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jasper22 02:08 Hi !
Could someone give me example of using events in FireBreath ?
jasper22 03:08 Oooo.. I found it\!
someone-noone 07:08 is there more common way to include config.h (i need to get plugin version from code) than #include "../../../build/projects/plugin/gen/global/config.h"
because this one looks ugly and i will get an error when i change the build dir
dodo 07:08 i need to write a function that is called DoSomething in my pluginAPI class. this DoSomething function is different from Windows to Mac. where do i put the Windows and Mac implementation of this function? how does the PluginAPI class know to read the windows version on windows machine and Mac version on Mac machine?
dodo 08:08 anyone?
linearray 08:08 hehe
this seems to be a recurrent question lately
and the answer is a bit convoluted
please use , enter "webview" and read the conversation from august 5th
dodo 08:08 ok, will have a look
linearray 08:08 basically you can use abstract base classes, the Mac/ and Win/ directories for platform-specific specialized classes and a factory method
or if you don't give a damn you just use #ifdef
or anything in between
completely unrelated: is sunday a regular business day in israel? :)
dodo 08:08 yes.
we don't work firdays
linearray 08:08 i see
taxilian 15:08 someone-noone: if you look in the code you'll see lots of examples of #include "global/config.h"
someone-noone 15:08 :) thanks
taxilian 15:08 np.
someone-noone 15:08 bye
Imran 22:08 Hi, can someone tell me what is the purpose of git, python and cmake in firebreath?
dougma 22:08 err?
git is source control, python is for running, cmake is the build system
Imran 22:08 thanks can you further explain something about
dougma 22:08 it creates a skeleton plugin project... for getting started
it's all there.