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tony_ 02:09 My newly installed plugin is not detected by the browser till a restart..pls give me some advice
donho 08:09 Hi linearray
donho 09:09 I have overrided the methode FB::PluginCore::draw() to make my plugin draw on handle created by PluginCore object, it works fine.
However, I'd like to create my own window's dialog handle then hook it on FB::PluginWindowWin, is it passible?
taxilian 09:09 Donho: draw is not a PluginCore method
It is an event handler
That you have to set up in your plugin header file
I assume it is handling RefreshEvent, if it is working]
donho: could you clarify what it is you want to do with a dialog?
donho 09:09 What I would like to do is make a dialog with some buttons and text field. this dialog and its controls should be created by win32 api
the goal is to integrate a windows application in to the browser by using Fire breath
for example: a windows application contain the menu and some windows' controls can be displayed in a browser.
taxilian 10:09 donho: okya; you can do that, but you'll need to create the window on another thread
well, I guess you only absolutely have to if the dialog is modal
because you must never block the main thread
donho 10:09 taxilian: if I do understand you:
if the dialog is modal, I need to create it on another thread. Otherwise no
is it right?
taxilian 10:09 otherwise you still can, but it's not as big of a deal
donho 10:09 ok. where is the best place to create this dialog? in the constructor of plugin?
how can I hook the created hwnd to PluginWindowWin?
taxilian 10:09 well, presumably you need the HWND of your plugin in order to create the dialog as a child of the plugin's window
so the earliest you know for sure that you have that is in AttachedEvent
donho 10:09 So I create my handle in AttachedEvent. But how can I hook it to plugin window?
taxilian 10:09 I don't understand your question; first, I don't understand what you mean by "create my handle"; you're talking about an HWND?
donho 10:09 Yes, HWND of dialog I created
taxilian 10:09 okay; when you create that HWND you specify the plugin's HWND as it's parent window
donho 10:09 Ah! that's all?
taxilian 10:09 what is your goal in "connecting it to the plugin's window"?
donho 10:09 For the moment I just want to see where is the limit by using Fire breath. By the limit I mean the usage of win32 api.
The real goal is deployment some applications (implemented in C) of our company as plugin from server to the clients.
taxilian 10:09 there is no limit. you can use whatever windows APIs you want
it's just a C++ program
you have to remember that you run in a process that you don't own
donho 10:09 So that will release the server
taxilian 10:09 and so be wise about what you use because of that
and you must never block the main thread
but that's about it
donho 10:09 you meant the c application will be run in the process of browser?
taxilian 10:09 I mean your plugin (which is a plugin, not an application) will run either in the browser process or in a process created and owned by the browser, yes
donho 10:09 We thought there will be some limits forced by the browsers for the sake of security
taxilian 10:09 Internet Explorer on win7/Vista when UAC is on will be a low integrity process
other than that, no
donho 10:09 And my personal goal is make Notepad++ on the server side, but just for fun :)
BTW, are you the project manager of fire breath?
taxilian 10:09 yes
donho 10:09 Congrat then. It's a nice done project
taxilian 10:09 thanks
donho 10:09 Thank you for all the helps you provided
taxilian 10:09 you're welcome. good luck
parano0mos 15:09 Hello.Anyone used SDL with firebreath?
taxilian 15:09 what platform?
parano0mos 15:09 Linux and Windows
taxilian 15:09 Windows it's not bad; linux I'm not sure
parano0mos 15:09 taxilian did you manage to work it?
taxilian 15:09 I haven't, but others have
parano0mos 15:09 I cannot find any reference to the web
taxilian 15:09 unsurprising. do a search on
parano0mos 16:09 Perfect thanks
someone-noone 16:09 parano0mos: did you wrote to me on email several minutes ago with same question?
parano0mos 16:09 someone-noone most probably yes :)
You managed to work SDL 1.2 or SDL 1.3?
someone-noone 16:09 with SDL 1.2
parano0mos 16:09 Do you have any working examples?I am very interested
someone-noone 16:09 hm… examples. What features do you want to use from SDL?
parano0mos 16:09 Create window and draw on it
no open gl.Plain SDL_blut
someone-noone 16:09 basically, best way is to call SDL_Init from StaticInitialize and SDL_Close in StaticInitialize
StaticDeinitialize *
parano0mos 16:09 What about the window?
do i have to set it using WINDOW_ID ?
SDL 1.2 does not havea function to pass an existing window
someone-noone 16:09 for drawing… currently i'm not using SDL for drawing, because on mac os x it's currently impossible. May be in future version of fb, but not now.
but if you want to use it on linux\windows you may do next:
1) Create child window from window that is given you by browser;
2) Call SDL_CreateFromWindow
i know that some people on this channel have gone this way. And afaik, it was successful
parano0mos 16:09 SDL_CreateWindowFrom does not exist in SDL 1.23
SDL 1.2
someone-noone 16:09 but i haven't tested it and i'm using core drawing techinques for each platform
yes, it doesn't. But i'm talking about SDL 1.3
parano0mos 16:09 Aha ok
Thanks :P