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dougma 00:08 anyone having troubles debugging on firefox 6 windows? (not finding breakpoints)
dougma 00:08 no, my fault... visual studio seems to think that the output is up-to-date
sabotaged|wk 10:08 question: how to set cmake to compile only 32-bit for firebreath plugins?
taxilian 10:08 !wiki cmake
FireBreathBot 10:08 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Using CMake With FireBreath":
"Using Libraries":
"Useful resources":
"Prep Scripts":
"Working with bundles":
"FireBreath 1.5.0RC1 Released!":
"Using FireBreath":
taxilian 10:08 I assume you're talking about mac
sabotaged|wk 10:08 yes
taxilian 10:08 read the prep scripts page, at the bottom
sabotaged|wk 10:08 ok thanks
rcohn 12:08 Hello - any issues with Firefox 6 and Firebreath that I need to be aware of? Thanks.
taxilian 12:08 not that I know of
rcohn 12:08 OK. Thanks very much.
kylehuff 12:08 but how does he know you are a credible source for this information? lol
taxilian 12:08 well, he has been in here before, so he more or less knows who I am
kylehuff 12:08 oh, okay then. I didn't recognize the handle.
taxilian 12:08 but he is definitely making an assumption there, since I haven't actually used FF6 much yet
so that I don't know of any issues just means that nobody has reported any
linearray 16:08 taxilian: I assume everyone in Utah has air conditioning?
taxilian 16:08 most people
linearray 16:08 central europe is getting hit hard by a heat wave this week. so out of curiosity I looked at the weather around the world
and it seems like you have this temperature every day in summer
taxilian 16:08 it's pretty warm during the summer here, yeah
linearray 16:08 since there is only 1-2 hot weeks per year almost nobody has AC here
taxilian 16:08 yeah; gets cold in the winters, very warm in the summers here
linearray 16:08 need to lose more fat... when I was 20 pounds lighter 100 F didn't bother me
taxilian 16:08 hehe
someone-noone 16:08 i want to buy conditioner that receives air from window
and you're getting fresh air always in, not just circulating
but unfortunately, such condtioners are very expensive :(
and we also got cold winders and warm summers here
linearray 16:08 what bothers me is that I would use the thing two weeks per year
taxilian 16:08 hehe
linearray 16:08 which makes it quite uneconomical
taxilian 17:08 well, I think I could live through two weeks of heat; 5 or 6 months is a bit much, though
it stayed cool longer than normal this year, though
linearray 17:08 yeah, it's just fairly hard to concentrate when the room has 86 F
taxilian 17:08 =]
if I didn't have air conditioning, the room would be a lot warmer than 86
it's 95 F outside right now
I rode around on my motorcycle earlier and decided I wouldn't want to go very far because it's even too hot for that
linearray 17:08 If I lived on the ground floor it would be no problem
but for some reason I always happen to pick top floor apmts
taxilian 17:08 hehe
yeah, that'll do it too
when I was in Russia I spent a summer in Ulan Ude in a top floor appt
no air conditioning, of course
it was horrible :-P
linearray 17:08 yup
4 more days, then it should be over for this year