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ilan 06:08 hi
Guest71476 06:08 hi
someone-noone 06:08 hello
dougma 06:08 hello
Guest71476 06:08 im trying running prep2008x64.cmd and I get " The project consists entirely of configurations that require support for platforms which are not installed on this machine...
my os is win7 64bit
Do you know why?
someone-noone 06:08 Guest71476: are you sure that your Visual Studio has 64 bit compiler?
dougma 06:08 you probably want to build a 32bit plugin
chrome, firefox, safari on windows are 32bit
only IE has a 64bit version (and it's not the default)
Guest71476 06:08 No, I want 64 bit plugin for IE64. I know its not the default
someone-noone 06:08 Guest71476: check you visual studio version
i'm sure you're using 32bit compiler
Guest71476 06:08 ok thanks
someone-noone 06:08 only
dougma 07:08 ok, if you know what you want :)
Guest71476 07:08 :) thanks
someone-noone 07:08 can anyone tell why windows have only 32bit plugins?
dougma 07:08 flash.
someone-noone 07:08 is flash center of evil?
dougma 07:08 everyone wants it
(not me)
(everyone else)
someone-noone 08:08 hey, is it possible to access properties from <object> tag?
javascript is okay, now i want to do it from html
Feeling 10:08 hello all
taxilian 10:08 howdy
Feeling 10:08 what does meaning of More than one global threading model defined?
taxilian 10:08 ?
Feeling 10:08 i modified some firebreath code in src folder.
taxilian 10:08 for what purpose?
Feeling 10:08 support mfc
taxilian 10:08 heh. good luck with that, let me know how it goes :-P
Feeling 10:08 i remove dllmain function in dllmain.cpp
taxilian 10:08 yeah, that won't work
Feeling 10:08 and make MFC APP class and add in PLuginAuto projects
taxilian 10:08 hmm. I guess that's theoretically maybe possible
Feeling 10:08 and That APP.cpp file include this header
taxilian 10:08 but I'm not sure
Feeling 10:08 #include "win_targetver.h"
#include <afxwin.h>
#include "precompiled_headers.h"
but, compiler said, More than one global threading model defined?
i don't know what does mean
taxilian 10:08 .g More than one global threading model defined
FireBreathBot 10:08 taxilian:
taxilian 10:08 also here, more directly:
you probably haven't set the ATL defines early enough
Feeling 10:08 hm..
Ok, i see
Feeling 11:08 one more question.
where i put static link MFC dll option ?
which project, PluginAuto or MyProjectNamePlugin?
taxilian 11:08 probably your project
Feeling 11:08 ah, really thanks. i gonna bad.. local time is over 2 am.
have a nice day! : )
taxilian 11:08 =]
linearray 11:08 hear hear... gradecam
taxilian 11:08 hehe. you may be the only person besides me that has figured out how to get automatic notifications whenever things on the wiki change =]
If I was better with Java I might write a plugin so that FireBreathBot could notify us whenever it happens
linearray 11:08 I think I had to ask you :)
taxilian 11:08 IIRC you actually found it yourself, because I couldn't remember :-P
linearray 11:08 ah yes
FireBreathBot 15:08 Commit 411c7fe on master by Richard Bateman: "Added feature to support multiple wix installers if desired"
Commit 08a6666 on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Updated to require cmake 2.8.5 on mac, no longer patch the p..."
Commit afd6121 on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Fixed missing virtual destructor in virtual base class"
Commit 411c7fe on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Added feature to support multiple wix installers if desired"
mtotheikle 15:08 Hey everyone
taxilian 15:08 hello
mtotheikle 15:08 I am new to this C++ and plugin develop. Any recommendations on where to get started?
taxilian 15:08 do you know C++?
mtotheikle 15:08 My project is looking to print PDF files
Not really I would say
taxilian 15:08 I would start by learning C++, if it were me
at least get the basics down
then go to the getting started page and follow the tutorials
getting a basic plugin up with FireBreath is almost painfully easy, but if you don't know C++ you'll have a hard time really following things
mtotheikle 15:08 Okay, I've got a simple project built and installed, just not sure where good resources are for finding documentation on like printing and stuff
taxilian 15:08 that's all going to be platform API stuff
so it depends on what OS you are using
mtotheikle 15:08 Figured, it will be both Mac and Windows
taxilian 15:08 okay; I'm sure you have a good reason, but why are you writing a PDF printing program when there are so many?
mtotheikle 15:08 Don't want PDF to be downloaded to users computer
If you know of something that will avoid that, that is a way better route.
taxilian 15:08 you mean you don't want the user to be able to save it?
mtotheikle 15:08 Let me explain the project and maybe that will lead to better direction.
We will be creating PDFS that are generated from our webserver, the customer will buy access to them and then once they click print we just want the PDF to print to their default printer
No saving or downloading options of PDF
taxilian 15:08 you realize that it's generally a pretty simple matter to watch what your plugin is doing and just download the same file, right?
unless you do an almost ridiculous amount of DRM in the transfer stream?
mtotheikle 15:08 How would they be able to watch what the plugin is doing?
taxilian 15:08 proxy servers come to mind as the simplest method
mtotheikle 15:08 True, you could read the network and see the requests
taxilian 15:08 packet sniffers and proxies can track what is going on on the network
then it's pretty simple to just simulate the request and save it
mtotheikle 15:08 Measures could be taken to only allow one time access to a url with a key
Am I correct?
taxilian 15:08 true; so then what you do is just use a proxy server that you can control the cache on and save it off of that
mtotheikle 15:08 I.E then once that key is used its no more access
True, at that point though, these files aren't that sensitive to worry about it then
99% of our customer base will not know that
taxilian 15:08 okay; just making sure that you realize that the security you're talking about is really, really easy to get around
mtotheikle 15:08 We want the simplest way to print this pdf file without "giving" it to the use with just a simple downlaod
taxilian 15:08 have you already looked at the security features that adobe already has in PDF files?
'cause I'm here to tell you that writing a plugin to print PDF files is not going to be particularly "simple"
meaning that you're talking about weeks of development at the least
mtotheikle 15:08 Specially since we need both Mac and Windows support
taxilian 15:08 unless you know the ins and outs of all the APIs you'll be using much better than I do
mtotheikle 15:08 lol I don't believe so
What PDF security features come to your mind?
taxilian 15:08 adobe has DRM for PDFs, for one thing
there are also ways to flag PDFs so they can't be downloaded / saved by compliant PDF readers
I don't know the details of all of them, just that there are already forms of DRM dealing with things like you're doing that someone else has already written
they may not be cheap (I honestly have no idea) but neither is writing and maintaining a plugin
mtotheikle 15:08 Hmm, okay
taxilian 15:08 I'm not really trying to keep you from making a plugin, I'm just trying to make sure you've thought things through; to me at first glance it sounds like something that someone else has likely already solved, and I'd make sure you've already exhausted other possibilities before you invest in learning a new technology
mtotheikle 15:08 Do you know how the DRM works for dynamically generated PDF's?
taxilian 15:08 sure don't =]
mtotheikle 15:08 Yea, we have been exploring options, creating a plugin looked like one
taxilian 15:08 but since the DRM is applied for each file for each person who downloads it, sounds like it should be possible
a plugin does sound like a possibliity; it's just not a simple possiblity unless you already know how to write a PDF viewer / printing application
on Mac it actually might not be too bad
because CoreGraphics can load and display PDFs natively
windows will be harder; you'll have to find a library (or write your own) for reading and rendering a PDF file
and then you'll have to write your print code, which probably isn't terrible, but it'll be different on each platform
and again, if it's just a raw PDF file it's almost ridiculously easy to copy off the network; you may want to look at at least doing some form of encryption while it's being transfered, at least make someone try, but that would also be a bit more work
mtotheikle 16:08 Yea, the security would be good to have
Sounds like a decent project though
taxilian 16:08 but what do I know? I'm just the plugin guy ;-) if you do decide to go the plugin route, I'll try to answer questions you may have; note that I don't really have time to teach you windows programming from scratch, but I definitely answer plugin-related questions
mtotheikle 16:08 I'm interested in more of the options about just a requiring a PDF viewer that does not allow you to save or download the file
taxilian 16:08 I have seen PDFs that adobe reader wouldn't let me save
that's all I know for sure
mtotheikle 16:08 I appreciate the help. Always nice to get more input from people with more experience in the area
taxilian 16:08
that one looks particularly promising
mtotheikle 16:08 hmm, interesting
Think I found something...
Don't like the idea of a java applet but it could work
taxilian 16:08 sounds like an interesting possibility, anyway
someone-noone 16:08 taxilian: hello
taxilian 16:08 hello
mtotheikle 17:08 taxilian: How long you been developing plugins?
taxilian 17:08 let me think
about 3 years, I think
mtotheikle 17:08 Nice, and whats your experience with maintaing them? Do new OS X release generally break them or is it the browser releases?
taxilian 17:08 browser releases do sometimes; usually not too often, but occasionally they'll do something screwy. OS releases rarely have an immediate effect
mtotheikle 17:08 and all plugins are C++ based for both Windows and OS X? Just different API calls?
taxilian 17:08 actually the API calls are mostly the same for NPAPI plugins
between mac and windows
FireBreath supports IE as well, though, and that is completely different
mtotheikle 17:08 lol of course
taxilian 17:08 the only real difference between platforms in NPAPI is the drawing models
mtotheikle 17:08 Which is expected
If a project like mine was to be outsourced, what would you say it would cost? Still looking for options, but we want something that is super simple for users to use and we haven't found that yet.
taxilian 17:08 I dont' know; there aren't many people besides me that do plugin contracting, and I'm swamped for at least the next month; I'd need to know more about the scope to even make a good guess
sounds like it could easily be a 50-100 hour project, though, just to get things up and running. That's just a gut feeling; on Mac it would probably be faster, but windows will be a pain
most PDF libraries I know for windows are either very expensive or open source with a viral license
mtotheikle 17:08 and you need a PDF library I am guessing to print it
linearray 17:08 I don't think PDF Security Features will allow you to specify print, but not display.
taxilian 17:08 heh. well, you have to be able to draw it in order to print it
you're probably right about that
however, another thing to consider is that if you can print it, you could just print to a pdf printer
there are lots of free ones
mtotheikle 17:08 Well we will be developing a spec outline here so when I get that I will let you know about it. You seem to know lots about this plugin development and I appreciate your help.
linearray 17:08 exactly
taxilian 17:08 and Mac OS's print dialog allows you to just directly save anything you print as a PDF
heh. well, I should know a bit about it… I wrote FireBreath (most of it, anyway)
but I'm glad I could help. I hope you figure out something that will work for what you need
mtotheikle 17:08 Nice
FireBreath seems like a nice tool