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xyz 01:08 hi. My pl
My plugin got listed in firefox and safari, but not in google chrome. Someone told me to try with firebreath 1.5. But that doesn't help. Please help me.
dougma 01:08 what os?
xyz 01:08 mac os 10.6.7
dougma 01:08 where did you copy/install your plugin to?
xyz 01:08 ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
dougma 01:08 sounds all good... when you build and install FBTestPlugin does it show up in Chrome too?
xyz 01:08 FBTestPlugin?
dougma 01:08 it's one of the example plugins... in FireBreath/examples
xyz 01:08 example plugins got listed
dougma 01:08 well, what's strange about your plugin?
xyz 01:08 mine listed successfully in firefox and safari. problem is only with chrome
dougma 01:08 yes...
no idea.
xyz 01:08 :(
dougma 01:08 can you post your pluginconfig.cmake?
FireBreathBot 01:08 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
xyz 01:08 yes. 1 min
dougma 02:08 afk...
xyz 02:08
dougma 05:08 xyz: sorry for the delay! yeah, that pluginconfig.cmake looks normal...
i don't have good mac os debugging skills so don't know what to suggest.
Sajty 08:08 hi! Anybody got a script to build firebreath dependencies statically on linux?
I want to build a cross-distro linux binary, but here is the dependency list, what I've got:
linearray 08:08 Another possible approach is use statifier (http:/ or Ermine (
Both tools take as input dynamically linked executable and as output create self-contained executable with all shared libraries embedded.
maybe this is what you want?
Sajty 08:08 If it works the same way as AppImage, then its only working with runnable applications
I need to set somehow the working directory or environment variable before firefox calls dlopen(), but I think thats not possible
jaunte 10:08 hi - im trying to use firebreath to the IMO simplest type of plugin - namely supporting a new mime type
but I cannot figure out how to get the data
I have registered events for streamevents
but no events are fired as I load a document of the particular mime type
I have a question in the forums if noone is around :-)
taxilian 10:08 unforfunate timing, jaunte had
I guess he didn't believe me on the forum when I told him that what he's trying to do isn't actually that common
linearray 10:08 is there a way to subscribe to forum posts?
the number of communication channels is getting large hehe
taxilian 10:08 you can do RSS
linearray 11:08 hmm... seems like I have to do that for every subforum
taxilian 11:08 no, there is one for all posts
hang on, let me find it
linearray 11:08 k thx
taxilian 11:08
linearray 11:08 awesome
taxilian 11:08 believe me, I have no objection to people other than me watching the forums to answer questions :-P
linearray 11:08 it looks like the forum is the easiest for people to use
taxilian 11:08 well, there is a reason that I set it up
I'm not sure I'm completely happy with it, though
I'd prefer to find a better forum
but now migrating would be a pain
linearray 11:08 what's missing?
or uncomfortable
taxilian 11:08 it's just not always completely stable
I have had to hack it in places
linearray 11:08 all I know about forums is that vBulletin is the Mercedes S-class of forums
(which is reflected in the price tag)
taxilian 11:08 but do they give free licenses to open source projects?
linearray 11:08 ironically, their website is down :)
I hope it doesn't run vBulletin
taxilian 11:08 lol. you're right; I can't get to it either
linearray 12:08 this is ridiculous... I spent time fixing a very bad CRC32 library
now I'm almost done and find a stackoverflow thread saying "use Boost::CRC"
boost really has everything.
taxilian 12:08 lol