donho: presumably you'll have to attach an event listener to the FB::DOM::Window
donho 09:09 Thank you dougma. To do so, I add the following line in PLUGIN_EVENT_MAP :
EVENTTYPE_CASE(FB::AttachedEvent, onEventListener, FB::DOM::Window)
Is it correct?
donho 10:09 OK, I see :
FB:: DOM::Window is event source
All I need is event typr
donho 10:09 it seems the event type should be WindowsEvent
Queueless 11:09 hey, I just downloaded the 1.6 RC 1 and trying to follow the getting started instructions, but I'm stuck trying to get the third party dependencies
donho 11:09 I did add
EVENTTYPE_CASE(FB::WindowsEvent, onEventListener, FB::DOM::Window)
virtual bool onEventListener(FB::WindowsEvent *evt, FB::DOM::Window *);
However, by moving the browser windows, I didn't get WM_MOVE message
Queueless 11:09 this is the error I get: $ git submodule update --recursive --init fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
donho 11:09 any idea?
Queueless 11:09 how do I get the dependencies without getting all the source from GIT