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jshanab_ 07:12 I am trying to use system boost and it finds most of the bosot libs except one. boost_shared_ptr. This is on OSX. Any ideas?
taxilian 10:12 jshanab_: boost_shared_ptr? what are you doing with shared_ptr that isn't header only?
taxilian 10:12 has anyone done code signing on Mac with FireBreath yet?
jshanab_ 11:12 Actually it is boost "smart_ptr" That gave me trouble. But I don't think i use it per see so I commented it out and got passed that. I am just hard stuck on the has_binary_operator.
I discovered that deleting the build directory is not enought for xcode, you have to delete the derived data or it steps thru wrong boost and "show in finder" shows internal boost.
Xcode 4.5.2 is full of land-mines
I have not signed yet. that is next :-)
taxilian 11:12 heh. hadn't thought of that
well, I need to figure out how to sign mine
so maybe I'll have that solved for you
jshanab_ 11:12 Did you get my email?
taxilian 11:12 I did
I haven't had time to look at it yet
sorry :-/
but it sounds cool!
jshanab_ 11:12 I think I forgot to mention it goes in the Project folder , the one I check in. I have not tested it being elsewhere....yet It started life as my database installer script
taxilian 11:12 hehe
Leonid 12:12 Hello
I have issues building my plugin under MacOS LLVM 3.1
Did anybody try to build id under Mac?
taxilian 12:12 heh. yes, many of us build on mac
but I don't know the llvm versions; are you using xcode?
Leonid 12:12 Yes, it's Xcode 4.3
I run and it's fine
The first one that I get is: Overload resolution selected implicitly-deleted copy assignment operator
taxilian 12:12 have you tried building FBTestPlugin?
Leonid 12:12 When I created the "empty" plugin it just was fine
taxilian 12:12 then it's probably something you added
(well, okay, it has to be :-P)
Leonid 12:12 I am building this with c++11 turned on
The same plugin on windows is just fine
taxilian 12:12 FireBreath doesn't use any c++1; I don't know of any reason why it wouldn't work with that, but I don't know that I've tried it
Leonid 12:12 Are there any known issues for C++11?
taxilian 12:12 so it building on windows means nothing
MSVC is far, far more forgiving than llvm
Leonid 12:12 That's true :)
taxilian 12:12 you could pastebin the code where it's complaining and the full error
I can look at it
Leonid 12:12 According to the error logs it doesn't even reach my code.
I will send you an error "stack"
taxilian 12:12 this is a compiler error or runtime?
Leonid 12:12 compiler error
taxilian 12:12 well, pastebin it somewhere and I'll look
Leonid 12:12 In file included from /Users/leonid.hiller/Subvesion/Projects/securekey_token_r1/trunk/securekey_host_windows/firebreath-plugin/src/PluginCore/BrowserPlugin.cpp:15: In file included from /Users/leonid.hiller/Subvesion/Projects/securekey_token_r1/trunk/securekey_host_windows/firebreath-plugin/src/PluginCore/BrowserPlugin.h:19: In file included from /Users/leonid.hiller/Subvesion/Projects/securekey_token_r1/trunk/securekey_host_wind
Looks like there is a limitation for the message length cause it cut it
I will try again:
taxilian 12:12 use pastebin
or gist,
never paste code directly in an IRC chatroom
Leonid 12:12 ok, sorry
pastebin it's new to me
taxilian 12:12 welcome to IRC =]
Leonid 12:12 how do I direct it to you?
taxilian 12:12 is another slightly more permanent one
once you add it to a pastebin just paste the link to it here
Leonid 12:12
Can you see this?
taxilian 13:12 hmm. can you try disabling the c++11 stuff?
it looks very possible that there is a fundamental incompatibility somewhere
Leonid 13:12 I will try it, but our plugin is written with c++11
taxilian 13:12 I'm not saying it can't be fixed
but it's worth finding out if that is the issue
what version of FireBreath are you on?
Leonid 13:12 Download the latest (as of right now) FireBreath 1.6 build (recommended)
I mean FireBreath 1.6 build (recommended) :)
taxilian 13:12 try using 1.7 (latest from master)
it has a newer version of boost that may fix the issue
Leonid 13:12 Well, we tried the boost which comes with the package
taxilian 13:12 try using 1.7 (latest from master)
it has a newer version of boost that may fix the issue
Leonid 13:12 FB 1.7?
taxilian 13:12 yes
Leonid 13:12 Is it available through the website?
I only see 1.6
taxilian 13:12 easiest way is to use git
and clone directly from github
Leonid 13:12 should it be the following line to get it:
git clone git:// -b firebreath-1.7 firebreath-1.7
taxilian 13:12 just pull master
git clone firebreath-master
Leonid 13:12 sec pls
ok, I got it. Give me a sec to try it with my plugin
Ok, with this ver I got some other errors :)
taxilian 13:12 progress! :-P
Leonid 13:12 would you like to take a look at the whole build log?
taxilian 13:12 sure
Leonid 13:12 Ok, I will send you a link in a sec
Can you see this?
taxilian 13:12 looking
yeah; I have no idea. I'll have to try a c++11 plugin sometime and see if I can figure out why that's happening
because a few of those errors definitely don't occur with normal c++
Leonid 13:12 Ok, so is there anyway I can know when you get any result?
Or any suggestions for now that I can keep myself working on a plugin? :)
taxilian 13:12 you can track the issues down yourself
the wonderful thing about FireBreath is that it's totally open source
so you're welcome to track it down and fix it whenever you want =]
Leonid 13:12 Thanks for your help :)
taxilian 13:12 sorry I can't help more
RenJuan 14:12 what compiler would you use?
(for c++11)
taxilian 14:12 I would use clang
just the default
RenJuan 14:12 i wanted to do something with llvm at the vm level but never got there
Wayne__ 14:12 I really like this project. Quick question: for developing on Windows do I have to use Visual Studio or can I use Eclipse too?
Leonid 15:12 I use clang 3.1
taxilian 15:12 Wayne: you have to use visual studio
well, you could use eclipse, but you have to build using microsoft's build tools
Wayne__ 16:12 thank you for your reply. I will try it out with MSBuild
@ Leonid. Cheers, I will also check out Clang
taxilian 16:12 clang won't work on windows
only vs will work on windows
Drona 22:12 Hello, Good Morning Everybody
I want one help regarding the Plugin
could anybody help me