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mauceri 05:08 Hi! May I ask somebody a stupid question ?
linearray 05:08 yes!
mauceri 05:08 I try to link my plugin to an external lib. I have added the following commands set (LIBRARY_PATH ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/lib) target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} ${PLUGIN_INTERNAL_DEPS} "${LIBRARY_PATH}/LinkGrammar.lib" ) but I do not see my lib
my lib is in win/lib
linearray 05:08 did you read the library wiki page?
mauceri 05:08 I have read the using firebreath but I don't know where the wiki you are referring to is
linearray 05:08
this one
mauceri 05:08 :)
That's what I read
linearray 05:08 ok, I didn't use libraries yet, so somebody else will have to help
mauceri 05:08 ok, thanks
dror 07:08 Hello
linearray 07:08 hi
dror 07:08 hi
I was wondering
I'm using the example BasicMediaPlayer project for Mac
I want to call a method on the plugin, from the JS
that would cause a line to be drawn accross the screen (where the plugin is embedded)
how do I do that?
linearray 07:08 where are you stuck?
dror 07:08 In actually filling in a method in MediaPlayerMac.cpp
linearray 07:08 at the calling part or the drawing part
dror 07:08 In the drawing part
For the purpose of checing it out I put in getWindow something like
BasicMediaPlayerPluginMac* dd = new ....
linearray 07:08 also look at FBTestPlugin by the way
iirc there is some drawing in there
dror 07:08 Yup, but thats code for windows, I need a Mac example :-)
Is there any?
mauceri 08:08 Any idea why if I put these instructions in Win\projectDef.cmake find_library(LG_LIBRARY NAMES LinkGrammar PATHS "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/lib") MESSAGE(STATUS "LG lib is ${LG_LIBRARY}") target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} ${PLUGIN_INTERNAL_DEPS} ${LG_LIBRARY} ) Visual Studio does not link with the lib printed in MESSAGE ?
taxilian 09:08 FireBreathBot: tell mauceri you need to put the target_link_libraries call after the add_plugin call in projectDef.cmake
FireBreathBot 09:08 taxilian: I'll pass that on when mauceri is around.
linearray 09:08 this is likely interesting for somebody here
taxilian 09:08 cool
sabotaged|wk 17:08 quesiton about external boost: how does it get built?
does there need to be cmake files to build it?
(talking about -DWITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=1)
taxilian 17:08 external boost needs to be already built
so it depends on how you install it
sabotaged|wk 17:08 ok