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donho 03:09 hi there
hello dougma
donho 03:09 I tried to embed a modeless dialog into browser by using FB
I call createDialog() in onWindowAttached() method by adding the FB's HWND as parent of my dialog.
It works fine with Chrome (the embeded dialog is show), but not in IE9 and Firefox.
In both IE and Firebox I got NULL from CreateDialog() call, and GetLastError() return 0
Any idea about that?
donho 04:09 Problem solved by removing RichText ctrl from the resource file.
It's related with linking problem of comctl32.lib - But I have no idea why FB has the different behaviour between chrome and FF/IE
dougma 05:09 donho: don't you need to initialise conmmon controls?
maybe it just happens that Chrome has initialised common controls and IE and Firefox haven't?
_vizZ 05:09 knock, knock? ;p
tax? ;p
anyone? ;p
dougma 05:09 .ask
FireBreathBot 05:09 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
_vizZ 05:09 cuold you add FBSTRING_FileVersion and FBSTRING_ProductVersion variables for defining FileVersion and ProductVersion in FirebreathWin.rc file?
any wishlist? ;p
linearray 05:09 you can open a ticket
_vizZ 05:09 then i guess I'm gonna do that ;)
_vizZ 06:09 ok, i guess i see why it was not done ;p
it looks like it can not be "simply replaced" with a string
donho 06:09 dougma: thank you for the info.
I restore RichText ctrl in rc file then I added the 4 following lines:
icex.dwSize = sizeof(INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX);
in both StaticInitialize() and onWindowAttached()
The result is the same :(
dougma 06:09 oh... maybe RichText ctrl is not part of common controls?
or maybe it's not part of ICC_LISTVIEW_CLASSES
donho 06:09 Yes, dougma, I'm modifying this part to ICC_WIN95_CLASSES (that I found in google)
dougma 06:09 it's not an MFC CRichEditCtrl is it?
donho 06:09 No, not at all
dougma 06:09 ok, good. :)
donho 06:09 It's a win32 project, and rich text is provided by Resource Editor of VS
dougma 06:09 i see
"rich edit 2.0 control"
donho 06:09 I'm using InitCommonControls() instead of InitCommonControlsEx()
I'll let u know if it works
dougma 06:09 the msdn example does a LoadLibrary(TEXT("Msftedit.dll"));
anyway, i'm off again. good luck
donho 06:09 Thank you :)
BTW, r u in US?
donho 08:09 dougma: FYI, After adding LoadLibrary(TEXT("RICHED32.DLL")); in StaticInitialize() call,
Under IE9 it works now. However, under Firefox 6, the CreateDialog() doesn't return NULL but for the unknown reason, the plugin makes Firefox crash
donho 08:09 Firefox works now :)
Crash issue should due to the modal message box which blocks the main thread
taxilian 09:09 I think dougma wins the "tech support guru" award for the week
donho 10:09 taxilian: yes he is :)
BTW, is it possible to launch a program (.exe) from FB and embed its GUI into browser?
I see the possibility of loading a dll, but I don't see how to get a program work with FB
taxilian 10:09 donho: not an arbitrary one, no; it is possible (at least on windows and linux) to do so if you are writing the exe as well
kigero 10:09 I'm trying to get the script to run on Win7, and I'm getting a syntax error when I run it. The closest I've seen while searching for the problem is someone else asking in chat what the issue is, and the answer was that it could be a python2 vs 3 error. I've got python 3.2.2 installed. Here's what I get:
File "", line 48
print "Parent of %s is %s" % (dirName, parentDir)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
any ideas?
sorry about the line breaks, I didn't know pidgin would send it that way
taxilian 10:09 kigero: fbgen doesn't support python3
kigero 10:09 ok, so I need 2.5?
taxilian 10:09 I use 2.7, personally
I don't know why you'd want to go back to 2.56
but it should work on either
kigero 10:09 I will give that a shot, thanks!
taxilian 10:09 it can probably be fixed to work on both 2 and 3, but I don't have the time to do so
nor the reason =]
kigero 10:09 did I miss a requirements page that lists exactly what I need for plugin development? I'm guessing that I need cmake as well from some of the other documentation pages
taxilian 10:09
but yes, you'll need cmake
kigero 10:09 cool, thanks
taxilian 10:09 there aren't many requirements; on windows, visual studio and cmake is about it
python if you want to use fbgen
but just to create the skeleton project
tester 14:09 i'm using firebreath 1.5.2 - what version of boost does that include? Or does it bring in the latest boost when you run the prep scripts?
taxilian 15:09 hmm
trying to remember =]
I've been meaning to update it, but haven't had a chance
tester 15:09 excellent, thanks!
taxilian 15:09 any of you guys in the SF bay area of CA?
JT_ 16:09 Hi everyone, I have a plugin that is way too big for what it does. Any tips on stripping unneeded functionality out of firebreath?
taxilian 17:09 heh. he stayed aroung for… 10 minutes? that's a good way to not find anyone if we happen to step away from the computer for a few minutes
kylehuff 17:09 yeah, I was about to say something when he bailed
taxilian 17:09 I guess if you expect instant gratification from an open source project you're probably not paying enough for it
kylehuff 18:09 lol
taxilian 18:09 well, gotta run. see ya