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avani 03:12 Hello Everyone, I am new to firebreath. I want to create a NPAPI plugin. I tired the steps mentioned in getting started and i am stuck there itself. I downloaded all the prerequisites, after running prep2010.cmd, it created the vs sln file. But when I try to open the solution in visual studio, it gives me error that .vcxproj is not supported. Mow I am stuck and cannot proceed further.
jshanab_ 08:12 Anyone know why prepmac on xcode 4.5.2 with cmake 2.8.8 and newest FB results in "missing base sdk" I try the test project or basicMediaPlayer and the path it chooses starts with /Volumes instead of /Application
While the path looks good, it results in sdk not found and missing base sdk. (I can select the sdk and build, so it is just a nuisance bug right?)
RenJuan 09:12 might be a question for #cmake
jshanab_ 09:12 cmake is the langue the cmakelist.txt file and the issue are owned by firebreath.
good morning everyone.
I am having trouble with using boost in my plugin on Mac. A strange macro collison error originally reported in and fixed in boost 1_48. I get an "Expected expression" error in has_binary_operator.hpp and has_prefix_operator.hpp. I have tested adding these boost includes to the FBTestPlugin and BasicMediaPlayer and they are ok. So it is something in my plugin.
Plugin builds on windows, but of course the display part for mac is new
taxilian 09:12 jshanab_: the reason it results in missing base sdk is because the location of the base SDKs has changed in xcode 4.5
2.8.10 correctly detects the path, I believe
jshanab_ 09:12 ! thanks I will update
The funny thing is that the directory shows and is valid and there is an sdk in there
taxilian 09:12 well, there is another way
you can specify the direct path to the SDK yourself
and then it works with 2.8.8
my prep script has -D CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT=/Applications/
jshanab_ 09:12 I specify it and it did not work. Anyway after 3rd install attempt I got cmake updated. (broken/ stupid installer)
taxilian 09:12 hehe
yeah, it's not the best I've seen
jshanab_ 10:12 Almost comical. It says "less than a minute" on the install screen. After waiting longer than a minute. I find a pop under complaining about the symlinks.
taxilian 10:12 hehe
jshanab_ 10:12 I use to set that in the ProjectDef.cmake. But now the SYSROOT seeting seems to only work if in the prep line
taxilian 10:12 ...
SYSROOT has *always* had to be in the prep line
because projectDef.cmake doesn't get loaded until most of the project is already created
all of the FB core stuff, at any rate
jshanab_ 10:12 Must of appeared to work by coincidence in the past. :-)
taxilian 10:12 aparently
jshanab_ 10:12 Maybe prep shoudl requre that parameter and give you a text menu to choose if you forget. And the linux one should prompt for build Type if not provided! LOL
taxilian 10:12 hehe
jshanab_ 10:12 oooh, the prep-gui hummm.
taxilian 10:12 the trick is making it cross platofrm
without adding new dependencies to firebreath
python could do it, but currently you only need python to create the initial project, and many still complain about that
jshanab_ 10:12 pygtk, tctk, mono *cough*
taxilian 10:12 hehe
but all of those add a new dependency; is it worth it?
I could maybe be convinced, as long as you don't *have* to use it
jshanab_ 10:12 right. the text menu as a backup. I think all of that have git have gitk, so if it ran in the git-bash instead of the windows prompt, that might solve the cross platform issue ;-)
Unfortunantly it is all a mute point if I cannot get past the boost issue :-(
taxilian 10:12 hehe
jshanab_ 10:12 s/mute/moot/ I am certainly not quiet about it
taxilian. Is it possible that no matter how sure Xcode's editor and I am sure I have FB's boost 1_50, is it concievable it is finding boost 1_48. When I search for the error I am getting, they all come back talking about boost 1_48 (including your gist entry)