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tony_ 10:08 hi guys where can I get the chat history
linearray 10:08 at
tony_ 10:08 thanks man!
linearray 10:08 you're welcome
taxilian 13:08 hey, I just got a donation for FireBreath. awesome. I haven't gotten one of those in months
well, actually I got one from linearray in the form of software, which is also good, but this is the first cash donation in months
linearray 13:08 nice
taxilian 13:08 (that was you that gave me camtasia, right?)
linearray 13:08 yes
taxilian 13:08 okay, just making sure I remember correctly =] I have a really terrible memory and I mix up names and such all the time
someone-noone 13:08 hello
taxilian 14:08 hello
linearray 14:08 boost is like wikipedia. once you start reading you branch out to 5 layers deep of library classes
taxilian 14:08 lol
someone-noone 14:08 how do you do, all?
taxilian 14:08 'sall good here
someone-noone 14:08 'sall ?
taxilian 14:08 in English, as a generally rule of thumb, you can replace all sorts of vowels with ' and join words together
sometimes you can drop other things
we're pretty lazy
it's not proper, of course, but we do it anyway
'sall would be short for "it's all"
the apostrophy more or less can replace any number of letters, I suppose
and not always in the same position
someone-noone 14:08 i know this. But " 'sall " is too short for my decryption :)
taxilian 14:08 for example, we say 'spose for suppose
or ya'll for you all
it doesn't really make sense, actually
and doesn't follow good rules
it just has to sound close enough to the word when you say it and you're good :-P
someone-noone 14:08 haha :)
taxilian 14:08 one of the interesting differences between English and Russian is that in Russian, consonant sounds are supreme; you could almost say a sentence replacing all vowels with the same vowel and everyone would understand you
whereas in english, you can practically leave out all of the consonants, and there is a good chance people will still understand you if you pronounce the vowels correctly
someone-noone 14:08 our language has also lot of "strange things" if to tell them to man who is not russian. Especially for rood words
taxilian 14:08 heh. the parts of Russian that I've studied make a lot more sense to me than English does; however, I haven't studied (nor do I want to study) rude words, so I wouldn't know there
someone-noone 14:08 that is good (that you were talkin' 'bout) if it make understanding easier
taxilian 14:08 I have learned something by watching people who have learned to speak my language: if you swear in another language, 90% of the time you sound like an idiot
someone-noone 14:08 sure, because you don't know how to tell your emotions :)
linearray 14:08 you mean rap music artists are not native speakers? :)
taxilian 14:08 lol
I didn't say that native speakers were expempt from the "swear and you sound like an idiot" effect :-P
it's just not as big of a guarantee
linearray 14:08 true
taxilian 14:08 believe me… I am not huge on profanity in general, but I have known people who really seemed to have a talent for trying to swear and just making themselves look stupid
people who swear just because that's how they talk don't bother me nearly as much
some people it just feels like "hey, everyone, look at me! I can swear! I must be cool!"
someone-noone 14:08 rap artists are fearsome, so they can't look like idiots by default :)
taxilian 14:08 lol
there are some rap artists
and then there are a lot of people who release rap
but don't make the mistake of assuming that all of the second group belong to the first =]
someone-noone 14:08 true
if rapper is still alive (wasn't killed by some1 or just died) he is not from group 1
taxilian 14:08 so my project of the day is to parse this document into a useable nicely formatted output:
(not just that document; that is one of many)
someone-noone 14:08 yeah, it's true :)
linearray 14:08 boost has a parser generator :)
taxilian 14:08 you mean spirit?
someone-noone 14:08 eazy-e - cool, 2pac - cool, notorius - cool. eminem, dre????
taxilian 14:08 overkill, I think
someone-noone 14:08 :)
linearray 14:08 regex hack would work as well, I guess
taxilian 14:08 thinking of using a combination of regex and state machine
I need to unwrap lines, which isn't bad, and fix the lack of indentation for the paragraphs; it has a, b, c for the first level, 1, 2, 3 for second, i, ii, iii for third… and all indented the same
someone-noone 14:08 what is your end-task?
state machine is good for syntax checking
taxilian 14:08 be able to import this into an iphone app and easily link to it
would be nice to make a nice HTML and/or XML version as well
shouldn't be terrible; there are just enough gotchas to make it annoying, though
linearray 14:08 My current task is: I have a tree with the 4 layers queue -> fileset -> file -> file_segment, each node can be in one of 4 states with various constraints on it and each node needs to perform operations on its subnodes and I wonder if it's worth whipping up Boost::Graph for that
taxilian 14:08 heh. sounds fun =]
linearray 14:08 my first approach was one std::list per child node state and it failed miserably
taxilian 14:08 define "failed"?
linearray 14:08 it became too complex to perform meaningful operations
someone-noone 14:08 hm. why not to use own data-structures that can hold operations and pointers?
linearray 14:08 e.g. in queue "give me the next WAITING file_segment, in a RUNNING|WAITING file in a RUNNING fileset.
someone-noone: yeah, that's like creating your own tree data structure :)
but Boost::Graph looks like fun...
"when in doubt, add another layer of indirection"
someone-noone 14:08 may be i'm misunderstanding you, but you need several operations: insert, get, delete that is done by depth-in-search or width-in-search. 20 min for working code
but don't hear me. I'm that man that is doing 90% tasks by itself, when it's possible to use ready-to-use tools :)
taxilian 14:08 linearray: it sounds to me like you need to sit down and simplify your state machine; I can't tell without really looking at it, but every time I've had a problem that complex with something involving video playback or similar it's because the problem hadn't fully been broken down yet