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superY 01:08 Excuse me ,here is a question. When I have bulit a project , I want to modify "MyAPI.class" to add a method, then if I want to use the new method , I must build again?
But when I build it again, the compiler said "fatal error LNK1104: can't open file “E:\firebreath-FireBreath-59e8e83\build\bin\Test\Debug\npTest.dll”"
FireBreathBot 01:08 UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u201c' in position 83: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/home/richard/phenny/", line 186, in call)
superY 01:08 But when I build it again, the compiler said that the npTest.dll file can't be open
dougma 01:08 close your browser
the browser has the dll locked
superY 01:08 Then I can rebuild?
dougma 01:08 yep
superY 01:08 Thank you~
dougma 01:08 no problem
superY 02:08 I feel confused about the event. The fire_xx method is called by who?
Anthoer c++ class?
dougma 02:08 yeah... it's for the plugin to fire events
superY 02:08 That is to say I can write a main class, receive letters from the keybord and fire_update(letter) to update the letter ?
The WebPage can change runtime?
dougma 02:08 yes, (if i understand you correctly)
superY 02:08 I'll try ~ Thank you, I can't live without you!!without the Channel!
dougma 02:08 ok, good luck
you should stufy FBTestPlugin if you haven't already
stufy = study
superY 02:08 I'll~~
The lab is closing~ see you!
dougma 02:08 g'night
techgentsia 04:08 hi
In the mac plugin which I made, I have called PluginWindowMac::scheduleTimer in PluginCore::onWindowAttached function, but the timer is not firing in some machinese
any clue..?
techgentsia 08:08 hi
In the mac plugin which I made, I have called PluginWindowMac::scheduleTimer in PluginCore::onWindowAttached function, but the timer is not firing in some machinese
dougma 08:08 !find scheduleTimer
FireBreathBot 08:08 Could not find any tags matching scheduleTimer
dougma 08:08 techgentsia: different OS versions?
different browsers?
techgentsia_ 08:08 same os, even same specs, (mac mini)
dougma 08:08 same browsers? same set of browser plugins and extensions and whatnots?
techgentsia_ 08:08 yup
dougma 08:08 mm... i'd guess the error is on the receiving event side of things.
techgentsia_ 08:08 ok, let me check once again
dougma 08:08 or it's a browser bug, have you tried a different browser?
what is different about the machines (or the users) where the timer fails?
does it fail always on those machines?
techgentsia_ 09:08 nop, it works now and then
dougma 09:08 ok, so it sometimes fails on all machines
sometimes fails on certain machines? or sometimes fails on all machines?
techgentsia_ 09:08 sometimes fails on all machines
im leaving,
dougma 09:08 ok, that's different to "not firing in some machines"
good luck.
taxilian 11:08 all the interesting things happen when I'm not around
Xil_ 11:08 Hello
linearray 11:08 ohai
Xil_ 11:08 hai
I've got a game written in C++, can I port it to be a browser game using Firebreath? I remember Battlefield Heroes also had to download and install and then ran in the browser as a plugin I think.
linearray 12:08 well
of course you can
Xil_ 12:08 I see Princess and Unicorn
Publishers always say our game is no good because it don't run in no browser. All Unity hyped. So they are wrong basically.
What kind of interfaces can be used for drawing, sound, networking etc?
It would be nice to have a page where I can read up on this.
linearray 12:08 there are two example plugins
in the distribution
and there is with articles on drawing
Xil_ 12:08 I see so I just grab the window and then use directx
linearray 12:08 yes, documentation is a bit scarce. yes, you are welcome to change that ;)
Xil_ 12:08 And opengl if it has to be cross platform
Alright so it runs like a normal standalone then on the client computer, but it can use the browser's window, callbacks etc.
linearray 12:08 for learning what's possible I suggest the Using Firebreath page
Xil_ 12:08 Very awesome man
Really awesome my friend
linearray 12:08 thank the guy(s) who wrote it :)
Xil_ 12:08 Now I am curious why so many people stay away from this and always use Unity, Flash and Java.
You could run Crysis in a browser, the only problem would be the streaming.
linearray 12:08 streaming what?
Xil_ 12:08 Gigabytes of data
Map, models etc.
linearray 12:08 I think they would provide an installer instead of streaming
and I would say that flash and java are platforms themselves
for some people that is what they want
Xil_ 12:08 TBH I think this Plugin thing is just a cheat. The publisher wants it in a browser, but at the end of the day it is basically the same as downloading the thing and running it standalone.
linearray 12:08 yep :)
Xil_ 12:08 But it makes a difference to those guys up there
Well about streaming.If the plugin is reasonably small, say a megabyte or so, and you stream the rest, I would say it isn't really such a cheat any more.
linearray 12:08 so you're a game developer... why aren't you at gamescon? :)
Xil_ 12:08 I wouldn't wanna go to that place, but I missed GDC europe sadly
I needed some holidays that's why
linearray 12:08 i see
Xil_ 12:08 There will be other years =)
And to be clear, I am a student. But we got a nice project and a majority of the publishers that look at it like it a lot but they always criticize the browser part thing.
The engine is as stable as horse
Do you have any serious game engines using FB?
linearray 12:08 hm, I remember somebody used SDL
Xil_ 12:08 It would be nice to see Ogre or the like in a browser
Sajty1 12:08 hi! I get this, when compiling on ubuntu 8.04.4 with GCC 4.2:
Xil_ I am trying Ogre + SDL input, but SDL input is not working on mac.
Xil_ 12:08 Can't be so tricky to grab mac input
If you limit it to keyb and mouse
linearray 12:08 Sajty1: googling for that error messages indicates that ubuntu's header files are broken... can you update?
Xil_ 12:08 Sajty how serious are you about that project
Perhaps we should connect
linearray 12:08 at least that's what it says here
Sajty1 12:08 Xil_: Well I don't want to mess up the code, the code is complex enough (580 .cpp and 663 .h files). It should use the SDL functions.
Xil_: On windows it works out of box, on linux you need to inject X11 events, but on mac you can't inject mouse directly to SDL.
linearray: Nice catch, thanks. I need to find some other solution to build it on old kernel with old dependencies, as I want cross-distro build.
Xil_ 12:08 Sajty1: I never used Ogre but what is wrong with its input system? I mean why use SDL input.
Thought that whole thing was cross platform
Sajty1 12:08 Xil_: It has historic reasons, OIS was not existing in the past.
Xil__ 12:08 Sajty1: Why not just tell the guys and see if they create a solution? They know the insides of that beast.
Sajty1 13:08 Xil__: OIS is not supporting mouse grabbing and cross-platform clipboard. It can be solved, but it takes lot of work. If you want in your project Ogre + FB input, it should work on all platforms. On mac, you would need this patch:
taxilian 13:08 Sajty1: I'd be almost shocked if you could get SDL input working on mac
you have to get the events from the browser
you could possible add an adapter layer, though, that would translate the events into something that SDL would accept
Sajty1 13:08 I can inject SDL events, but it will not be processed by SDL, because the internal variables are set by the native events. I would need to patch SDL for that.
taxilian 13:08 if you can figure out how SDL listens for events you may be able to simulate them
Xil__ 13:08 Okay thanks for the nice chat, see ya dudes =)
Good luck
taxilian 13:08 Xil__: one thing
when you're on Mac, opengl drawing will be a bit more tricky
just be aware
I have heard of people getting Ogre working with FireBreath
on Windows
but most opengl drawing engines probably won't work on it in mac without modification
Sajty1 13:08 taxilian: Yeah, I have done that on linux. It was lot of work to inject everything with XSendEvent, and I don't have much knowledge of the mac event loops.
taxilian 13:08 they are messy
Sajty1 13:08 taxilian: could you do this change for me?
It would make it backward compatible to GTK+ 2.12
the old way needs GTK+ 2.14
taxilian 13:08 ahh. if you will submit a jira ticket for it, I can make that change
Sajty1 13:08 ok, at the moment I'm busy, but next week I will do it :)
taxilian 13:08 okay
just remember that I won't make the change without the jira ticket =]
Sajty1 13:08 I get it ;)