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imran 00:08 help...plrase tell me can we use MFC classes in firebreath plugin project??
FireBreathBot 00:08 imran: 09 Aug 10:46Z <dougma> tell imran sounds like you're missing the correct #include
dougma 00:08 oh, and imran: taxilian> I don't know of a way to use MFC with FireBreath
imran 00:08 whenever i include the MFC class i recieved the error windows.h already included but when i removed that library i gdt the error of undeclared identifier
m stuck
dougma 00:08 taxilian> I don't know of a way to use MFC with FireBreath
i'd go with taxilian on this one.
imran 00:08 hmm:(
dougma 00:08 yesterday someone else asked the same question.
what mfc class you trying to use? there are often alternatives.
imran 00:08 CPrintDialog
dougma 00:08 yesterday some else asked the same question about the same class!
imran 00:08 i have included sfxdlgs.h
might be some one has the same problem
any alternative u may know??
dougma 00:08 maybe start here:
but i don't know
imran 00:08 ok let me check this one
tech8 05:08 Hi, will xcode 4 support firebreath?
linearray 05:08 firebreath supports building with xcode 4
there are some caveats though.
tech8 05:08 some caveats means?
linearray 05:08 xcode 4 tends to use obscene amounts of memory
if you don't have enough RAM, you may need to turn off indexing and/or use xcodebuild instead of the GUI
tech8 05:08 oh. any other issues?
linearray 05:08 not that I know of
tech8 05:08 ok. thank u :)
linearray 05:08 you're welcome
tech8 05:08 hello, will 4GB ram be enough?
dougma 05:08 yeah
but you might find it chews that and starts swapping. restarting xcode regularly helps
tech8 06:08 thanks again
dodo_ 07:08 how do i convert FB::variant to a string to char * ?
someone-noone 07:08 hello! Does someone know how to correct pack frameworks\dylibs on mac os? I tried @loader_path and @executable_path, both was not working
Sajty1 07:08 someone-noone: I use dylibbundler and it works
someone-noone 07:08 thanks
Sajty1 07:08 also you should set -p @loader_path/../libs
@executable_path is wrong in plugins :P
but for frameworks I need to make it manually like this:
dodo_ 08:08 how do i compile firebreath plugin for 64bit on all OS
someone-noone 08:08 Sajty: yeah, i did it, but it doesn't work :( there is smth i'm missing
dodo_: windows: use 64bit compiler, linux: use 64bit compiler, macos: xcode makes universal binaries for you
also all your libraries should also be 64bit
dodo_ 08:08 yeah but prep scripts don't crate .sln with 64bit in windows
someone-noone 08:08 prep2010x64.cmd
are you missing this file?
dodo_ 08:08 yes
Sajty1 08:08 someone-noone: have you tried linking with the *.framework/Versions/A/LIBNAME? So not the file on top of the framework.
someone-noone 08:08 @loader_path/../Frameworks/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL
that is how i'm doing it
dodo_: i have this file in fb1.6
Sajty1 08:08 I'm using SDL +no_x11 from macports
Its not frameworked
someone-noone 08:08 i'm using framework universal-binary from
Sajty1 08:08 dylibbundler will bundle it in for me.
dodo_ 08:08 someone-noone: thanks
anybody know how to package in ubuntu?
taxilian 08:08 why do people keep trying to support IE 64 bit? Just because it's there?
someone-noone 09:08 why not?
taxilian 09:08 let's see; it's a pain, poorly documented, poorly supported, and virtually unused?
someone-noone 09:08 ff and others are only 32-bi?
and why pain?
taxilian 09:08 also you can't build a universal binary, so to support it you either have to package two dlls in one installer thus doubling the size of the installer or create two seperate installers
because you can't build both with the same vs project, at least with cmake; you have to use two seperate build directories
ff so far is 32 bit on windows
someone-noone 09:08 yeah, windows users always choosing between 32\64
taxilian 09:08 they are looking at doing a 64 bit version, but it will almost definitely still support 32 bit plugins
so there still isn't much reason to worry about it
but ff 64 bit is far easier to support than IE 64 bit
someone-noone 09:08 most people think that 64 bit means amazing boost of speed :)
2x faster:)
taxilian 09:08 hehe
well, on mac os recompiling in 64 bit mode has been shown to give a noticable increase in speed in a lot of cases
but I've never heard that on windows
and the fact of the matter is that if you try to support 64 bit IE you'll end up targetting probably no more than a few hundred people max… worldwide....
(I may be exagerating its unimportance, but not by much)
Sajty1 11:08 How fast is the OS X community upgrading hardware and software? If I make 64 bit only, how much people will complain in percent?
taxilian 11:08 quite a few
whereas 32 bit will work on 64 bit hardware
Sajty1 11:08 It would make the package much bigger
but isn't OSX using 64bit if CPU is compatible with it?
linearray 11:08 i guess you can get away with x86_64-only, if you require Lion
taxilian 11:08 on mac all 64 bit browsers can use 32 bit plugins
linearray 11:08 but the question is how smart that is :)
taxilian 11:08 but 32 bit processors and Leopard and older will not work with 64 bit only
so if you're only wanting to do one or the other, do 32 bit
it all depends on your userbase
Sajty1 11:08 ok, I will add 32 bit too, thanks :)
taxilian 11:08 dougma: should someone come back asking about it, it looks like WTL has a CPrintDialog class as well; pretty sure that's compatible wtih ATL and thus with FireBreath
haven't tried it, but worth a shot
one of us definitely needs to write a codeproject article
bbl, lunch
someone-noone 14:08 hm, getting strange issue...
taxilian 14:08 that in and of itself isn't really strange
we always get strange issues
someone-noone 14:08 i've put my Frameworks into my.plugin/Contents/Frameworks and use install_name_tool -change @executable_path @loader_path plugin_executable
and when i run Safari, i'm getting this:
taxilian 14:08 don't touch @executable_path
someone-noone 14:08 huh?
taxilian 14:08 not sure why it would even have one, but you shouldn't need to touch it, I don't think
someone-noone 14:08 look, i have frameworks that i need to put into my bundle
i did it by placing it into my my.plugin/Contents/Frameworks
than i use otool -L my_plugin
and see that 2 of mine frameworks that i'm using (SDL and SDL_mixer) are set like this : @executable_path/../Frameworks/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1.0.0)
afaik, @executable_path = path to browser executable in plugin case
so i need to change it to loader path
taxilian 14:08 hmm. something doesn't sound right there; I could be wrong, though
what are you seeing?
someone-noone 14:08 so i'm using install_name_tool and this line now looks like this: @loader_path/../Frameworks/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1.0.0)
now i'm running Safari and see in Console:
10.08.11 23:42:38,925 PluginProcess: Error loading /Users/void/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/wvplayer.plugin/Contents/MacOS/wvplayer: dlopen(/Users/void/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/wvplayer.plugin/Contents/MacOS/wvplayer, 262): Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL
Referenced from: /Users/void/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/wvplayer.plugin/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/SDL_mixer.framework/Versions/A/SDL_mixer
Reason: image not found
it looks in @executable_path
but i switched it into @loader_path
i closed and opened safari > 5 times
taxilian 14:08 I suspect that there is something more or different that you need to do; I don't really know. I've never needed to touch @executable_path
someone-noone 14:08 same issue with other browsers, but no error log there
taxilian 14:08 almost guaranteed a problem like that is the same on all
someone-noone 14:08 same on all browsers, you mean?
taxilian 14:08 yes
the others just aren't putting the message where you can see it
someone-noone 14:08 that is obvious :)
if i put my frameworks into /Library/Frameworks everything works
if i delete them, i'm getting this error...
SDL_Mixer couldn't find SDL
taxilian 14:08 glad I could help ;-)
someone-noone 14:08 if to look more attentive: Referenced from: /Users/void/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/wvplayer.plugin/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/SDL_mixer.framework/Versions/A/SDL_mixer
this line is telling everything
why am i so blind? :D
taxilian 14:08 because your native language isn't English and because your accent isn't like mine. Everyone knows that people who aren't exactly like me are sub-optimal, it's the core of racism
they just don't realize that it's actually me that is the ideal
someone-noone 14:08 we should pray on you!
taxilian 14:08 nah, that sounds like a lot of work
someone-noone 14:08 than what should i do, great master?
taxilian 14:08 make it work ;-)
hehe. sorry, I'm in an odd mood today
though it still is totally bizarre to me that there are actually people who make such ridiculous assumptions
someone-noone 14:08 do not appolige
i'm always ready to speak
one of my goals is to improve my english, so… you're welcome :)
taxilian 14:08 lol
I should skype you sometime just to practice my russian
Sajty1 15:08 someone-noone: do you get NSAutoreleaseNoPool warnings in SDL?
someone-noone 15:08 in managing SDL events? Yes. i'm not using them now
Sajty1 15:08 in window creation
hmmm, I'm thinking on switching from SDL to OIS.
someone-noone 15:08 i'm not creating windows with SDL, but yes i was getting it too
you may use SDL 1.3 and SDL_CreateWindowFrom
and manage memory with apple_way(c)
wait. Are you created SDL_Window in browser plugin? how it is responding on scrolling and other events?
Sajty1 15:08 The problem is that Ogre is drawing, but SDL input is not working.
someone-noone 15:08 do you mean keyboard input?
sure it will not work in plugin
Sajty1 15:08 At least it works on windows and linux :D
someone-noone 15:08 yeah, but mac os is magic OS
and what is it OIS?
Sajty1 15:08 Object Oriented input system
someone-noone 15:08 why not to handle events from cocoa?
Sajty1 15:08 Can you inject mouse to SDL?
someone-noone 15:08 if you're using NSWindow, then you able to access NSView, where you can realize keyDown event
I'm using SDL only for audio…. and threads\mutex and friends
Sajty1 15:08 yeah but SDL 1.2 hasn't got mouse injection capabilities
someone-noone 15:08 can't help you with this… as i said i'm using it for another things
Sajty1 15:08 ok, thanks anyways :)
someone-noone 15:08 you can still handle mouse events in Cocoa (apple_way©) too
Sajty1 15:08 using cocoa would mess up the code. I don't want to mess it up. :D
someone-noone 15:08 i understand you… then good luck
i have given up in you way
and switched to core cocoa coding
your way*
dougma 18:08 64bit IE lets us bust through the 2G process size limit. :)
taxilian 18:08 lol. please tell you me don't really need that =]
dougma 18:08 yep, that's the reason we built a 64bit version too
taxilian 18:08 lol
dougma 18:08 i know... it's crazy
taxilian 18:08 does it work on IE 64 bit?
dougma 18:08 yeah no probs!
taxilian 18:08 someone on the mailing list / google group was trying to get it to work and said it doesn't for them
dougma 18:08 i'll have a look
taxilian 18:08 …. the mac os x partition on my laptop seems to have spontaneously ceased to function
and when I say spontaneously ceased to function, I mean not even disk utility from an install disk can read or modify it
thought I can erase it
this would be why I spent $300 on a time capsule… now I just have to wait for it to restore
dougma 18:08 yep, my 64bit build is still working, just the registration is tricky
i responded to the group
ok, coffee.
taxilian 19:08 thanks
taxilian 20:08 I love Mac OS's restoring from backup time estimates; it's been estimating 4 hours and [between 10 and 50] minutes for about 2 hours now
dougma 20:08 Hofstadter's Law
taxilian 22:08 dougma: and then about 30 minutes after I said that it suddenly finished
dougma 22:08 hmm, taxilian: why does PluginEventSink need to be noncopyable?
Imran 23:08 hi can anybody tell me why firebreath not supports MFC classes?
dougma 23:08 Imran: taxilian mentioned that WTL has a CPrintDialog too
Imran 23:08 Dougma: which librsry i need to include if u know?