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Imran 00:08 need help...i want to know how to add resource dialog form in the plugin whenevr i tried i got some errors like Language english
or such type
dougma 00:08 what error exactly?
Imran 00:08 Error 1 error RC2135 : file not found: LANG_ENGLISH
Error 2 error RC2135 : file not found: VS_VERSION_INFo
and some errors of file not found
dougma 00:08 no idea... i guess you damaged the rc file
Imran 00:08 ahan
so now wat i should do
ok guide me how to add just a resource dialog in plugin
dougma 00:08 i can't
Imran 01:08 Hy taxilian help required, i want to add a dialog resource in plugin but i m not been able to do so ...
techgentsia 04:08 Hi, I get link errors in my external library. It shows problems in certain functions which i found depricated. But works fine as a cocoa application. What must i do to fix this? Please help me.
someone-noone 04:08 what is your library name?
techgentsia 04:08 portaudio
someone-noone 04:08 so, you got link errors like "obj not found" or what/
techgentsia 04:08 Symbols not found
someone-noone 04:08 did you add this library to projectDef.cmake to the target_link_libraries?
techgentsia 04:08 yes
someone-noone 04:08 are you sure that path is correct?
techgentsia 04:08 i gave the full path
someone-noone 04:08 did you run ./ ?
techgentsia 04:08 i am using other 2 libs. but that links properly. Only problem with this lib
someone-noone 04:08 you need to run ./ each time you add your libraries to target_link_libraries
also, see in your error ld command that was invoked. Did you see there -Lportaudio (or another string that indicates that library is passed to the linker) ?
techgentsia 04:08 i have a doubt. how will firebreath link to built-in libraries like core audio?
someone-noone 04:08 you need to add Core Audio as a framework
techgentsia 04:08 i tried that already. but doesn't help
someone-noone 04:08 again: did you see "-framework CoreAudio -Lportauido" in your ld invokation ?
you can see it in your "Symbol not found" error
techgentsia 04:08 ok
i will show u . 1 sec.
rashmi 04:08 hi
FireBreathBot 04:08 rashmi: 04 Aug 11:06Z <dougma> tell rashmi your function is "OnFrameDataChrome", you are attaching "onFrameDataChrome" - they are not the same thing.
rashmi: 04 Aug 14:34Z <taxilian> tell rashmi also try making your event all lowercase; the built-in events are all lowercase and seems like I've had a problem with mixed case event names
rashmi 04:08 i have a question
i checkd out d fiirebreath code to my pc
now i need to run d same sln file on other system
how do i do that?
i noticed one thing
in the whole project, d file path for all files are hardcoded
linearray 04:08 yes
rashmi 04:08 to that of where firebreath was installed
so i changed all of the paths
manually to relative paths
but now i hav one problem
linearray 04:08 why not just rerun cmake?
rashmi 04:08 i copied same project on other system with these changes
linearray 04:08 with the prep script
rashmi 04:08 yes
i tried that
but it gives me error while building sayin
someone-noone 04:08 delete your build dir
rashmi 04:08 tool returned a error code from 'building custom rule' ........
someone-noone 04:08 and run prep script again
rashmi 04:08 which build directory?
someone-noone 04:08 where your sln file is located
rashmi 04:08 ok
there is one build directory in that folder
wil delete that
someone-noone 04:08 rashmi: there are several build dirs in firebreath sources. You need to remove only that was generated by your prep script
rashmi 04:08 ohhk
thank you so much
techgentsia 04:08 hi. here is my ld invokation,
someone-noone 04:08 techgentsia: so, there are no linkage to libprotoaudio either -framework CoreAudio
so you didn't put them to target_link_libraries or didn't ran ./ after that
you may also try to remove your build dir and run ./ (sometimes it help)
your problem is in that you are not doing linkage to your libraries
techgentsia 05:08 i have added :( . see this .
is there any mistake in that?
someone-noone 05:08 where is your CoreAudio linkage
did you need this for your libraries? If yes, you should add it too
techgentsia 05:08 oh. i must write that too in projectDef.cmake?
someone-noone 05:08 see Using Mac Frameworks
rashmi 05:08 hi
i have one problem though
i had made changes to fiebreath project
when i delete d build project and rerun the prep script all changes are lost
i do not desire this change as many changes will need to be reverted
can i run d prepscript without deleting the changes?
someone-noone 05:08 you shouldn't make changes into your Visual Studio
all changes should be affected only on .cmake files
prep scripts are re-generating project files each time you run it
it cannot "remember" your changes
so you should do it with cmake
all linkage and path stuff should go to cmake
rashmi 05:08 i had changed properties of a project, which includes some library path
so all of these are to made within cmake file of respective project is it?
dougma 05:08 yes
someone-noone 05:08 yes, you should to put all libraries path to your cmake files  this link will teach how to do it correctly
rashmi 05:08 i also want to add a project to the solution, so this shud also be mentioned in the cmake file right?
dougma 05:08 yes.
rashmi 05:08 the above link says page not found
someone-noone 05:08 i just opened it
rashmi 05:08 oh yes
sry an extra character got typed accidently
someone-noone 05:08 that happens)
rashmi 05:08 another question
i have to add this solution to a repository
which will build it daily
so do i need to run the prepscript everyday or
simple build wil do
dougma 05:08 prepscript
someone-noone 05:08 if you're making changes to cmake files, than ye
rashmi 05:08 but once the changes are permanent(ie no more changes to it) then only building solution should do right
dougma 05:08 why build it everyday if it's not changing?
building clean means building from prepscript.
rashmi 05:08 hmm true! but the build is automated
thanks though
thanks a lot
saiffu 06:08 hi. i need to add external framework to my plugin project. i did add->existing frameworks-> QTKit.framework. but still cause link errors. Help me please.
somebody help me please
someone-noone 07:08 today is day of linker errors :0
saiffu: see Using Mac Frameworks
linearray 07:08 must be the weather
someone-noone 07:08 :)
Sajty 10:08 Hi! Is it guaranteed, that StaticDeinitialize is called from the same thread as AttachWindow or should I use mutex?
Well, after thinking a bit, its safe, as the DetachWindow and shutdown is called before staticdeinitialize. Sry for spamming. :P
taxilian 10:08 Sajty: all FireBreath calls will occur on the same thread
FireBreath itself never calls anything on secondary threads
though it does provide some helpers so that you can call things on the main thread from your own secondary threads
Sajty 10:08 taxilian: thanks, that was not clear for me.
When I start safari from terminal, I don't get console output, but the logfile works.
basically I get nothing into the terminal, it may be redirected.
taxilian 11:08 on Mac?
Sajty 11:08 yes
taxilian 11:08 stdout on mac goes to the system console — syslog
run the program "console" and you can probably find the output
but it's better to use logging, as console is sometimes unreliable
Sajty 11:08 taxilian: ahh, I'm new to mac, sry :D
taxilian 11:08 np
how many of you guys are using 1.6rc1?
Sajty 11:08 taxilian: I'm planning to pull the changes, when I switch back to linux. :)
taxilian 11:08 okay
just trying to get a feel for how much testing it is getting
always hard to tell
sabotaged|wk 11:08 i've upgraded to 1.6 RC1 but it hasn't gone through our QA yet
taxilian 11:08 no issues so far, though?
sabotaged|wk 11:08 no issues
taxilian 11:08 btw, you may want to keep to the head of the 1.6 tree; there have been some fixes
trying to decide if I should do a RC2 or just release
Sajty 11:08 taxilian: I would vote for RC2. It needs some time until everyone has tested it and reported bugs, but its up to you to decide. :P
taxilian 11:08 I appreciate the vote/feedback
and I will take it into consideration
someone-noone 12:08 have anyone realized fullscreen on mac?
taxilian 12:08 yes, it can be done
I haven't done it, but I have seen it done
someone-noone 12:08 i know it can be done. flash player...
but have problem reusing CALayer
sabotaged|wk 12:08 i do fullscreen on mac. but i don't really re-use layers that i use on the browser layer
someone-noone 12:08 sabotaged|wk: then, how are you doing it? Creating new layer
sabotaged|wk 13:08 subclass an NSView. create a new CALayer within init of my subclass. call [self setLayer:thatLayer] and [self setWantsLayer:YES]
then when that subclass is created, outside on it i cann enterFullScreenMode
someone-noone 13:08 ерфтлы!
will try that
sabotaged|wk 16:08 anyone seen this error before? Bad NPObject as private data!
taxilian 16:08 where are you getting that error?
sabotaged|wk 16:08 javascript calling plugin method; someone else reported it, don't have much details
taxilian 16:08 hmm. I don't know
could it have been in conjunction with flash?
someone-noone 16:08 sabotaged|wk: hey, i've done like you recommended me. I'm entering full-screen, but my layer is not drawing. I see only black picture. Also i'm calling setNeedsDisplay:Yes to the view. Can you help with this?
is it possible to "refresh" plugin from chrome?
sabotaged|wk 16:08 you might need to put your NSView into an offscreen NSWindow
mOffScreenWindow = [[NSWindow alloc] initWithContentRect:NSMakeRect(0, 0, fullScreenWidth, fullScreenHeight)
then [mOffScreenWindow setContentView:mFullScreenView];
right after you initialize your subclass NSView
someone-noone 16:08 okay, just like i was doing before… thanks, will try this!
Sandeep 17:08 Hi Guys...
taxilian 17:08 hello
Guest59876 17:08 I'm trying to do plugin scripting...calling plugin method from javascript
taxilian 17:08 okay
Guest59876 17:08 But I'm not able to understand on how to return NPObject
taxilian 17:08 have you read the tutorials on colonelpanic?
Guest59876 17:08 yeah
taxilian 17:08 what didn't you understand?
Guest59876 17:08 MyScriptableNPObject::NewObject(this-&gt;npp);
I was wondering on how to create this class MyScriptableNPObject
taxilian 17:08 !findfile NPJavascriptObject
FireBreathBot 17:08 Found 3 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 3 are:
taxilian 17:08 there is an example
part 4 of the tutorial includes video clips where I walk through how those files work
Guest59876 17:08 ok..let me take a look at those clips...thank you
I'll ping you again If i need any help
thanks a lot
taxilian 17:08 good luck
Guest59876 17:08 thank you
dougma 18:08 evening taxilian: rc1 has been good to me
fixed a performance problem we were having
i should review try to find out how that happened. :)
taxilian 18:08 excelent
what kind of performance issue was it?
dougma 18:08 shutdown was incredibly slow... many seconds
taxilian 18:08 huh
dougma 18:08 we have hundreds of objects
taxilian 18:08 do you by chance use a shutdown() method in your JSAPI object(s)?
dougma 18:08 no... that's new right?
taxilian 18:08 yes
so if you had one previously it would have changed your behavior
dougma 18:08 good thinking. :)
but not that
taxilian 18:08 very interesting
I'm not sure
dougma 18:08 could it be the utf8 libs?
taxilian 18:08 there have been lots of fixes, so it's hard to say
I have no idea why it would be… but since we're speculating, it could be anything, right?
dougma 18:08 a happy outcome anyway
taxilian 18:08 yep
dougma 18:08 oh, i have a branch you should probably pull but i haven't tested it on safari yet
will go on safari today. :)
taxilian 18:08 huh. that's weird
but wait; you fixed something for safari but haven't tested it on safari yet?
dougma 18:08 a colleague fixed
i want to test :)
taxilian 18:08 ahh
well, let me know
I don't have a good test for that one right now
dougma 18:08 will do
taxilian 19:08 who here currently is doing any dev on mac?
FireBreathBot 19:08 Commit 08a6666 on master by Richard Bateman: "Updated to require cmake 2.8.5 on mac, no longer patch the p..."
dougma 19:08 yes to mac dev
taxilian 19:08 are you on the google group / mailing list?
dougma 19:08 no
should i take a look?
taxilian 19:08 I just sent an email out explaining the change I just made
I can summarize
you now need cmake 2.8.5
and it no longer uses a python script on mac to patch the xcode project
dougma 19:08 no problem
taxilian 19:08 please test and let me know if there are any problems
dougma 19:08 sure
taxilian 19:08 it's also mostly working for makefiles, but there is some weird build error that makes it so you have to run make about a dozen times before it finishes
taxilian 19:08 good luck, bbl
dougma 20:08 on that safari-5.1 patch branch; we've removed it from our codebase so now sure how valid it is
prepmac with cmake 2.8.5 went ok, and building fine
usual "Project Modernization" warnings
about prebinding, which i ignore.
now sure = not sure
taxilian 22:08 dougma: why did you remove it from the codebase?
dougma 22:08 seems we now ignore the extent
taxilian 22:08 ahh
dougma 22:08 so i can't say if it is valid or not
taxilian 22:08 ffair 'nuff
techgentsia 22:08 hii
taxilian 22:08 hello
techgentsia 22:08 i need a help
how to add qtkit framework into firebreath project ?
taxilian 22:08 .ask
FireBreathBot 22:08 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
taxilian 22:08 platform?
!find Libraries
FireBreathBot 22:08 Could not find any tags matching Libraries
techgentsia 22:08 mac os
taxilian 22:08 !wiki Libraries
FireBreathBot 22:08 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Using Libraries":
"Re: Feedback":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Documentation To-Do":
"FireBreath 1.5.0RC1 Released!":
"Helpful Links":
"FireBreath 1.5.0 Released!":
techgentsia 22:08 xcode
taxilian 22:08 read the using libraries page
techgentsia 22:08 it works when static libraries used, but i cannot add mac framework
like qtkit, quartzcore
their extension is .framework
taxilian 22:08 please go reread the page and pay particular attention to the part under "Using Mac Frameworks"
techgentsia 22:08 thanks buddy :)